Welcome to GradEX 2018

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to GradEX 2018, our annual exhibition of project work undertaken by final year students at Staffordshire University. This event features work by students from across our Schools, and we are committed to ensuring that our students have the right opportunities to make the most of their time here. We have recently announced the creation of our £17m Apprenticeships and Skills Hub, which will ensure our students have access to world-class and relevant facilities, and we strive to deliver the very best digital infrastructure for our learners.

We are very proud to showcase our students and their work to prospective employers, the public, friends, family, and colleagues. GradEX offers our students a chance to explain their work to others and as such it plays an important and formative role in their development. GradEX would not be possible without the involvement of employers and every year the personal interactions that take place between our students and key industry figures result in job offers and career opportunities. GradEX 2018 is sponsored by a range of employers and professional organisations and is supported by many judges.

We are very grateful for their support as not only does it serve as a mark of recognition of the work of our students, but also adds significant value and esteem to the event. Thank you for taking the time to visit us. I am very proud of our students and GradEX provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate their achievements. I hope you enjoy this celebration and your day with us at Staffordshire University.

Liz Barnes

Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive


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