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This project consists of a music video syncronised to an audio track with the intent to entertain with unique effects. This showcases various items of CG, these include; Motion Graphics, CHOPS, Fluid/RBD/Volume Sims, Lighting, Modelling to name a few. Software Used: Houdini, Maya, MMD, After Effects, Nuke, Ableton Live. Arnold.

Contact Bilal

While working as a freelance DOP, Editor and VFX Artist I self-funded my first feature film 'Hope's Game' and set-up my own production company 'Dark Matter Cinema'. Showreel of all my current work as well as the trailer for my first feature film will be available.

Contact David

For Gradex 2019 I will be showcasing my mid-poly Federation star ship design, inspired by the Star Trek: Discovery television series.

Contact James

A cinematic still of the classic Back to the Future Delorean about time jump in modern day. Software used was Maya, Substance Painter, After Effects and Photoshop.

Contact Michael

A recreation of the 221B Baker Street living room from the BBC modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes.

Contact Matthew

A 3D environment of a forest created by using assets made by the use of photogrammetry. The software that was used to create this scene are Reality Capture, Maya, Houdini, Megascans, SpeedTree, Substance Designer and Nuke.

Contact Samuel

This project involved modelling a Kia Piacanto from 2015 utilizing blueprints and pictures as reference material. The car has been modelled fully in Maya.

Contact Lorenzo

I have recreated a 700 Remington sniper rifle and have been experimenting with different weapon skins.

Contact james

Using Unreal Engine 4 to design and implement systems for a trading card game. The project is a verticle slice of what can be done by only using the visual scripting language Uscript / blueprint. The playable demo allows you to fight 1 enemy AI using a pre-made card deck.

Contact William

A short narrative drama, following the tale of two friends who fall apart over one night in 1995. The film speaks about the importance of friendships and how quickly they can deteriorate, and how we should make every second count...

Contact Carl

This project illustrates how one can use Substance Designer to create photo-realistic procedural textures. These textures were applied and painted (using Substance Painter) on a CG model of a real world object- an old blow torch.

Contact Myles

Set in Victorian Britain, a Zombie outbreak has rendered the rich as vulnerable as the poor, but not to Mary. Blinded by her preceding status she heads for a rumoured safe haven away from the plagued capitol. But will her delusions of wealth find her peace among these supposed people?

Contact Kersha

This project contains a modern specification rework of the A8 Tiger tank found within Battlefield 2142. Created using 3DSMax, Substance, UE4, and Photoshop.

Contact Joshua

An Environment inspired by locations such as Exeter Cathedral and the Red Keep. Previously sacked and now left abandoned, it stands only as a reminder of past wars.

Contact James

This project is a look into body horror across a theme of anthropomorphic mental interpretations. From thoughts, emotions, beliefs and desires, to functions and connections.

Contact William

A video game playable without sight, utilising advanced audio spatialisation techniques such as binaural audio, HRTFs, and head-tracking.

Contact Micah

Africa Untold is a documentary aimed to address the negative way Africa is perceived in western countries like the United States and the UK, mostly due to western media's influence. The documentary aims to seek controversial evidence to the mainstream negative image of the continent.


The citizens of Wonderland reach a breaking point with their miserable existence which leads to them placing their hopes for a better future on young Alice. The Realm Master would notice his subject’s disloyalty as they attempt to remedy his/her rule over Wonderland making this new-found entertainment into a game.

Contact Sarah

Conceptualisation of AMACAH. A music business model for offering services such as music of Africa lectures, cultural exchange workshops, and corporate events entertainment. In addition, I experimented with quality composition and music production of a song and music video that fused traditional African sounds and western popular music flavours.

Contact Onalenna Lorraine

A detailed game treatment showing the research, improvement and marketing plan of a generic space shooter game turned into a fresh and exciting sci-fi adventure.

Contact Rachel

Interactive film has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years and this investigation looked at the definition of interactive film, the importance of the narrative in interactive film and how an interactive film script can be formatted.

Contact Ashton

Iconic editing theories by Lev Kuleshov, Alfred Hitchcock and Walter Murch were applied to a re-shoot of a scene from 'Luther' the BBC drama. An edit was produced for each theory, and shown to audiences to gather feedback on the relevancy and acceptability of different theories.

Contact Jasmine

Produced in Ue4; The project is a modular system of equipping attachments to showcase a modern game-spec AN94 Rifle.

