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A research project partnered with Stoke Public Health and MIND which aims to look at social media and its impact upon young people's mental well-being. By employing focus groups within a high school setting, the project equipped partnered organisations with knowledge surrounding the topic to better young people’s mental well-being.

Contact Scarlett

A qualitative gender comparison study that explores the pressure experiences of six student athletes, across a variety of sports, and the effective coping mechanisms consequently used within these situations. Within the study, one-to-one interviews were thematically analysed to generate themes of common stressors and coping mechanisms within sports performance.

Contact Amy

With UK farmers reliant on subsidy payments from the CAP the up coming changes as a result from Brexit are a concern. Through interviews and timeline creation, the impacts of EU subsidy - through the CAP - changes throughout history were evaluated. Hopes and fears of Brexit were also discussed

Contact Catherine

Acid attacks are becoming much more prevalent in the United Kingdom, with an average of two occurring every day. With the aim of helping investigators discover crucial information from a scene and aiding reconstructions, this project found that the container type could be determined by the subsequent textile damage.

Contact Katie

This study aimed to develop a procedure for the recovery of fibres from wounds after a stabbing incident. This was done by replicating a stabbing and using fibre recovery methods to recover the fibres. Percentage uptake values were then recorded for each method to determine which was most effective.

Contact Harriet

A validation study of FARO Zone 3D (FZ3D) for Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA): Comparing the Accuracy between a known and calculated Area of Origin (AO), utilising different wallpaper types. Since presenting my results at the IABPA, the Ontario and Ottawa police are now utilising this technique at crime scenes.

Contact Gareth

Access to justice and the right to a fair hearing are fundamental to the rule of law and any just society which values dignity and fairness. However, there has been significant cuts to the UK’s legal aid system, including the family area in respect to civil legal aid.

Contact Brang

Is fear of crime a result of age, media, or an individuals attitude? The current project investigated the effect of age, media use and attitudes towards the Criminal Justice System on fear of crime.

Contact Francesca

The project involved interviewing eight high school physical education teachers to determine the common challenges they face with inclusion in PE and the techniques they use to overcome the existing challenges to ensure physical education is as inclusive as possible.

Contact Alisha

Analysis of potential correlations between several factors and Public Space Violence across seven Police services in an attempt to unveil National trends.

Contact William

A study which conducted analysis into the soil of clandestine burials of murine cadavers, using pH, electrical conductivity and cations present in the soil, to devise a strategy to better determine the Post Mortem Interval of human remains.

Contact Michaela

This research project looked at the effectivness of reading interventions within one primary school setting. It highlighted the importance of reading and development, parental involvement and eliminating barriers to ensure student achievement. Gaining professionals opinions allowed any current views to be jutified or gave rationale for them to change.

Contact Bethany

As acid attacks are more frequent, the most common acid types were tested to observe a significant effect on tattooed porcine skin. Whether there was a significant difference between the ink colours, the amount of time after the application of acid and if the tattoos were identifiable were also considered.

Contact Abigail

This study has investigated the impact of Forest School provision on a year 1 class within a UK primary academy. As this school has only introduced Forest Schooling this academic year, this study was carried out to evaluate the programme before expanding the sessions to further year groups.

Contact Emily

The 'golden era' of antibiotics is now only a memory, and the pandemic of antibiotic resistance is upon us. This study investigates the difference in the number and diversity of antibiotic resistant bacteria in different soils - can the environmental resistome contribute to clinical occurrences of antibiotic resistance?

Contact Lakshmi

There is an increasing demand for products such as toothpastes to contain natural ingredients. In some toothpastes, conventional synthetic antimicrobial agents like triclosan have been replaced by epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a green tea extract. This research addresses how effective EGCG is compared to triclosan on microorganisms associated with oral disease.

Contact Abbi

This investigation focuses on the behaviour that teachers perceive to be disruptive, alongside their preferred management strategies for problematic behaviour in the classroom.

