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Cybercrime is a global issue which affects governments, businesses, and individuals daily. It is proving to be a challenge for law enforcement to police but could an increased awareness and education solve the problem?

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In southern Africa, the overpopulation of elephants in fenced reserves is a major problem. Wildlife managers are exploring contraception in male elephants as a means of controlling populations. This study aims to look at the behavioural implications of laparoscopic vasectomies and gonadotropin-releasing hormones (GnRH) on male African elephants (Loxodonta africana).

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Participants completed an emotional intelligence test and a questionnaire requiring them to perform blood pattern analysis (BPA) on a bloodstained scene, using scenarios with different levels of biasing information. This research suggested that contextual and emotional bias does influence BPA and that emotional intelligence was a likely determinant.

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Propellant and gunshot residue from three brands of .22 Long Rifle ammunition were analysed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. A bespoke data analysis program was developed in Python to generate profiles for the three propellants, which all had distinct chemical compositions. This research lays the foundations for development of a database.

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Have you ever wondered how much impact your daily commute could have on the local environment? Well, a plant-based study in the village of Cheddleton evaluated how much pollution is emitted in just two weeks. Also gathered were noise levels throughout the day, along with residents' views on climate change.

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Surviving the rigours of the gut, an internal system designed to keep intruders at bay, can prove a challenge. Many probiotic products currently available claim health benefits to the consumer, do these “happy bacteria” actually survive ingestion? An evaluation of survival and growth rates of probiotics with simulated gastric fluids.

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This study compares the effectiveness of expensive trade-marked antimicrobial soaps and low-cost ones and if either acts better than ash and water in removing bacteria from the palm.  The result suggested that the cheap soap and ash are more effective over the expensive soap in removing bacteria from the palm.

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The prevalence of the saline extremophile Cochlearia danica, has been increasing along with the mass industrial developments in recent years, due to the exponential increase of car densities. The research aims to discover whether increased grit spread to meet social demand, has been promoting growth in the species.

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Looking at the data extracted from fitness device accounts can provide an interesting insight into an individual’s daily activities. But what if the person wearing a fitness device was the victim of a crime? What could the data from fitness trackers really tell us?

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This project was created to help practitioners with the analyses of synthetic fibres and microfibers using polarised light. A database was created which allows for search by the specific characteristics and the optical analyse numbers known as the birefringence.

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Recent research has suggested that noise pollution is contributing to ill health, even death in areas badly affected by noise pollution. Therefore, has the time come for the European Convention on Human Rights to protect not only a Citizen's right to privacy and family life, but to life itself?

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This project aims to create a model to that can predict what changes will be made to characters in multiplayer online battle arenas. The project will be a case study of the game League of Legends, however the model will be applicable to other MOBAs.

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Ageing populations are responsible for the increased use in pharmaceuticals which are excreted into the environment potentially causing detrimental damage to terrestrial agricultural plants. This study looks at the effects of the antidepressant fluoxetine on the growth, development and antioxidant enzyme activity of wheat (Tricticum aestivum) and radish (Raphanus rasphanistrum).

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Previously ESLA has not been used to recover fibres, although they may have been lifted inadvertently during footwear impression recovery. Warwickshire and West Mercia police desired the recovery of fibres by ESLA to be validated as part of their ISO 17020 accreditation.

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This project has analysed the implemented strategies by the Metropolitan Police and partner agencies, into the exploitation of females in youth gangs in London, and compared against other published literature and data.

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Bioluminescence is the emission of light which is produced by living organisms such as bioluminescent bacteria, these bioluminescent bacteria can be found growing on different species of rotting fish. The proposed research aims to determine which species of bioluminescent bacteria grow on certain species of fish.

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The thought of a world without wine is a sad one, wouldn’t you agree? Climate change threatens to make this a reality in some parts of the world. This research discovered whether the UK is one of those places.

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Would you know the difference between Drugs and Explosive Material just by their appearance? A suitable field test has been established by using different Reagents and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy that examine the structures of different drugs and explosives, to determine why a colour change would occur during Presumptive Testing.

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The project analysed the main factors driving Russian Policy towards Kazakhstan. The project divided these factors into Economic, Political and Security and Physical factors. The project found that these factors are interlinked in the case of Russian Policy in Kazakhstan and that no one factor solely drives Russian policy.