Contact Christopher

I concepted and created an aquatic Tyranid strain for the Warhammer 40k universe. The end result is a game-ready 3D Tyranid model.

Contact Dominic

Arcuiumforged is a character concept and Illustration for a shock trooper of the Imperial Holy Roman army and with the references of 14th century medieval Europe with the punk aspect thrown into the mix which with the new resource has changed the course of warfare in Europe forever.

Contact Thomas

An RPG crafting system with depth and complexity in abundance. Easy to learn, difficult to master. This vertical slice demo challenges you to fulfill a challenge using the limited resources at your disposal. Success or failure rest entirely on your ingenuity.

Contact Alexander

Motion Graphics piece that depicts the construction of a mechanical forest, through the use of dynamic effects and a strong emphasis on lighting as well as image composition. Created using a combination of Houdini and Maya, with additional compositing/post in Nuke.

Contact Will

Complete photorealistic visualisation of both interior and exterior of Jaguar Project-7 was achieved by implementing advanced shading/lighting/compositing techniques, generating bespoke procedural systems for texturing and utilising the power of automation with Python. Tools used: Maya, Arnold, Python, Substance Painter & Designer, Nuke, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Contact Denis

Next RTS is a project looking to recreate the Command & Conquer: Generals gameplay style in a modern engine. Battle Generals is a Real Time Strategy putting the player in the control of massive armies and giving the ability to build a military base any way they want.

Contact Kyle

Adventurers are tasked with entering the titular bunker to slay multiple enemies with their chosen class and loadout in this Isometric Tactics RPG. Featuring Dungeons and Dragons inspired systems and a fifth generation aesthetic.

Contact Calum

The focus of this project is largely concerned with music created for the purpose of sync licensing; or pieces specifically composed for certain media projects and media types. The motivation behind it is the spectacular effect that the marriage between music and visuals can produce.

Contact Adam

A complete re-imagining of the BioShock Fort Frolic Atrium Featured in the 7th level of the first BioShock game, using Unreal Engine 4 to showcase the scene.

Contact Jack

A BMW M4 Competition displayed an a custom created Unreal Engine 4 car configurator. A fully interactable scene that will be on display at the event.

Contact Josh

An advertisement, film, magazine and social media posts which educate and empower the world through the eyes of those who stand out. Looking at the various negatives that a birthmark can bring to a person however, sharing the positives in an uplifting feel good film.

Contact Alice

A short demo level for a third-person shooter game made in UE4.

Contact Nicky

A custom-built and interactive Rolls Royce Car Configurator in UE4, featuring my own Rolls Royce Car Concept. This and other projects will be on display at the event.

Contact Ali

This project is a reimagination of the Good life painting by Thomas Kinkade in 3D with my creative changes. This project was created to challenge me in creating a detailed environment with a lot of assets. This environment was created with Maya, substance packages, speed tree, Houdini and photoscan.

Contact Isaac

We are you. We're the United Nations of Moving Things. Caffeine&Machine is for people to interact and inspire each other, like we did when ‘social media’ was an actual invitation to a party. You’re not a customer, you’re part-of-the story, and we’re a member’s club where everyone is already member.

Contact Sam

Canopy city is an environment concept designed for animation. The scene depicts a city built within and around a lush forest setting inhabited by Lemur folk. The objective was to challenge my ability to create a stylised design for a unique and complex scene.

Contact Emily

I re-created a chaos troll based on an illustration from an artist called Adrian Smith

Contact Daniel

An apocalypse/junk-yard themed car inspired by rat-rods and the vehicles of the Mad Max films and games.

Contact James

A short cinematic fight scene between The Flash and Reverse Flash which demonstrates the entire pipeline from filming motion capture, to rigging and skinning to engine implementation.

Contact Daniel

This project is a cinematic fight sequence in a forest between a hunter and a large beast. It was created by combining both hand animation and motion capture in an attempt to create an engaging fight sequence without straying too far from realism. Created using both Autodesk Maya and MotionBuilder.

Contact Luke

An exhibition piece which displays my comic - Cliche! It is about a trio of friends who accidentally release creatures based on Cliches and their Archetypes. Now they have to fight them to save their town! The exhibition has printed pages, business cards and copies of the comic to read.