Contact Samantha

Wildlife crime is a multi-billion trade worldwide, with wild birds and their eggs being stolen. To preserve the species, a best practice needs to be established to visualise fingerprints. Fingerprints deposited on to 3 types of eggs/eggshells were treated using development techniques through sequential processes for porous and non-porous surfaces.

Contact Suzanne

Few researchers have considered the role of exosomes in disease pathophysiology and treatment up until recently. Whilst most studies are focused on their ability to deliver drug cargo, this investigation aims to assess whether chemotherapy; implicating exosomes in its downfall, encourages the development of breast cancer metastasis.

Contact Eleanor

Essential oils have long been known for their beneficial antioxidant properties, often utilised in aromatherapy. This study aims to determine the effect of lavender and sage essential oils on ciliated cells and, whether they have a protective role against hydrogen peroxide induced oxidative stress.

Contact Adam

Vascular Dementia is caused by lack of blood supply to the brain due to damage to the vascular system. There is evidence that suggests that by making healthier lifestyle choices the risks of Vascular Dementia can be lowered.

Contact Lindsay

The research project is to find the causes of knife crime in West Yorkshire and their policing response. Literature on knife crime was researched and 4 experts in the policing field were interviewed. Key themes were devised from the interviews and then compared with the literature.

Contact Lucy

Aquatic deaths are difficult to investigate with a loss of forensic evidence due to ever-changing environments affecting the rate of decomposition. Literature lacks a full understanding of the chemistry behind the stages. This study investigated chemical aspects of decomposition in aquatic environments to understand the Post Mortem Interval.

Contact Leah

Antibiotic resistance in bacteria is a global issue, several bacteria are already displaying resistance to commonly used antibiotics. This study aims to identify whether copper and silver are anti-microbial and whether overexposure results in resistance with the outlook to utilise these in-organic elements as a way of reducing microbial resistance.

Contact Rachel

This project explored a variety of techniques such as pH testing, FTIR and SEM, alongside statistical tests, in order to establish which method/s were best for the determination and identification of multiple corrosive chemicals and substances, on clothing items from acid attack victims.

Contact tilly

Common child abuse injuries were inflicted to hard and soft tissues to determine if the injuries were still visible after burial. The results are beneficial as they can aid missing person cases along with determining if child abuse was the cause of death.

Contact Danielle

This project investigated whether the partial drying of blood drops could aid in the determination of sequence of events of a crime. Ratios between the wet and dry portions of the drops was calculated. The ratios of two drip patterns made at different times were then compared using statistical testing.

Contact Jessica

The analysis focuses on and evaluates target future markets for BMW autonomous cars in Germany and the UK, analyzing micro-environmental factors (customers, marketing trends, suppliers), competitors, macro-environment (PESTLE), and conducting BMW SWOT/TOWS analysis with conclusion that autonomous driving belongs to the most important drifts in the automotive industry these days.

Contact Josef

Consider the driving future. How will it be? When will it be? Are automotive companies ready? IT companies are also prepared to win the ''race'' of the future car. However, what do customers think about autonomous vehicles? The importance of scanning the digital environment will provide all the significant insights.

Contact Maria

Public Health England and the NHS are working towards minimising Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI), costing around £1 billion a year with having detrimental effects on patients’ lives. The premise for the research project is to investigate the contamination of prescription glasses and consider their role in the distribution of HAIs

Contact Victoria

This investigation is looking at the ability of exosomes being used for targeted drug delivery; reducing cytotoxicity and improving specificity of killing cancer. Exosomes isolated from cells treated with doxorubicin and reintroduced to new cells, an MTT assay performed to assess viability after 24, 48 & 72 hours

Contact Kaliya

Stalking figures in the UK since April 2005 did show a consistent decline starting around 2011, however, it was reported in March 2018 that the figures had started to increase. This qualitative project explored Police Officers' views on the effectiveness of the DIAL assessment for victims in stalking cases.

