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A Character Concept design project with the theme: Ancient Tech. In this fantasy world an advanced ancient civilisation's remains have been discovered by several bounty hunters, in a rush for power these teams fight to claim this. Designs creating visually stimulating characters that are appealing alone and as a team.

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Using samples and instruments connected to Ableton Live 9 to change and augment a Virtual Reality environment made in Unity 2017.3; creating a live visualization of the music. Experienced through an Oculus Rift CV1 headset.

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A relaxing 2D farming multiplayer game that’s set in a randomised pixel art world. With just your hands and a few seeds, can you and your friends start from nothing and create your own flourishing farm? Uses p2p networking, a drag and drop inventory and an endless procedurally-generated world.

Contact Thane

A collection of the best 3D Animation work I've created over the academic year.

Contact Harry

A log cabin owned by a Nora hunter. The majority of the environment is hand sculped wood, with various small assets such as baskets, pots and animal pelts. There are also 3 main focal points, which are weapons, armour pieces, and a robotic animal head mounted on the fireplace.

Contact Michael

A management game made in Unity in which you build your own hotel, decorate it with a variety of props, deal with maintaining your guests' needs and attempt to scare them for profit by linking up traps and hiring monsters.

Contact Callum

I love fighting games, characters, octopuses and body horror. On this occasion I decided to make an octopus and human hybrid in a hypothetical universe where octopods evolved enough to bring back long lost and forgotten humans. Real time render made with UE4

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Social Media is becoming a common platform for brands to communicate with their consumers more efficiently. This project looks into the impact of promotional online video as a way to build engagement and establish brand identity.

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The project features a fully modelled IOWA class battleship, USS Wisconsin. The objective of this project is to further study and push my limits of hard surface modelling and create a highly detailed 3D modelling based from real-world references.

Contact Warren

A 3D modeling project inspired by 1920's New York as featured in films such as Fantastic Beasts and Great Gatsby. Modeling was completed in Maya and Zbrush, as well as Substance Designer before rendering in Arnold.

Contact Rebecca

A Show reel of various character animation that I have created over my time at Staffordshire University.

Contact Leo

'Entropy' is a narrative-driven, science fiction concept design project, based on the short story "The Last Question" by Isaac Asimov. It explores the far distant future of human civilization through concept art. The project includes work each illustrating the visual aesthetics of the universe.

Contact Tom

Evo-Verve is the planet customisation and evolution idle clicker game for mobile, made from scratch using the Unity 3D engine and Google Play services.

Contact Connor

I have always been passionate about Dinosaurs since childhood. This was the perfect chance to mix 3D art with what I love. I played Horizon Zero Dawn and it became one of my favourite titles.It has finally inspired me to create this piece of work.

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Monochromium is an action top-down shooter for PC made in UE4. In a world turned monochrome, you are the only hope to restore colour. Fight your way through a mysterious desert, facing the ghosts and demons in your way with an arsenal of weapons and upgrades.

Contact Thomas

I have always enjoyed environments which tell a story in both video games, movies, and other mediums of entertainment. When watching Stranger Things I could not help but notice how the Byers residence told the story of Joyce's character - I want to recreate this in Unreal Engine 4.

Contact Adam

An animated short film lifted from the pages of a graphic novel, and brought to life through the use of Animation Techniques, Art, Cinematography, and Sound Design.

Contact George

From the mundane to the macabre; everyday found sounds offer a multitude of textures and timbres that the sound designer can manipulate and recontextualise in the telling of a story, through the machinations of its soundtrack. You are invited to watch (and listen) to a short film. Beware!

Contact Dan

A display of different kind of animations such as Motion capture, Key-frames or a combination of the two.

Contact Precious

Inspired by The Walking Dead intro scene, this projection mapping project takes photos of an abandoned house and rooms and turns it into a short video. Moving through the house ivy takes over and grows throughout.

Contact Matthew

Local multiplayer Platforming/Puzzle game. One player is immersed in a VR world and the other is a traditional first-person character. However, there is a twist; one player is 10 times smaller than the other! Players communicate together while trying to solve basic power & physics puzzles. Can you cooperate and escape?