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Formula 4 is the newest form of professional open-wheel motorsport for junior drivers. There has not been any published academic literature on it. This provided an opportunity to investigate the development of F4 in both Australia and Britain in the context of economic geography.

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Human tissue may fluoresce as it decomposes, which may aid Police searches in the detection of missing bodies underwater. Using Fluorimetry, Dual beam-LED lighting and Class-4 laser technology the fluorescence of water from an experimental decomposition environment was investigated. Preliminary findings suggest lighting techniques have a role in these searches.

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This project reviews a large clinical data set to identify if there is a unique coefficient factor for people of different races which could be used as an effective preventative measure to reduce under/over diagnosis; and improve the overall care that is offered to patients, in addition to other benefits.

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‘The ground shakes, fire spews from the ground and ash blocks out the sky’; disaster films have been a cinema staple since the 1950s. They do however portray a variety of ‘disaster’ myths and geographical inaccuracies, which, within previous studies, has been shown to be consistent amongst disaster films.

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How does burning influence damaged porcine bone? Drill and screwdriver lesions were created on rib bones and burned in varying temperature and duration conditions. The damage before and after burning was documented and compared to identify if the lesions could still be recognised following thermal alterations, such as fracturing.

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Are the appropriate techniques used to recover latent fingermarks from a crime scene? A validation study in accordance with ISO 17020 to evaluate the performance of Aluminium, Magneta flake and Black granular powder, when lifted with crystal tabs or gel lifts on substrates that have been exposed to environmental conditions.

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Homicide is the most heinous of crimes and the investigative process is expected to be meticulous. Examining developments in policing practice, policy, legislation and technology; is the Murder Investigation Manual still fit for purpose 12 years after its publication?

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Traditionally, Child Sexual Exploitation has been described as a localised issue, however due to the developing digital world children have access to technology that allows them to be in contact with individuals previously unknown to them. Have Police investigations and protocols developed to accommodate this change?

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This project aimed to find out the fate of any prisoners who were said to have not died in Alderney by undertaking desk-based research. 35 prisoners were researched, all prisoners' places of death were found except 2. Most Nazi killings were covered up with the statement 'shot for escaping'.

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The ‘miracle bean’ has been around for centuries and its consumption is increasing globally. This project investigates the positive and negative social and environmental consequences of its production and evaluates some strategies that may help reduce the most serious of these.

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This project focuses on the chemical effects on bones and understanding their destructive potential. Three chemicals were used to analyse this effect and to determine if their was as significant difference between the samples. using the necessary methods the analysis was completed.

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Dust contains shed skin cells from humans. These cells contain DNA that can be forensically analysed. The objective of this study is to deduce whether dust samples from specific rooms contain DNA that matches with the occupants’ DNA and if the quantity of DNA in the samples increases over time.

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High prevalence rates of breast cancer, treatments such as chemotherapy have many side effects. Curcumin, a home remedy which is used by many over the world and has anti-inflammatory effects with no side effects. My research investigates Curcumin has the potential to be the next treatment for breast cancer.

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Crops and food production rely on the populations of honeybees and these populations are at risk due to a range of RNA viruses. This research focuses on the most common RNA viruses found in Apis mellifera; deformed wing virus and Sacbrood virus. Methods used: RNA extraction, reverse transcription and RT-qPCR.

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Invertebrates are an integral part of soils and leaf litter, they are important in determining the quality of habitats. The proposed research aims to assess which habitat has the greatest biodiversity and assist in conservation efforts of Park Hall Country Park.

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Perfumes are made up of volatile components which can be readily absorbed by clothing or skin through direct exposure, but does the length of contact and force of contact have an effect on the number of components transferred onto a second garment?

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Chronic diseases caused by oxidative stress can be managed by implementing a healthy diet and exercise; though exercise itself creates oxidative stress. Soya isoflavones have antioxidant properties which are proposed to reduce oxidative stress. This study looks at diet supplementation with soya isoflavones to offset oxidative stress in exercising males.

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With high prevalency rates of breast cancer and treatments like chemotherapy having many side effects, this research investigates if curcumin has the potential to be the next breast cancer treatment. Curcumin, a home remedy which is used by many over the world, has anti-inflammatory effects with no side effects.