Contact Beckie

Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular in educational settings. It is said that practising mindfulness with children helps with transitional stress when moving up the school and reduces the likelihood of depression and anxiety in later life. This project will investigate whether mindfulness really does help children in school.

Contact Abigail

As people continue to feed the birds at local lakes and parks population abundance increases, causing pressure on the environment and aggression between waterfowl species exacerbates. By establishing food preferences, it may be possible for anthropogenic supplementation to exist without inducing a pseudo-arms race.

Contact Susan

This qualitative research study aims to look at the opinion of professionals working with children and young people within the youth justice system. The research used semi-structured interviews to collect primary data and used government released documents to evaluate policies and procedures.

Contact Laura

Over the counter medicines are popular but may not be as effective as home remedies can be against certain bacteria. This research examined the claimed effectiveness of Manuka honey and lemon juice in comparison to Strepsils against Streptococcus pyogenes, a bacterium common for causing throat infections.

Contact Tamara

I investigated the effect of nature on children’s happiness and cognitive abilities. The children in the study were of primary school age which has largely been overlooked in similar studies. The results of my study showed a significant increase in happiness and a greater significant effect on cognitive abilities.

Contact John

This project applied the use of photogrammetry to crime scene documentation, by evaluating different software against each other. Two sets of photographs (one of a room and one of a drinks carton) were run through 5 different softwares to produce 3D models which were used for the evaluation.

Contact Lauren

Identification of ancestral estimation methods used in forensic anthropology and applying the methods for digital capture of the skull. Whilst obtaining the same data measurements using an interobserver study. Compiling the measurements for standard deviation to establish the most comparable application with the least amount of deviation within the results.

Contact Kirsty

Do you remember the last time you went on a coach trip? With senior travellers being the main source market for coach tourism, this project explores how customer satisfaction affects brand loyalty and identifies key future trends which may help shape the uncertain future of this traditional market.

Contact Laura

Have you ever felt "Hangry"? Ever wondered why you feel agitated when you're hungry? Or have you ever felt happy and upbeat after intense exercise? This study investigates the effects of diet and exercise on individual mood and irritability scores.

Contact Stephanie

This Project is in conjunction with Staffordshire Police focusing on what factors or circumstances influence a victim of assault not to proceed with their case within Staffordshire and if Victim Personal Statements have influenced their decision.

Contact Steven

Two brush types, two powders, two temperatures, three donors, three depositions, three substrates representing sources commonly encountered at crime scenes, and three storage periods were verified during a fingermark development and recovery study for Staffordshire Police ISO Accreditation.

Contact Aimee

As Stoke-on-Trent attempts to transform itself into a thriving, cultural and opportunistic city, the role that the area's heritage - The Potteries - can play, is an important one. The social and economic impacts of heritage projects have been investigated to establish the effects they are having within areas.

Contact Stuart

This piece of research has looked into the barriers people with substance use issues face when looking for, or in employment. From interviewing practitioners in the local area, recommendations have been collated on how to potentially improve the support people receive in this specific area.

Contact ROSIE

Colourism contributes to the hierarchical system of privilege and disadvantage in which various social outcomes such as employment and mental health are dependent on the hue of one’s skin. The study explores the understandings and experiences of colourism in relation to childhood, relationships and media qualitatively among eight black women.

Contact Lucia

A child's development and disposition can all depend on where they attend school. Inclusion in mainstream schools for all children is desired, however, special schools are unique places and are essential for those with the most complex disabilities whose needs cannot be met within a mainstream provision.

Contact Kayleigh

With urbanization comes increased light pollution and the erosion of natural darkness. By studying microscopic organisms found in soil, can we provide an insight into the effects that artificial night lighting may be having - both on biodiversity and the composition of the soil-invertebrate community?