Contact Emerson

Creating environmental concept art as well as exploring colour keys and narrative key art by visualising certain elements of the T.S. Eliot play, Murder in the Cathedral as if it were being adapted for film or television.

Contact Edward

The project was created based on the game Halo with my own twist here and there. The vehicle comes equipped with weapons, engines and an inside view of the ship with all its assets.

Contact Aaron

Third-person melee hack and slash game where you play as a knight, smashing through enemies as you gain unlocks to survive tougher opponents while choosing the right upgrades to determine survival. Set at night, the fires around the environment will be the only thing lighting the way.

Contact Alex

Examining the relationship between youth footballers and high level academies, the flaws in the system and what should done to help those who don't make the grade. I acted as Writer and Editor.

Contact Matthew

Examining the relationship between youth footballers and high-level academies and what should be done for the players that don't make the grade. I directed and produced the documentary.

Contact Matthew

My project focuses on analysing the composition, techniques and sound design of Electroacoustic Music and 80's Styled EDM. The composition serves as a position to which Electroacoustic Music can be more easily introduced to people.

Contact Cameron

The Marketplace depicts a Late Roman period street in a realistic, yet atmospheric style. This piece is intended to display a high level of asset creation from large landscapes and structures, down to small elements altogether to form a well rounded and memorable environment.

Contact John

900 AD is a concept art project set in an alternate version of viking Sweden, in which a rift has opened up spreading chaos and letting monsters into our world. My project depicts four of these monsters and an environment depicting the rift.

Contact George

I blended a combination of 3D sculpting and 2D painting techniques to create an awesome stylised approach to tileable texturing.

Contact Connor

A range of animations covering different sections of game animations including: vehicle (hand animation and engine set up), quadruped and biped cycles, keyframed and motion capture face animation and engine blueprinting for animation in Unreal Engine 4. All work is keyframed except the motion capture face animations for comparison.

Contact Niall

A compilation promotional EP, with 4 tracks mixed and Mastered to a professional standard, ready for commercial release, publication, and performance. The EP will be a professionally produced recording, from the conception of ideas, going on to commercial release, marketing and Promotions. A taste of a future compilation styled with multiple genres.

Contact Raymond

Imagery is powerful. Imagery can evoke feelings and thoughts in us. Imagery can bring back good memories, help you forget bad memories. Imagery IS powerful. This showreel is a collection of imagery I have developed at Staffordshire University. I hope you enjoy it.

Contact Alexander

For my project I am creating a show reel of a series of projects that I have and will be colour grading. My aim is to show how the use of colour grading can drastically change the look and feel of a film.


Contact Jamie

An interior environment of a victorian toy emporium that appears to be deserted with the front doors still left open, all the toys still remain on the shelves and a cigarette still letting off smoke so it is clear someone was around shortly before.

Contact Emma

A Diablo style game, featuring my unique character and world. Discover what happened to this once peaceful village through the use of Environmental Storytelling, puzzle solving and combat. Only you can uncover the truth behind this horrendous tragedy.

Contact Kieran

A game that focuses on exploring and combat, as well as collecting the enemy cards. Try to collect them all!

Contact Alejandro

The project attempts to abstract the principles behind Cyber Warfare and present them in a UI-based, easy to learn game. The aim of the project is to create a simulation that could be used as an education and training tool.

Contact Thomas

This project is the design of a theoretical live music venue that was forced to close down due to noise complaints and has plans to reopen. This project contains the design of the PA system, acoustic treatment and noise isolation treatment.

Contact William

A demonstration of the relationship between fixed, recorded music and interactive, live performances. This is done by contrasting a five minute recorded EDM composition with a remixed version for an audio visual performance using electronic hardware.

Contact Jessica

The project is about acoustically designing a home studio work environment, comparing a high and low budget plan with reference to a pre-existing and pre-treated studio. Two acoustic panel absorbers and a bass trap have been constructed to show treatment method possibilities at a low budget.

Contact Ben

The project intends to replicate and investigate the recording techniques of rock music from the 1970's, using a combination of old and new equipment to do this as accurately as possible.

Contact Duncan

What's scary? Being Followed? Silence? Or just the fear of the unknown? These natural fears keep us all on edge, yet, they're addictive and entertaining. In this project, different techniques were used to help create the best cinema experience you can have, in a short amount of time. Enjoy.