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Canine, Chemistry or both? A study into the detection limits for human blood using analytical methods, compared with blood-detection dogs. The dog underwent the training process with blood; the same samples were analysed using automated Gas Chromatography and data compared.

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This report aims to identify some of the key characteristic changes in Atlantic hurricanes from 1977 to 2016. Specifically, the changes to the frequency, intensity, and the latitudinal bands in which they form.

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Tackle breast cancer using a flavonoid from honey and plants including passion flowers. A readily available dietary supplement, Chrysin has shown anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties. MTT assays were used to determine inhibitory properties against MCF-7 breast cancer cells against chemotherapy drug doxorubicin and determine if synergetic values with Chrysin exist.

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Coastal environments are dynamic. They are also places of frequent human interaction and documentation. Changes to these environments are in need of regular monitoring. Could the application of photographic monitoring provide information on changes in the past and aid change predictions into the future?

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Most studies used animal blood as an alternative for human blood to minimise the risk of spreading infectious studies. The purpose of this research was to compare the effect of aging between animal blood (anti-coagulant) and human blood (whole). Focuses on the main peak intensities of haemoglobin.

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Introducing different forms of predator manipulation to captive Meerkats (Suricata suricatta) at Rodbaston Animal Zone to investigate whether sentry duty level increases or decreases under the influence of predator manipulation to determine if sentry duty urgency is a response to perceived threat or possibly manifestations of an animal’s motivation levels.

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This project investigates different methods of the identification of saliva in expirated blood stains to distinguish from impact spatter. Two methods of body fluid mixture analysis were carried out, an enzyme based reaction and mRNA analysis using Real-Time PCR on varied mixtures of blood and saliva to resemble forensic samples.

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Four swab types were used to recover salivary DNA from skin, in the context of sexual offences. This was to determine which swab recovered the optimal DNA yield and if deposition in the morning and afternoon affected this. Techniques like DNA isolation, quantification, and DNA profiling were used.

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Gastrointestinal cancers are the second most common cause of cancer death in the UK, with a relatively low survival rate. The proposed research looks to identify whether green tea can be effective in cancer treatment, specifically the flavonoid epigallcatechin-3-gallate and its effects on gastrointestinal tract cancer growth.

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Given the importance attached to animal welfare in the modern era, it is more important than ever to understand the behaviours of domesticated animals. The proposed research aims to unearth any differences in behaviours of ex-commercial hens from a caged or free range background when introduced to a new environment.

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Indications are that stress is affecting more students than in previous years. This study aims to determine whether students with responsibilities outside of their studies, such as children or jobs, are more stressed than those students with no obligations by measuring levels of a stress hormone in their hair.

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Does the application of grit to roads have an impact on garden and roadside grasses and soils around Tamworth, Staffordshire? Plant chlorophyll activity was measured and invertebrate numbers recorded. Adaptations to stress were measured to gain insight on chlorophyll fluorescence which gives us insight on that location of grass’ health.

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Sport is promoted as a means of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but excessive exercise can have a negative impact on the immune system. This study looks at the impact of different sport participation on cortisol levels which can affect the immune system to see if different sports vary in response.

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This study was developed to test the effects of different surface types on droplets of blood and verify whether the angle of impact calculations work adequately with the effects of the surfaces and determine whether there is a significant difference between the results.

Contact Harriet

In a world where conservation is a growing concern the desire to understand animals' requirements is increasing leading to further research. The aim of this research is to look at the effects of increasing food on the behaviour of the male zebra shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) at Alton Towers Resort.

Contact Shannon

The focus of microplastics on marine life and how they are entering the food chain has been increasing. This study hopes to identify whether Eisenia fetida would ingest microplastics using polyester threads and polyethylene glitter to show that microplastics could potentially enter the terrestrial food chain via terrestrial invertebrates.

Contact Caroline

Enrichment is essential to promote natural behaviours and reduce stereotypical behaviours in captive animals. The Research investigating whether olfactory scents (lemon & chamomile) have any effect on the activity levels of the Bornean Orangutans at Dudley Zoological Gardens, and whether this type of enrichment has a positive effect on their welfare.

Contact Amber

There is little research on enrichment devices in coatis and the lag-times of them, therefore this study aims to identify whether simple or complex enrichment devices are more effective. The results of this study will be used to form an enrichment plan for the coatis at Rodbaston Animal Zone.