Contact Lucy

PTSD consists of many different factors, such as substance misuse, employment and mental health. Comparing this from WW2 it was found that the lack of service for veterans after war in comparsion to modern warfare. Other models was used to help shape individuals behvaiour such as the Medical model.

Contact Joseph

Look up to the sky today and see an oasis of calm, this is not what the future will hold. Skies will become congested with Delivery Drones and Personal Aerial Vehicles and with them threats from above. Forget the 'War on Drugs' could this be the 'War on Technology' ?

Contact Oliver

The purpose of this research was to help identify gaps in the knowledge of Modern Slavery at hand car washes. The study particularly focuses on the effectiveness of four key themes; awareness, regulation and licensing, the National Referral Mechanism, and understanding victimology.

Contact Benjamin

Bloodstains on various fabric structures and compositions prior and post laundering using porcine and a hammer. Prior and post laundering stains were measured showing they effected the size and number. Knitted fabrics with larger numbers of loose surface fibres create larger bloodstains, whereas blood does not penetrate tight structures.

Contact Abbey

Over past decades the nature of aid giving has changed with much research into the concept, delivery and effectiveness of donations given by countries, governments and organisations. This project investigates key aims and objectives of international aid giving, highlighting ineffective delivery and donation habits of members of the public.

Contact Jessica

With driving under the influence of alcohol at a constant increase in the UK, there are still many websites containing anecdotal advice about drinking and driving. This research is to show that each individual have different Blood Alcohol Concentrations, focusing on Body Mass Index.

Contact Lucy

Pseudoscience has proliferated social media regarding CBD’s ability to cure cancer, leading to an increase in people self-medicating with CBD oil alongside the use of prescribed chemotherapy drugs. How does commercially available cannabis (CBD) oil compare to chemotherapy drugs and does it kill cancer cells?

Contact Antony

Herbal remedies possess medicinal qualities, including alleviation of pain from inflammation. Chamomile tea is a popular herbal remedy containing flavonoids, compounds that are known to have antioxidant affects. The aim of this study is to determine if the flavonoid, apigenin, found within chamomile tea, inhibits the inflammatory enzyme, cyclooxygenase.

Contact Jade

Investigating the effects of vitamins C and E on the immune system using Radical Immunodiffusion assay to mesure the salivary IgA. Additionally, blood samples were collected each week to mesure the plasma lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides/ high density lipoproteins) and white blood cell counts.

Contact Stoyka

Child-to-Parent Violence (CPV) is a rising, contemporary issue in social work practice. My findings concluded that in the UK, there is very little research available on this topic and even less specifically for those who provide care and support for Looked after Children.

Contact Laura

Impression marks found on cartridge cases can provide forensic investigators with a wealth of knowledge. But does the material chosen to produce these cases affect the quality of these useful impressions? 3D imaging and Metrology principles have been used to explore this impact.

Contact Jenna

Rising use of herbal medicine would benefit from more cost-effect methods of analysis to match current demand. This study introduces a new approach of HPLC analysis and identification of active compounds in products readily available over-the-counter. This sets a benchmark for reliable comparison between products by determining which is superior.

Contact Dimitrios

Automatic thermal desorption gas chromatography with flame ionisation detection was used to determine migration rates of ethanol, toluene, and decane through nylon, metallised polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and Kapton films for packaging for arson related evidence. Metallised PET was identified as retaining the largest quantity of volatile organic compounds.

Contact Rebecca

A study exploring the impacts of New Psychoactive Substance (NPS) use on communities in Stoke-On-Trent.

Contact Sarah

Transmission lines, magnetism and sheep. Do overhead power lines affect grazing sheep? Can sheep read magnetic field lines; how they might do this; and why sheep might need to.

Contact samantha

Children experiencing parental domestic abuse may be at risk of emotional harm. To what extent is the impact of emotional harm recognised, and what role does the Safeguarding Social Worker play in identifying and addressing the risk of emotional harm to children and young people experiencing parental domestic abuse?