Contact Robin

This project aims to answer how Artificial Intelligence can be used as a tool in musical composition and performance. By setting up a multimedia installation that uses Neural networks to generate audio this project aims to explore the sonic realms of computer-generated music and audio synthesis.

Contact Jo

My project is an archeological treasure trove in an attic of house with references to films and franchises such as Indiana jones and Marvel and has old items from different cultures with a collection of ordinary items which you might find in and around the house.

Contact Joe

The aim of my project was to enhance my ability to create a high quality illustration, using the witch Baba Yaga as my muse. Throughout the process I have created a strong workflow and have applied industry standard techniques in order to further my abilities and improve my art.

Contact Lily

I have created a bank environment for my FYP. The environment is inspired by the first bank in “Payday: The Heist”. The bank is set post-heist meaning there are elements of destruction to the scene. The environment's layout is made up of the main lobby and underground vault.

Contact Thomas

I wanted to model a MAC 11 from the start but it alone was sort of boring so I wanted to add a folding stock and suppressor when texturing. I then wanted to make it battle worn to make it look more interesting.

Contact Christopher

This project is my FYP film, The End. The End is a post apocalyptic film that follows the stories of Alex and Joanna, survivors of a breakout resulting in most of the world being wiped out.

Contact Ben

A Character Design and Concept Art Project that revolves around a Mad Doctor's sick experiments to create bionically weaponised humans. Mercenary slaves are trained for military application and tested in specialised Colosseum combat, which also serves as a form of entertainment reserved for anonymous Elites.

Contact Joseph

I designed and built a board game themed around 90's hacker movies and TV shows. The focus is on allowing players to feel like 'cheesy' movie hackers while taking down corporate interests.

Contact Kieran

Influenced by Silent Hill and Blairwitch Project, Brightwater Bay puts you in an ethereal and seemingly abandoned British coastal town. The project consists of supporting 2D artwork as well as the explorable environment.

Contact Nicholas

For this project I decided to create a WW1 trench scene. My aim was to create a realistic representation of a trench. I have also taken the opportunity to utilise software that I had not used a lot before such as substance designer and Zbrush.

Contact Jonathan

The aim of this project was to build and test the acoustics of a modular/portable studio that can be assembled in a room, moved around to suit specific acoustical requirements of the chosen room and then disassembled to use in another location for a new client.

Contact Jack

A showreel showcasing my camera operating skills and work over the year. I have shot documentaries across Europe, music videos, drama and sports events which are in this showreel. The range of cameras used follows my dissertation; investigating Camera technology in Factual Production, and determining how to measure “camera quality”.

Contact Thomas

Concept 3 characters with the theme of Dungeon and Dragons, exploring ideas, clothes and weapons.

Contact Sheridan

For this project I decided to put my sculpting/concept skills to the test and create a monstrous sculpt of a bird headed creature!

Contact Charles

Using the power of Unreal Engine 4, I crafted a short cinematic utilising facial rigging techniques, a mixture of motion capture and hand keyed animation.

Contact Ben

My project is all about creating easily recognisable character types through hand crafted cinematic animations.

Contact Tom

Cities & Sound is a sound installation based on Italo Calvino's book Invisible Cities. Fifty soundscapes were created, representing fifty cities described in the book. Each soundscape is composed by editing sound from the audiobook version of the Invisible Cities.

Contact Marco

A collection of science fiction props and some realistic assets mostly based on a spaceship setting, all done in high quality with baked normals. Topology takes into account animation in places where needed, such as the weapons. All assets are textured in full PBR workflow through substance painter.

Contact Jake

Observed colours carry emotion with them, this project explores the effects of colours (and lack thereof) on the interpretation of multiple pieces of concept art.

Contact Maja

An in-depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of different mixing strategies that were a mainstay in the past, are used commonly in the present and those that will be used more in the future. This was achieved by creating & processing an original piece of music, in three different ways.

Contact Reece

A collection of concept art, both academic and personal, intended for games and film projects.