Contact Emily

This is an exciting compositing/dynamics project, of a plane being shot down. Using lots of different aspects of Nuke and Houdini to create the final piece. There are many different elements in this sequence to make an interesting final product.

Contact Leo

Inspired by L. Frank Baum's 'Dorothy' in the style of American McGee's 'Alice' Character. My goal was to work on a game ready character from concept to creation in order to showcase my capabilities as an all-around artist.

Contact Sofia

My project is a character design (sheet) and final art piece about a fish named Coraline Zena who is a princess amongst the fish-folk race, and escapee of royalty. Longing to explore the land, sea and all her curiosities.


My project showcases behind the scene of combined pieces, Why Don't We stopmotion dance choreography and Once Upon A Time 2D animation. It takes days and night of painstaking dedication. Taking images frame by frame made an inanimate puppet come to life, illustrating different object and transform them to scene.

Contact Alicia

A sound design project focusing on the development of source sounds and music, followed by their implementation into a developing game via the Unreal Engine. The aim was to create a soundscape that was informative, aesthetically relevant, and maintained appropriate propriety within the video game mechanics.

Contact Joseph

A CSGO Wingman map set in a British village that focuses on verticality and flanking routes. Completed in my first semester in time to be submitted into a global competition where it was judged by professional level designers and placed 10th out of 47th.

Contact Ben

Cyberpunk 2077 Game Environment. By Rosharn Howell Modelling : 3DS Max , Zbrush Texturing: Substance Painter & Designer Rendering: UE4 Engine

Contact Rosharn

'Dearg Due' is an old Irish folktale, said to be one of the first tales of the creature we know of as the 'vampire'. This project aims to retell the tale through the medium of stained glass windows and stained glass illustrations.

Contact Kathryn

A gas station environment inspired by the game Alan Wake. My vision for this piece was to encapsulate the atmosphere and tone that made Alan Wake an environmental storytelling masterpiece. With a large focus on lighting, particle systems and materials I believe I successfully recreated the games atmosphere.

Contact Andrew

My dissertation was on the outlines of character design. This is that in practice, along with designing environments to accompany them.

Contact Declan

This project explores a focus on the potential of higher, external beings existing within a digital domain; designed by natural and synthetic elements. The construction of this project uses juxtaposition, sculpture, drawing, print and video; combined, these methods outline visual encounters with particular entities.

Contact Aaron

A safe haven for a diving enthusiast to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and work on his equipment and plan his next trip.

Contact Christian

The relationship between human and technology are explored through an engagement with software and physical material process. The voice-over video documents the use of complex computer software that reverses the anthropomorphism of technological devices. The voice-over was recorded word by word, in a process similar to Siri.

Contact Amy

A racing game with changeable meshes and materials in a downtown setting. The gameplay is a somewhat kart racer - realistic hybrid. The game supports up to 4-players.

Contact Alexander

Dungeon Depths is a game about surviving endless waves of enemies in a dungeon, fight through the waves with your trusty blade and try to survive for as long as possible, use the shield and spells in combat to aid in your survival.

Contact En

An exploration into the concept of eco friendly filmmaking, looking at the economical and ecological impacts the industry contributes towards and how filmmakers can make changes better for the environment.

Contact Rebecca

My project looks at ancient Egyptian mythology and aims to create a title sequence from that influence.

Contact Ainsley

Electric Zoo is an online third person shooter made in Unreal Engine 4. The aim of the project was to allow players to host a lobby which other players could join, start their own game, and show of their custom made characters.

Contact Lee

Electric Zoo is an online shooter. The focus of this project was to produce a character creator that could be used in game, giving the player the opportunity to customise their gender, hair and other elements. Modelled using Zbrush and 3dsMax, textured with substance and brought together with Unreal Engine.

Contact Hannah

Examining the effect of social media and communicating online, on people's ability to read others facial expressions when meeting on a one to one basis.

Contact David

ENCORE is a thrilling character based circus adventure comic. Our main character awakens amongst circus folk with no memories and must learn to live with their twisted secrets. 48 comic pages, contained in a perfect bound, A5 sized black and white book with special colour pages.

Contact Laura

'A Grim Guest Comes To Stay' is a ten-page Black and White comic focusing on the Reaper's stay at an eighties New York Hotel. It's up to Bellhop Andy Cuthbert to provide a five-star experience. As the manager says, 'No jokes, keep your distance, bow if you have to.'