Contact Hannah

When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, there are five potential ways they can be thrown. This research investigates if a certain pedestrian throw type can be caused by changing the variables. This was done by replicating vehicle-pedestrian collisions with small-scale reconstructions.

Contact Matthew

In the age of the ‘bloody difficult woman’, it is difficult to envision politics as anything other than a level playing field. Through a series of interviews and questionnaires, this research project aims to highlight the inequalities experienced by women in the political sphere.

Contact Charlotte

There is currently a lack of understanding as to the impacts of human disturbance upon captive Humboldt penguins. This study aims to investigate any detrimental impacts caused by zoo visitors, including attention seeking behaviours. This could improve our understanding of human disturbance and work towards altering conservation strategies if required.

Contact Emma

The aim of this project was to develop a standardised method for quantifying bloodshed on different floor surfaces, specifically to use area of spillage to allow estimation of the minimum and maximum amount of blood spilled and thus likelihood of survival.

Contact Sarah

Influenza virus continues to be a seasonal burden on health services. PCR, the gold standard of diagnosis, does not necessarily meet with the evolving needs of health care. This study evaluates two rapid diagnostic tests to see whether they could have a positive impact on service delivery within hospitals.

Contact Fern

This study reviewed the psychological impact that the role of a police officer can have on those undertaking the role and covered the support systems that are available to them, reviewing their effectiveness and making recommendations for improvements. The data was gathered by interviewing current and retired police officers.

Contact Adam

Previous research has examined how season-of-birth and biological sex impact those in compulsory education, finding that summer-born students and females have lower academic confidence and self-esteem. Since less research has explored these factors in undergraduate students, the present study may identify those most at-risk and disadvantaged at university.

Contact Louisa

With urbanization on the rise, it is more important than ever to create urban green spaces to cater to the needs of wildlife. Are our native songbirds thriving within the urban environment? A comparison of songbird abundance and diversity between two urban green spaces in Stoke-on-Trent.

Contact Justine

This project analyses macro-environmental factors to identify key change-drivers for Siemens; a German conglomerate in Automation and Electrification. This analysis leads to identify further trends to be aware of, to attain industry competitive strategic position. A 5-year scenario analysis is then presented to provide direction to sustain competitive advantage.

Contact Manisha

The current project investigated perceived stress levels in university students in relation to their personality traits (using the Big Five and the Dark Triad).

Contact Charlotte

Plants have adapted their own defences against pests, such as releasing volatile organic compounds (chemical signals) that prime other parts of the plant when they are being eaten to reduce damage. My research determines whether these signals are communicated from damaged to undamaged pea plants following simulated herbivory.

Contact Alexander

This research investigated and compared the interests in technology of children within a single institution Year 1 class, their parents’ expectations of technology use and current technology use within the class. Exploratory Data Analysis was employed and established that children’s interests in technology were not being met in school.

Contact Alisha

1 in 20 children in the UK are sexually abused. Children don’t typically disclose immediately, leading to evidential loss, therefore alternative evidence is needed. Can tertiary transfer be considered? Semen deposited onto layered material, was examined using common methods to determine if seminal evidence was detectable on tertiary material.

Contact Stacey

Chemotherapy resistance is a global concern with an estimation of up to 80% of cancer patients developing chemoresistance. This research aims to discover if the resistance mechanism of detoxification is present within human lung cancer cells that are resistant to a commonly used and commonly problematic chemotherapy drug cisplatin.

Contact Jackie

Nigella is used around the world as an antibacterial medicine but there is little data to support its effectiveness. If it is effective, it may be an alternative to antibiotics. This study aims to determine its ability to inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus and its Methicillin resistant strain (MRSA).

Contact Fatima

Identifying the antimicrobial monotherapeutic and synergistic effects of medicinal plants; garlic, lemon, camomile tea and coconut oil on the proliferation of Cutibacterium acnes, the main aetiological cause of acne. The results were compared to the topical antibiotics, clindamycin and erythromycin currently prescribed for the clinical treatment of inflammatory-acne.