Contact Holly

Does the level to which remains are burnt effect the growth and development of Caliphora vomitoria (Blow fly) larvae? 9 pieces of meat, 3 levels of burning and 300 flies were used to determine if the level to which the meat was burnt effected the weight and length of larvae.

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The use of a swinging arm moving at a known speed colliding with stationary glass and then measuring the distances they have travelled. Then using equations to determine the same initial velocity from the closest and the furthest distances the glass had travelled.

Contact Elliot

The principal aim of the of the research was to identify whether there was a difference between polymer and paper banknotes. The banknotes were contaminated with cocaine and then extracted with methanol. The solution produced was analysed using a GC-MS method. Results of this will be presented at GradEX.

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Should we be developing new technologies to increase the value of fibre evidence? This study uses the image-processing software Fiji to enhance current forensic fibre examination and develop a new approach towards fibre finding.

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The two-sympatric species of crocodilians (Melanosuchus niger & Caiman crocodilus) show an overlapping distribution throughout much of the Amazon basin, sharing the same resources such as prey.  Investigating how the two species may use different parts of the river system, could this highlight habitat utilisation as a means of co-existence?

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Non-crime related incidents accounts for 83% of police time. Police are currently taking on the responsibilities of most agencies, with agencies not working together to tackle problems. Safeguarding vulnerable people therefore requires partnership working to effectively allocate the best resources to safeguard that vulnerable person’s individual needs.

Contact Lauren

“Prisons in England and Wales have a serious drug problem – they have done for decades. There is every reason to tackle it” (Great Britain. Centre for Social Justice, 2015). Various methods were implemented on heroin soaked substrates including; DrugWipes, Marquis, FT-IR, Video Spectral Comparator (VSC) and an Itemiser 4DX.

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Medical examinations can be intrusive after forced sexual intercourse has occurred. This project is aimed at establishing whether the persistence of semen is impacted by menstruation and to determine if the sanitary wear could be collected as evidence and analysed for semen instead of swabs.

Contact Sarah

Research to identify if a tampon can be used as an alternative method to swabbing during a forensic medical examination. Specific circumstance; a woman is a victim of rape and comes on her menstrual flow within 5 days since rape occurred. Which provides better results tampon or swabbing?

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Investigate if increasing numbers of visitors or associated noise levels induces greater vigilance levels. Vulpes zerda have disproportionately large ears with large auditory bullae giving them an acute sensitivity to sound making them a better choice than primates and big cats which were the focus of previous zoo visitor studies.

Contact Jacqueline

To determine the impacts of transit on blood containing material within exhibit packaging. Evidential items containing blood were placed within paper packaging and transported under differing time durations, recovering DNA from the insides of the packaging and determining whether DNA transfer does occur and if adequate profiles could be obtained.

Contact Silvano

Zinc is a highly toxic metal. It is added to protect our metal street furniture from environmental effects, such as weather and corrosion. But, over time, it leaks into the soil. How much harm does this do? Using plants and fluorescence to measure it, this project aims to find out.

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Five interior car surfaces (leather and fabric headrest, seatbelt, sun visor and suede imitating a steering wheel) were cut to individually fit into a bespoke plastic container. These surfaces were fired using a pistol with a 9mm knall blank ammunition. These were stubbed to analyse the number of gunshot residue recovered

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High cost chemotherapy for colon cancer has led to the search for naturally sourced alternative treatments. This study aimed to investigate the previously untested effect of two cancer-preventing flavonoids, quercetin and apigenin, alone and in combination on the growth of TC-7 cells using an MTT assay.

Contact Oliver

This study has been undertaken due to various methods of learning mathematics, nonetheless only one approach is used throughout schools and universities – a technological teaching approach. A questionnaire will be designed for participants and a Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) Model will be created to conclude various Hypothesis Tests.

Contact Pedro

Can a universal grading scheme be applied across animal hairs damaged by heat? Cat hair was exposed to a heated environment and the internal structure observed microscopically for any signs of damage.

Contact Daisy

A study into the Disney parks to analyse if they actually are the “happiest place on Earth”. As well as this I also focused on pilgrimage sites and whether or not the Disney parks can be classed as one. I mainly focused on Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort California.

Contact Karis

The aim of this project is to study a wide range of horses that differ in many ways such as: life stage, work load, health and other factors. I aim to find out if horse shoes affect the growth of a horse’s hoof or the way that the hoof forms.