Contact Tai

I tasked myself with learning Houdini for the first time and broke that down into these FX shots: Fluids, Pyro, Fracture RBDs and Particles/VEX. Mixed with generalist skills and an interest in the advertising industry, I made four, five second professional looking indents based around a product.

Contact Jordan

Showcasing game design techniques to create rapid prototypes for small mobile games. The three games will be, "Climby Cat", "Pez Tapper" and "Bubble Wrapper Tapper". No coding or blueprints; just documents, animations, spreadsheets, sketches and videos to effectively show off my ideas to other people.

Contact Alexander

Creating an environment in Unreal Engine 4 based on a piece of concept art from The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, using PBR techniques and next-gen workflows.

Contact Chris

Creating a highlight intro, game animation, inspired by the Blizzard title 'Overwatch'. Composed using motion capture data mixed with hand animation and rendered in Unreal Engine 4, making use of cameras and fluid motion to simulate Blizzards style of animation.

Contact Kai

I focused on modelling two assets this semester, an M4 Assault Rifle, and another, which was the Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter movies. These models were heavily based on references as I was trying to replicate them as accurately as possible.

Contact Josh

A noir parody sketch based on a detective as he is shown around a crime scene by a first responder.

Contact Jordan

An environment inspired by the throne room from Dishonored 2 - with my own unique takes on certain assets, as well as my own overall styling and texture style.

Contact Louis

Does sound impart its own narrative to a piece of film? This project takes two ambiguous pieces of film footage and replaces the sounds and music to tell a different story. A short survey and a heart rate monitor aim to analyse the effect this has on participants.

Contact Christian

A 3D environment based on the 2016 game DOOM. It was made with the intent of acting as downloadable content for the game and therefore staying true to the art style, themes and feel of the main game.

Contact Jacob

A realistic dwarven-themed throne room presented in Unreal Engine. I was inspired to create this environment from playing Skyrim and watching the Lord Of The Rings films. Think massive pillars and really high ceilings!

Contact Ellis

An animation-based combat system that utilises areas of the battlefield to enhance combat prowess. This will be demonstrated in a player vs enemy context.

Contact Adam

A collection of work created over the past year. The main focus for this was a Japanese garden/shrine.

Contact Jade-Estelle Ivy

The grenade is based off The Elysium movie, and I recreated it in 3D space.

Contact Tanraaj

The creation of a female Ronin Character which will portray elements of fantasy and be created from the traditional route of character creation.

Contact Nathan

A portfolio of work showcasing cinematography, VFX and editing techniques, taken from music videos and short films created during the final year.

Contact Amy

A highly realistic version of a 2016 Ford Mustang GT for implementation into next gen games using current workflows to showcase a highly polished model accompanied with a clean GTA style modern garage.

Contact Ryan

Inspired by the video game Sleeping Dogs, this apartment belongs to a member of the Chinese Mafia and is used more as a safe house for the Triad associate who has too much business to take care of instead of maintaining his 'home'.

Contact Aristeidis

I have created a fully CG Grand Maester room, inspired by the worlds of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. All assets were modelled, textured, shaded by myself and the final scene lit and rendered using Arnold.

Contact Lewis

An environment based on a ‘Penthouse Apartment’ from Grand Theft Auto 5. This is a realistic interior environment, consisting of clean and modern assets and structures e.g. furniture, kitchen appliances, etc. containing natural and artificial sources of lighting.

Contact Samayr

A game ready character of a Greek Hoplite Soldier. A foot soldier within the Greek Empire, his wealthy upbringing has led him to be stationed within the city with minimum contact to enemy forces.

Contact Tiarnna

Fan Art game ready environment of Riptide Map, Halo 5. Modelling was made in Maya, Texturing was done in Substance Designer. Lighting and renders are in UE4.

Contact Magda

Irritate your neighbour in VR.

Contact Hoa

An environment built to scale using concept art from the game Hawken. I used many new techniques and methods in this piece.

Contact Liam

A study into the relationship between a range of camera movements and the emotional response of the viewer. These techniques are then employed within a headphone commercial designed to generate the desired emotional response.

Contact Michael

My project has taken a classic Aston Martin DBS, as featured in the James Bond film On Her Majesties Secret Service and applied appropriate gadgets, all the while styling the vehicle for the Post-Apocalyptic Mad Max theatrical universe.