Contact Alexander Luis

A collection of illustrations for an online card game taking inspiration from greek mythology and dark fantasy. Each card is centred around a different theme or character.

Contact Emily

A fantasy themed user interface within Unreal Engine 4. Created through a user feedback based design and developed over the course of a year. The interface includes means of changing specific visual/audio and or keybindings as well as a working equipment menu and drop-able item system.

Contact TOM

Project looked into techniques used in order to create a fashion adverts. A sunglasses and clothing adverts were created and formatted for different social media sites.


Contact Wiktoria

Creature design. Concept art and full illustration of a white, feathered dragon.

Contact Callum

Holly must learn how to deal with the stages of grief after the recent loss of her mother. Feel combines metaphorical storytelling with a narrative based style.

Contact Matt

A short cinematic fight scene using a mix of motion capture and hand animation. Two characters fight over an object using a variety of moves such as punches, kicks and throws in an effort to defeat their opponent and walk away victorious.

Contact Joshua

Fighting game prototype using custom modelled rigged and animated models presented in UE4, built using C++ and blueprints. Featuring Akuma from Street Fighter V and Supergirl from Injustice 2, both characters have their own move-sets and can fight each other on a re-imagined Street fighter Alpha 2 stage.

Contact Philip

Your average Joe working his shift around the hospital comes across a horrible mutation on his work break along the left side of his body splitting his arm, raising his veins and discolouring his skin and roughness.

Contact Josef

Prop Pack featuring multiple assets from Fortnite, modelled to match the in-game references. Modelled in 3DS Max and textured in Substance Painter.

Contact Ewan

Disney princess "Elsa" surviving in a zombie outbreak where she is determined to survive. Whilst fighting the infected she also has to deal with the struggle of losing her sister and her own powers turn on her, taking its toll on her body.

Contact Ashley

Play a brand-new variation of mini-golf in space. Now you can compete against the futures golf playing AI. Play through gravity-defying levels to be the top mini-golf player in space, even create your own levels to compete in!

Contact Matthew

My final year project consists of a recreation of a concept piece, I've 3D modelled, textured, lit, assembled, rendered and done the post production for this scene based on my chosen concept. I have used a variety of different software to best show off my skills.

Contact Joshua

An editorial showreel that emphasizes how edits can shape genre.

Contact Jake

For my final year project I designed a horror character based on results from a study that I did for my dissertation, I then sculpted, moulded, and cast my design so that the end result was a plastic statue.

Contact Liam

In my study I set out with 3 main objectives: 1. Providing a clear definition between translation and localisation 2. Giving an overview on how a very culturally different series changed its localisation methods over its history 3. Giving reasons and explanations to why these decisions were made

Contact Cameron

Game ready character model inspired by a marionette. Made using 3ds max, Zbrush, Marvelous and Substance painter/designer.

Contact Jacob

The Goddess Idun is a stylised, game ready character based on Norse legend. The piece depicts her according to ancient poems in which she is the keeper of apples. She represents beauty, rejuvenation and enteral youthfulness.

Contact Emily

This installation explores the process of transformation, the potential for change and how we can reflect positively on our own personal identities. Insideout Heroes was initiated through a community workshop, where small character sculptures were produced and subsequently transformed as a celebration of this potential for change.

Contact Samantha

I have created a short interactive film, which is hosted on an HTML-based website. The genre of the movie is crime drama and it let's you pick people you wish to investigate.

Contact Sophie

'Into the Blue' is a comic featuring four friends- Ari, Dezzie, Eli, and Gave- who explore a strange landscape and get to know each other better. Each character represents four tarot cards- The Hermit, Temperence, The Chariot, and Strength.

Contact Millie

A stealth game where the player is encouraged to evade all hostiles, stay hidden, and refrain from combat as they progress through the level.

Contact Daniel

An investigation into designing various types of environments whilst expanding skill sets and learning current industry techniques to set briefs.

Contact Hannah

A manga themed around the Edo Japan, Silla Kingdom and imperial China, combined into one culture. The story follows Shin and Satomi as the venture into the past of the Stone warrior curse, and the man made mutated creature that almost destroyed the world.

Contact Scarlet

This showreel demonstrates my Jak 2 Character Rig that can be used for keyframed and motion capture animation. This rig has been set up using Maya's rigging tools and uses controllers to create a simplified workflow for animators.