Contact Dina

Communication between animals is well understood, but similar knowledge between plants is lacking. It is normally assumed that plants have limited ability to respond to signals presented from other organisms, is this a good assumption? We explored the communication between the same and different species when under artificial destruction.

Contact Laura

An analysis of the threat and an examination into the effectiveness of the response to modern slavery in the United Kingdom.

Contact Shauna

This study investigated the neuronal and cardioprotective effect of DHA from algal oil, and compared lipid peroxidation in fish oil and algal oil. Algal source of DHA supplements resulted in a significant improvement in memory and reaction time. Fish oil supplement has higher level of lipid peroxidation than algal oil.

Contact Fariba

Olfactory enrichments are often dismissed for use on primates as they are considered to have a limited sense of smell. This study aims to determine if the application of Peppermint, Lavender and Snake odour increases the frequency of active behaviours in a group of Stump-tailed Macaques (Macaca arctoides).

Contact Angela

Since the 1980s the prevalence of obesity has tripled and continues to rise rapidly. Clinical treatments are available to assist with weight loss, however, these are not always long-term solutions. This research aims to identify whether the anthocyanin, pelargonidin can inhibit adipocyte proliferation on L929 and SGBS cells.

Contact Salina

Currently, fibres are only recovered from bodies or garments found in water for less than a week. This project investigated whether the evidential value of fibres remains high after this time. This will positively impact the reconstruction of water-related crimes and could lead to establishing a timeline of events.

Contact Afsane

A project focusing on predicting Formula One qualifying lap times and standings by analysing the various factors that contribute towards these lap times with given conditions using a regression model.

Contact Shaun

There are now 8.5 million dogs in the UK and rescue centres and veterinarians are advising dog owners to have their dogs neutered under 1 years old, primarily to prevent unwanted pregnancies. This study aims to identify whether early neutering may increase the chance of developing joint disorders.

Contact Charlotte

Can we replace older methods currently used with new techniques in the development of footwear impressions? Research by Steve Follows is currently being conducted to do just that. Removing the element of mess and the destructive impact of powder casting materials replacing previous methods with photogrammetry software.

Contact Steven

An exploration of historic and contemporary public disorder, this paper aims to analyse if ‘Policing by Consent’ is an effective model in modern-day policing. The need to maintain public confidence against the backdrop of austerity, fake news & social media; is a need for a positive public image hindering effectiveness?

Contact Katie

This research investigated the likelihood of foreign DNA being found under the fingernails of those who cohabit. While also determining the effect scratching force has on the quantity and quality of DNA retrieved for a forensic setting.

Contact Thomas

As the prevalence of gastrointestinal disorders increases, the use of over-the-counter medications also increases. This research study aims to investigate the chemical composition, antioxidant, antimicrobial and pH buffering capacity of O. basilicum that may relate to its reported gastrointestinal effects.

Contact Maryam

This project analyses the ways in which terrorists utilise social media to promote extremism and assesses the effectiveness of UK counter-terrorism legislation, policy and practice. Recommendations that arose during the project include such things as: increased training; production of legislation surrounding social media companies responsibilities and research into cyberspace security.

Contact Molly

The prevalence of acid attacks is increasing within the UK, however, the research in this area is not. Ammonia, bleach and sulphuric acid have been applied to cotton and analysed using microscopy, pH analysis, Ion Chromatography and Fourier-Transform Infrared spectroscopy to determine the best method to identify the chemical present.

Contact Tasmin

Nigella sativa has been used across the world as an antibacterial medicine, though little data to support its efficacy exists. If proven effective, it may be an alternative to antibiotics. This study aims to determine its ability to inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus and it's Methicillin resistant strain (MRSA).

Contact Fatima

Toothpaste is commonly used to maintain a good standard of oral health with many main brands containing fluoride as the active antimicrobial agent. The proposed research aims to compare fluoride and Aloe Vera’s effect on Streptococcus mutans and Neisseria sicca as a model of the conditions within the oral cavity.

Contact Sophie

Cancer is a leading cause of morbidity and its incidence is increasing. This sets a precedent for research into an affordable means to treat/prevent cancer. The aims of this study were to find identify whether or not Nigella sativa (a naturally occurring flower) was a suitable treatment for this disease.