Contact Coby

Homecoming is a Puzzle Platformer around the themes of loss, love, and betrayal.


Contact Thomas

Starting with nothing but a group of musicians, this project is the product of a full academic year of writing, recording, mixing and mastering a 4 track EP and releasing it for public consumption to test how easy it is to do so in the age of modern music.

Contact Aaron

Off Your Box Records formed in Stoke-on-Trent in 2016. Now you can find out how WE did it and even learn how YOU could do it – How to Work Off Your Box – because you’re worth it.

Contact Ryan

How many music videos do we watch in one day? Music videos are unique, they show us emotion through the visual. The imagery is more important than what the music video is trying to say through lyrics in a short period of time.

Contact Rebecca

A demonstration of the different techniques used to implement audio into a video game using the unreal engine.

Contact Tyler

Have you ever wanted to take direction of a film? The future is here with interactive film giving you the chance to take control of what happens in the film.

Contact Krishna

It's a Mast - seeks to explore the contemporary telecommunication structures as symbols for the super-connected modern society through various high contrast adjusted photographs and drawings.

Contact Dragos

This project is a 2D game made in Unity engine. The player must survive endless rounds of zombies whilst using their earned cash to upgrade their abilities and open new areas. How long can you survive?

Contact Jack

The character is called Kylar Stern and he is the protagonist of the Night Angel trilogy. He's a wetboy, an assassin with magical capabilities, who through the use of a black gem called the ka'kari becomes the legendary Night Angel.

Contact Andres

A puzzle-platformer based around a custom level editor for Android, built in Unity with the C# programming language. Almost all art, animation, sound and design were custom made for the project.

Contact Blake

A showcase of my best work between the years of 2016 and 2018. It contains various films with different genres and styles.

Contact Liam

A Minion Management game that focuses on decision making in upgrade systems for automated minions and buildings. The player chooses their army and is provided with options for strategy, allowing them to identify their opponent's approach and counter their plan.

Contact Luke

M1A2 Abrams tank using a game-ready pipeline. This includes full PBR rendering in UE4 ready to be used in game.

Contact Karl

The Year 2200, Most of the world has been engulfed by deserts. The Human race has migrated underground for sanctuary. The Underground City of Rasarox found in California, is where a young woman named 'Maev' lives. A mechanic/ Pilot who aims to win the 'Hover Racer' contest.

Contact Robert

My project aims to design and document the process of designing a tutorial for a game, with a focus on production elements such as user feedback, press development & documentation of design methodologies.

Contact Shimron

An environment presented in Unreal Engine 4, showing both the exterior and interior of a struggling medieval blacksmith.

Contact David

Documentary talking about the Black Country and the history within it. How the Black Country is the real heart of the Industrial Revolution.

Contact Demi-Leigh

A modern version of the 1980 arcade centipede game built for the android mobile device. This game was built in a team of six game designers and I acted as the lead technical designer on the project.

Contact Kieran

A top down pixel art game in which you keep your monsters fed and happy. Inspired by Slime Rancher, Tamagotchi, and clicker games.

Contact Jay

You cannot go a day without seeing motion graphics. This is a portfolio of sleek geometric 2D animation, created in Adobe After Effects.

Contact Jamilah

A 3D museum game environment with textures and tri count to game spec. Lighting in the scene is made to look nice using dynamic lights.

Contact Karl

My show reel is a representation of my work as an undergraduate over the last three years. This show reel demonstrates my skills as a cinematographer including lighting, camera movements and director of photography.

Contact James

This project is a virtual pet-style game focusing around need-based AI, including other mechanics which I have designed and created, for the mobile platform. I worked on all aspects of the game myself, including programming the game in Unity using C# and creating the art assets for the game.

Contact Amanda

A stylised character of a World of Warcraft night elf, the final character will have a hand painted texture with a game ready mesh using Zbrush, 3ds Max, Photoshop and Substance Painter as part of the pipeline. I hope to have captured Blizzard's art style within the character.

Contact Benjamin

After being stripped of the land's abundance by the Great Earth Spirit for exploiting it, the ancestors of a nomadic tribe travel xeric shrublands in the hopes of regaining their worth through their actions and once again being blessed by the Earth Spirit. Character, creature and prop concept art.