Contact Conor-Jack

This is my Japanese alleyway environment, it is designed to have cyberpunk hints yet keep a genuine Japanese feel. I have Linked my full portfolio, my project will be available there when it's published.

Contact Adam

A Lamborghini Huracan Car Configurator created to demonstrate both artistic and technical ability within Unreal Engine 4. This project is fully interactive and customisable and will be on display to play with.

Contact Ryan

This project is a top down shooter with survival and tower defense elements built in Unreal Engine. I have created a wave based system within the day night cycle of the game. I have also incorporated procedural generation for the creation of each level for a unique playthrough each time.

Contact Daniel

Levolution: Empire is a 2D sidescroller with a heavy emphasis on resource management. Build your community and fortify your defenses, the undead is coming.

Contact Ethan

There are many ways this project can be interpreted. It all depends on the viewers perspective on the subject and how they perceive the details. Very broad description but the key idea is the contrast between life and death. How? Have a look at the character in full.

Contact Istvan

I am designing my own console game called Lone Wolf about a Lycan called Alpha who goes off alone to find the person who has killed his mate and two pups. It's an adventure game for players to explore the area and to do missions to move forward.

Contact Jasmine

Lord Bucket Head, the Phantom Armour Boss created as a DLC Boss for Breath of the Wild. Hand painted and rendered with a Cel shader to match the art style of Breath of the Wild.

Contact Harry

3D farm/life sim game made in Unity. You play as the new villager in town. The games features update over different days and seasons!

Contact Jakub

This CGI film is based on Elon Musk’s idea of creating a colony on Mars and shows a time lapse of crafts flying to Mars and a colony being built. It was created for my degree in CGI and Visual Effects to showcase various CGI and VFX skills, including scripting.

Contact Alex

This is an environment I did for my environments module in my masters which was inspired by Marvel's Spider-Man New York. The main focus is a small section of buildings and an alleyway featured in the city.

Contact Cameron

A mythical, mechanical monster designed for and rendered in Unreal Engine 4, created for one half of my end of year project.

Contact James

Mickey and Joe are struggling lads stuck in the 90s with no future plans. The hopeless romantic Mickey tries to impress college student Samantha by going to an illegal rave. But the night of the rave things don't go to plan, will Mickey and Joe make it to the rave?

Contact Laura

A material-modular architectural visualisation of a modern apartment. Complete with a living area and kitchen, explore the monochromatic floor space, and when you’re done with that, why not change it up to the Aqua Apartment? Or, go for the Moody look if you’re feeling more mysterious.

Contact Josh

Moth's Dawn is a visual novel project that was intended to look like cartoons that I grew up with. It's paying homage to those stories that took my child self away from the real world and into these beautiful, life-filled fantasies.

Contact Natalia

Soldier character movement made with Motion Capture data.

Contact Krzysztof

A semi-stylised recreation of Marvel Comic's Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan, as a 3D character model, based on an artist's 2D depiction of the heroine, and inspired by comic series with the same name.

Contact Kirstie

An RPG style game made in Unity with C#. The player adventures through the levels to try to kill the final boss. All while building their characters abilities by levelling up and finding loot and items throughout the game, as well as fighting a range of enemies.

Contact Stuart

Documentary on Nantwich and Border Counties Sailing Club and the community.

Contact Georgia

A complete games design document showcasing a fresh new narrative with some game play idea and elements.

Contact ADAM

Historic brownstone buildings, Brooklyn, New York. All modelled using Maya and ZBrush. Uses a combination of hard surface and curve modelling to achieve realism and detail within the environment, with additional compositing/post editing.

Contact Connor

A short film exploring sleeping disorders: The terror of false awakenings and sleep paralysis become a recurring nightmare for Mia, as she can't seem to wake up from her nightmare.

Contact Lauren

No Way Out is a sci-fi dungeon crawler board game where you play as investigators trapped within a mysterious and deadly cube. You must work together alongside your fellow players to escape it, however not all of you will make it out alive!

Contact Oliver

Norsity is a VR Game with a low-poly Nordic aesthetic, created in Unreal Engine 4. The player presides as a 'God' over their worshippers, aiding the civilisation in their development by assigning jobs, collecting resources and building structures. Watch the population grow and thrive through the immersive lens of VR.