Contact Lisa

Alka Seltzer consumption is being promoted for the treatment of urinary tract infections (UTIs). This was investigated for its antimicrobial efficacy through a range of methods, for UTI causing bacteria; Escherichia coli, Proteus mirabilis and Klebsiella pneumoniae. Investigations aimed to identify an alternative therapy to antibiotics, owing to antimicrobial resistance.

Contact Letania

A grading system was created to assess the damage caused to fabrics when exposed to fire. The exposure time, distance, fabric type, and accelerant tested were altered. This was created to determine whether clothing could provide valuable information for fire investigations, as limited evidence is found at these scenes.

Contact Mollie

The primary aim of the research was to determine the areas on firearms where fingermarks are more likely to be recovered. This information was then intended to inform or develop best practice when police officers come into contact with firearms on duty.

Contact Mauricio

An investigation into whether investigators can determine what weapon was used in an attack by looking at the blood spatter created. Four different weapons, a knife, brick, hammer, and a rounders bat were used on pork weighing 200g-250g with 10ml of pigs blood injected.

Contact Verity

Would you falsely confess to something you did not do? My project assessed whether gender and the presence of false evidence, affected confession rates.

Contact Jessica

Bacteria partake a crucial role in the process of decomposition. This research seeks to investigate the prospect of a link, between the progression of liver and heart decomposition and subsequent bacterial succession within soil of naturally varying pH values.

Contact Katie

The aim of this project was to determine whether the addition of alcohol, water, aspirin or paracetamol to blood would affect the physical properties of blood causing the angle of impact to be significantly altered, resulting in a change in the interpretation of such blood stain.

Contact Olivia

My project was a verification study into the effects that different temperatures, powder applicators and lifting materials have on the development of latent fingerprints.

Contact Rodgers

The aim of this research was to investigate the appearance and char depth of the resulting burn patterns on carpet samples after the ignition of an accelerant to look for individual characteristics that could aid in fire investigation.

Contact Jade

Caffeine is commonly consumed in a wide variety of beverages and other forms that can disrupt your natural blood glucose balance. Studies have shown that the consumption of caffeine may have acute effects on glucose metabolism. This research was to investigate the effects of caffeine on glucose metabolism.

Contact Temidayo

Corrosive chemicals of varying concentrations were mixed together with blood. Using the eye and a high-powered microscope the physical and cellular effects the corrosive chemicals had on the blood was identified. This was completed to establish if the effected blood can provide information about an acid attack.

Contact shivani

Standard cranks of 175mm are put on most bikes regardless of bike size. This study aimed to see if crank length affects cycling performance testing various physiological factors. Results showed no significant difference, however reduced hip angles allow flatter positions on the bike. This can help with cycling performance.

Contact Rebecca

Not guilty by reason of beauty? This project aimed to explore the impacts of defendant attractiveness and crime severity on perceptions of guilt and confidence in verdict choices.

Contact Kira

This study aimed to establish the effect of Kinesio tape applied to the dominant quadricep on isokinetic knee extension, flexibility and a single-leg jump. The presence of placebo effect was monitored to separate the significant physical and placebo effects of Kinesio tape.

Contact Rebecca

Studies have illustrated the implications and changes imposed in the immune system and elevated IgA levels due to stress, in consideration of the biochemical and physiological aspects of stress response. This research is to investigate the effect of stress on IgA levels.

Contact Concordia

The purpose of this research project was to determine how the use of stop and search powers within Staffordshire have influenced the levels of knife crime, using sanitised data provided by Staffordshire Police.

Contact Oliver

My project considered the psychological and sociological effects on spousal carers caring for someone with dementia. What effect did it have on their health and did they feel isolated if so how. How effect were activity groups like singing for the brain and Memory cafes

Contact Annette

This project for Staffordshire Police shows analysis into the current perceptions held surrounding police use of force during stop and searches, with recommendations into what can be done to maintain or improve these opinions.