Contact Kira

During this project I have improved both organic and hard surface modelling and sculpting by designing a stylised, animated zoo. I have designed five very different environments and two creatures to go with them; this allowed me to use a variety of software, including Maya, Z-Brush, Substance Painter and Photoshop.

Contact Daniel

Using 3D as a medium, I intend to explore two very different approaches to character design. Developing a singular character using both realistic and stylised pipelines, resulting in two finished 3D character models each with their own unique appeal.

Contact Arran

I put together my own dream team to enter Ludum Dare 40, then wrote about the whole experience in a E-Book guide for future students. It looks at how adding a producer to teams and using extra production skills can help produce a better results at a Games Jam.

Contact Robert

In this project, I have attempted to recreate the mechanics and animations of Genji from Overwatch.

Contact Marlone

Game ready 3D Character fan art of a new Overwatch character. I went through the process of creating mood boards, character concept, Sculpting, Retopology, Texturing and Rendering in Unreal Engine 4.

Contact Levi

A set piece inspired by the game Overwatch and Japanese culture. Using emulated Blizzard like modelling techniques and hand painted textures.

Contact Jones

Highly addictive bullet hell with scaling difficulties and challenges, includes customisation for ships, up-gradable weapons and very difficult bosses. Pixelgedon is your no.1 8 bit modern space shooter.

Contact Jacob

Mind Clash is a strategic deck building card game. The aim is to turn studying for exams into a more enjoyable experience.

Contact James

3D Environment DLC based in the PREY universe. This is a small bedroom environment that would take place before the typhoon outbreak.

Contact Charlie

This project investigates 'Product Visualisation'. To create a set of Photo-realistic 'Stills' for a music sampler. Skills in CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) are cost effective and geographically less time consuming when done well, making it a valuable skill set for the employee and a lucrative alternative for potential Clients.

Contact Nick

A Personal Objectives Tracking and Guidance system and information database. It gathers information upon the entities the player encounters within the game world so they can use them to create their own objectives. Depending on their knowledge, the system offers additional support to complete their objectives.

Contact James

You've seen Minecraft, you've seen modded Minecraft; here is my spin on it built from the ground up.

Contact Ben

A small Unreal Engine 4 project showcasing Samuel in a training field. See what he is capable of doing and hopefully gain an understanding of the kind of game I would like to make, as well as what I can do in terms of Animation and Tech.

Contact Samuel

A virtual reality game where you must defend yourself from oncoming enemies all around you. Place towers and traps to help defend, and swing your hands to knock enemies away. Earn experience and purchase upgrades to help progress through harder difficulties.

Contact James

A futuristic Sci-fi world build, designed from top down. Included are original places, maps, people and stories. Built for use in video games, film, TV and novels.

Contact Naomi

Vehicle and Weapons Test. I made a twin-stick shooter game, using a tutorial level that shows how to use the Multi-lock missile system that I have created to kill multiple targets, using both a 3rd person perspective for controlling the Soldier and Top Down perspective to fly the helicopter.

Contact Masood

I have created 12 different assets demonstrating a variety of skills, mainly focused on improving modelling and texturing. Aiming for a realistic look, I used Substance Painter to texture and Arnold to render.

Contact James

A realistic likeness character of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley from Aliens, the finished character is full PBR and game ready. The software used to complete this project was 3DS Max, Marvellous Designer, Zbrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter and Substance Designer.

Contact Stephen

A recreation of the video game character Underlord from DOTA 2. This character has gone through the entire PBR workflow and is aimed to be posed and 3D printed.

Contact Nathan

The Retro Petrol Station scene looks to capture the feel of an ongoing restoration project set in the Grand Theft Auto universe. Every attempt has been made to include colour schemes and brand logos from the series.

Contact William

Openlanders is a quick pick up and play RPG that is simple for players to quickly have fun playing with. Fight your way through areas filled with monsters and then take on the boss to save the world from this monster invasion.

Contact Sam

A short observational documentary about an unconventional Black Rights Activist group. They are called GANG (Guiding A New Generation) and they are on a mission to improve the "Black E