Contact Kalem

A turn based zombie 'survival' game. Focusing more on the story of a group of friends trying to survive than on killing large amounts of zombies. Taking inspiration from Overland and Dead Static Drive and Faster than Light rather than Left 4 Dead and Project Zomboid and Project Killing Floor.

Contact Olly

A high poly showpiece of a Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster with a full detailed interior, modeled in 3DS Max, textured in Substance Painter and presented in Unreal Engine 4.

Contact Sam

[art and story by Danielle Gayle / Daniee] Pandora's Box is a retelling of the famous myth which explores the events that lead to the opening of the cursed box...

Contact Danielle

A 3d giant robot based on the concept art of a german panzer tank of the WWII made by the artist Braden May and mixed with the style of Tor Frick's Wolfenstein robots. The mech is set inside a battlefield scenario made in Unreal Engine 4.20.

Contact Alessio

Perses is a stealth action game where player agency is key. The player must fight their way through a facility captured by flounder terrorists, using the environment to create new paths and out smart their foes

Contact Zachary

A Pokemon cinematic scene that has been hand animated. I wanted to see if i could mimic the tv show but with 3d animation, so I found 4 models and I rigged, skinned, and animated them for this project.

Contact Chidi

PORNO is an absurdist comedic look into how we both view and consume porn in a modern world. A story that follows two down and out friends as they wait for a lady to arrive in order to film a threesome and sell it on. But will she arrive?

Contact George

An extended area of Port Olisar from Star Citizen, utilizing workflows from the game itself, this is a recreation of one of the environments plus my own take on an interstellar botany lab

Contact William

Courtney has superpowers that he can only use when he’s crying. He thought he’d defeated all the monsters but another one arrives, however, after years of therapy he’s finally happy. It’s up to his friends to do anything they can to make him cry, for the sake of their city!

Contact Dawn

This project is about the creation of procedural content tools using Houdini for games that speed up workflows, procedurally generate areas of gameplay and allow quick procedural iterations on the design of the world.

Contact Ryan

A Textured 3D model, stylized to fit into the dark souls art style. Based on my FYP concept.

Contact Alex

A challenging side-scrolling turn-based rogue-like game located in a sci-fi cityscape, where the player controls a small squad of soldiers which must fight through several rooms, in the hopes of completing their mission.

Contact Michael

Created in Unreal Engine 4, Project - Europa is a 3D exploration game where you explore an alien ocean. Be the first to discover new life hidden throughout the depths of Europa.

Contact Anthony

Using Unity, I created a randomly generated city, with traffic AI which abides by the rules of the roads and a rigged car which you can drive around the city. This was originally going to be a track racing game but has expanded from there into a random city.

Contact Nicholas

I have produced 3D recreations of weapons and an armour set from the 'Fire Emblem' franchise, and after doing so, imported them into 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim'.

Contact Liam

A nostalgic 1990's themed teenager's bedroom created within Unreal. It includes assets relevant to the decade such as a retro television and Windows 95 computer.

Contact Ryan

What is your inner animal? This project consists of film, photography and installation to explore identity through a personal journey. It invites audiences to consider what it means to be yourself in a society obsessed with identity suppression. Be the lion, not the sheep.

Contact Jessica

Showreel displaying animation for both games and cinematics. It involves walk cycles, run cycles, attacks and cinematic scenes. Most were created in my spare time for my portfolio module.

Contact Robert

Recreation of the final moments, of possibly the most famous boxing fight in history. It was attempted by pure hand animation, just to see if it was possible, and played next to the original footage to compare the likeness.

Contact Tim

A prototype first-person shooter made using Unreal Engine 4. Featuring fluid and dynamic parkour movement blended with classic arcade-style gun-play.

Contact Olly

Based on a concept art piece by . Yi, this project is to create a realistic style game ready character from concept to 3D.

Contact WeiLun

An ambient, island based, resource gathering game. Collect resources to build up your dream settlement on this atmospheric island. Each time still gaining resources idly from the previous islands allowing for bigger and more ambitious builds later on! Created in Unreal Engine 4.

Contact Ryan

A diorama I made in my spare time, based on the concept art by Nic snaggletooth.

Contact Jade-Estelle

Slaughter Weight is a conceptual short film exploring the problems with the meat industry. This is done through shocking visuals and extreme sound design.