Contact Samar

With 3.3 million more people purchasing a "free-from" product in 2016 compared to 2015, research into how these alternative products may be affecting our gastrointestinal health is emerging. This study aims to compare the in vitro growth of common small intestinal microbiota, when inoculated into Cow’s milk and dairy-free alternative milk.

Contact Aaliyah

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the most common cause of deaths worldwide. This research project investigates the use of aged garlic extract (AGE) as a dietary supplement, to help improve CVD indicators. These being total cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure. The effectiveness of AGE to control these indicators will be assessed.

Contact Louis

This project looks at how a persons' learning style affects preferred presentation techniques chosen from four groups: 2D Model, 3D model, 3D interactive presentation, and photographs of a crime scene. The crime scenes were digitally created using Autodesk 3Ds Max and Adobe Photoshop.

Contact Will

Prolonged use of chemotherapy doxorubicin has damaging biochemical and physiological side effects on cancer patients. By conducting colorimetric MTT viability assays on human colon adenocarcinoma cells (Caco-2/TC7), the cytotoxic effect of dietary flavonoid naringenin plus lower doses of doxorubicin is evaluated for treatment by measuring the cell line’s mitochondrial activity.

Contact Sujana

The use of antiseptic agents in daily life has largely increased in the past few years. This increase has impacted the investigation of how the physiological stress of exercise influences the growth of commensal bacteria, hence the need to determine how effective antiseptic agents are necessary for decreasing skin microbiota.

Contact Chiedza

Saccharin is an artificial sweetener used for more than a century. Alteration of the gut microbiota by Sodium Saccharin may lead to illness. Does saccharin have antimicrobial properties on some of the microbiota in the intestine. Saccharin is widespread in western food to prevent tooth decay and lower calories.

Contact Abubakar

Underwater crime scenes are known to be very challenging when finding evidence. This study explores this further by developing fingermark evidence that has been submerged in salt and fresh water for a period of time, through the use of black powder and wet powder suspension.

Contact Charlie

Participants deposited natural fingermarks onto different surfaces, using the split-depletion method. They were developed with black magnetic powder or aluminium powder, then lifted with J-Lar or EASYLIFT. The fingermarks were graded and statistically analysed for differences in quality. The results of this project will be disseminated at GradEX.

Contact Alice

How many insects, Chiroptera and Arthropoda species, are enticed into a trap by artificial lighting of different colours?  Does this affect bat feeding behaviours in an urban area, for example, does blue light attract more insects and will this lure bats to feast in these conditions?

Contact Connor

The effects of baicalein found in Scutellaria baicalensis was examined on breast cancer cell growth undergoing chemotherapy treatment and synergistic effect of baicalein with chemotherapy agents. Baicalein will affect breast cancer cells and chemotherapy efficacy due to its anti-inflammatory effects and can therefore aid in reducing tumour cell proliferation.

Contact Melissa

Caffeine plays a major role is today’s society. This research aims to identify whether caffeine can affect our blood glucose or cholesterol levels and allow people to bemore  aware of the effects it can have on their health. Cholesterol testing can determine an individuals' risk of developing CHD.

Contact Will

Citrus fruits may reduce postprandial blood glucose peaks associated with the Western diet. This study aimed to measure the effects of lemon and orange on blood glucose concentration in healthy human subjects. Nutritional assays were also conducted to quantify anti-glycaemic properties and assess their individual effects.

Contact Kim

Soya contains isoflavones, genistein and daidzein, known to mimic oestrogen reportedly decreasING myogenesis and could be affecting neuromuscular disease patients. The aim of this project was to identify soya isoflavones’ effect on C2C12 mouse muscle cell viability using a colorimetric MTT assay and measuring gene expression using qRT-PCR.

Contact Shreyas

According to the UK food standards agency  approximately 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year due to fungal and bacterial spoilage. Therefore, the aim is to investigate the active ingredient in crushed garlic (allicin) and its effect in inhibiting the growth of unknown isolated bacteria from raw ground meat.

Contact Ida Sarfowah

Interest in the human microbiome has rapidly increased in recent years, however specific research of the scalp microbiome is lacking. Investigating the enumeration and diversity of the human scalp microbiome after hair washing to identify whether factors such as age, gender and hair length impact upon the scalp microbiome.