Contact Jess

A PCSOs role differs from a police officer’s role. They hold different legal powers which are formatted to aid their jobs. The research was conducted to make the public aware of the role of a PCSO and to also gain an understanding of what perceptions the public already had.

Contact Alex

There are many different social inequalities that affect us all in different ways. As a developing country, many things have changed and evolved such as the way we use technology. Other aspects have also had an influence not only physically but also emotionally. All these factors shape our lives.

Contact Motibai

The potential changes of morphological features, appearance and dimensions of textile damage upon different fabrics, were observed after exposure to two water conditions. These features aid in the identification of damage type and thereby, any changes that occur can cause difficulties in identifying the damage type and potential weapon type.

Contact Kirstin

Knife crime is a nationally growing concern, of which there are many stereotypes - such as gender and race. The aim of this project was to explore the influence the media has on the public’s opinions, by exploring the accuracy of their reporting, which has been criticised in the past.

Contact Jordan

Using an experimental design, four sets of year 9 students were divided into two groups. The intervention group taking part in forum theatre workshop. The controlled group received a drama piece followed by world café discussion. Pre/post questionnaire were used to evaluate what method was effectiveness at educating young people.

Contact Danielle

Since Coercive Control became a criminal offence in 2015 very little research has been conducted surrounding the public's understanding of the offence. The research also examines the public's perception of the role of law enforcement and how this complex offence could impact the successful prosecution of offenders.

Contact Emma

By establishing a visitor profile and exploring the motivations of visitors to Manchester Christmas Markets, an understanding of how the event fits into Manchester's city brand was gained. The project investigated whether visitors were drawn to Manchester's city offer and image or the Christmas markets.

Contact Kelly

This project uses the top 6 and the bottom 6 sexual assault policies, 6 from UK universities and 6 from US universities, in order to find out what information is included in each one. It also uses research from The Hunting Ground documentary and newspaper articles to back up claims.

Contact Leilani

The aim of the research was to evaluate the use of the non-destructive method of alternate light sources (VSC) to estimate the firing distance of a shotgun at close range using gunshot residue. The shotgun was fired at skin and tissue simulants at distances between -1cm and 200cm.

Contact Lucy

Victim Satisfaction Surveys are given to victims to gather feedback on their experiences. Content analysis was conducted on Police Forces websites to obtain details about the surveys. Recommendations have been given to Staffordshire Police on ways they can improve their survey to influence a change on the force.

Contact Megan

Aedes aegypti will inevitably inhabit the outermost regions of the EU. Source reduction, bed nets and insecticide are unable to control this vector of arboviruses. To enhance current techniques and gain as much knowledge about larvae development and reproductive success this study looks at how nutrition affects these variables.

Contact Steve

If a perpetrator is wearing clothes that are perceived as being stereotypical of a criminal, will the weapon focus effect be reduced? This project investigated whether perpetrator clothing can influence the strength of the weapon focus effect.

Contact Chloe

In a world where technology is rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly a part of everyday life, it is important to inform parents/caregivers and other health professionals on the effects of screen-time good and bad. This study provides the co-constructed views of parent's and their children on the influences of screen-time.

Contact Annabel

There is much debate to the root causes of sex trafficking. Is it a demand driven enterprise or the lacklustre definitions of domestic policies? and, does sex work violate human rights?


This research poster uses megatrends already identified by Siemens and highlights which of these trends may be key drivers for change in Siemens strategy. Further research has highlighted additional megatrends. From this trend analysis 5-10 year scenarios were formed, based on the effect of slow or rapid digitalisation.

Contact richard

The purpose of this research was to investigate how online grooming is taught in secondary schools, to gain an insight into parent’s views on the education process. The research used interviews with staff members in schools. The research also used questionnaires, completed by parents whose children are in secondary school.

Contact Paige

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