Contact Emma

Benthic Macro-Invertebrates are widely used as a biological indicator to assess the Biotic health of rivers and streams. Three locations on the River Trent in Staffordshire will be surveyed to assess any detrimental effects that agricultural and industrial pollutants may have upon Macro-Invertebrate communities.

Contact Robert

The Western diet is emerging as a negative influence on intestinal microbiota and their role within the digestive system, causing consequences for human health. This study aims to determine whether Western dietary sugars have the potential to cause dysbacteriosis, using Escherichia coli and Enterococcus faecalis as examples.

Contact Amy

The study was carried out to make comparisons of the effectiveness of alcohol-based off the shelf trademarked mouthwashes against their non-alcohol based counterpart to the bacteria which occupy the human oral cavity, and also test the effectiveness of salt water as an alternative comparing them to a known antibiotic (penicillin).

Contact Alimat

The Western diet has shown to cause a number of health problems relating to diseases such as type two diabetes, which is centered around the metabolic syndrome. This study investigates the beneficial glycemic affects of figs to determine if it can reduce risk of type two diabetes.

Contact Najaf

Decomposing bodies are important resources for many species of invertebrate. The succession of invertebrates on a body can be affected by several factors, which can in turn affect the estimation of post mortem interval. In this study I investigated how burial depth affects the colonisation of animal remains by invertebrates.

Contact Victoria

Have you ever wondered how many earthquakes of at least magnitude seven occur around the world? This paper answers that question. Using USGS and NOAA, data correlations are made between a variety of earthquake and tsunami characteristics.

Contact James

Fingerprints and DNA are both useful within a criminal investigation. The aim of the project is collecting DNA and a good quality fingerprint from the same sample to establish which method is better from wet and dry swabs and gel lifting. The results will be shown in the presentation.

Contact Bethany

In many criminal cases, variable quality fingerprints have been developed and archived, resulting in a potential stock of evidentially valuable DNA samples. This project aims to determine the ability to recover and analyse trace amounts of DNA found within the tape lifts of fingermarks enhanced with aluminium powder.

Contact Jessica

Identifying how long bodies have been in the water is important in assisting police-forensic investigations. Can aquatic microorganisms inform upon decompositional processes of a body in water indicating time since death? Using a mouse model, water samples were analysed over a 10-week period of decomposition and bacterial microorganism levels evaluated.

Contact Cari

Could someone have gunshot residue (GSR) found on them without being present at a discharging of a firearm? This research investigated how force of contact affected GSR transfer between 100% cotton garments using scanning electron microscopy and energy-dispersive x-ray analysis.

Contact Oliver

The Miswak stick was recommended by Prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago to clean teeth before the advent o the modern toothbrush, and the practice continues to this day. But why was Miswak recommended? The proposed research aims to identify the Anti-microbial, Anti-oxidant, Mechanical and Stain removal properties of the Miswak stick.

Contact Moushumi

Are current forensic processes the most effective? Academics constantly research new scientific methods and test existing methods to ensure forensic providers operate with the best knowledge and equipment in line with governing bodies such as UKAS. The latest standard in processing crime scenes is ISO 17020 which has been validated.

Contact Cally

This project explores how the use of different visual displaying formats (static image, video, interactive tool) have an effect on individuals, when exposed to injury maps of the deceased victim of crime.

Contact Sophena

Defamation focuses on whether an individual's reputation has been tarnished due to a statement which has been published. A critical analysis on whether the Defamation Act 2013 protects the individual and group rights in relation to freedom of speech and privacy.

Contact Victoria

Sexual misconduct is a known problem at universities in the US, and also worldwide. This project explores what universities do to support students in the event of sexual violence in the UK, and a study to reflect the student awareness of these services was studied at Staffordshire University.

Contact Hollie

Volcanoes can present a hazard to society as well as being scenic places to visit. What forms of volcano tourism are available in the Bay of Naples? Are tourists aware of the risk to themselves when undertaking volcano tourism? This project used secondary information and questionnaires to answer these questions.

Contact Kaylee

Suppression of wildlife criminality is essential for a sustainable future. The study seeks to focus on investigative processes used to report, record and combat wildlife crime in the United Kingdom. Previous crime rates are assessed whilst selectively evaluating tactical approaches used in the attempt to control wildlife criminal activity.

Contact Kady

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