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Is fear of crime a result of age, media, or an individuals attitude? The current project investigated the effect of age, media use and attitudes towards the Criminal Justice System on fear of crime.

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I investigated the effect of nature on children’s happiness and cognitive abilities. The children in the study were of primary school age which has largely been overlooked in similar studies. The results of my study showed a significant increase in happiness and a greater significant effect on cognitive abilities.

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Have you ever felt "Hangry"? Ever wondered why you feel agitated when you're hungry? Or have you ever felt happy and upbeat after intense exercise? This study investigates the effects of diet and exercise on individual mood and irritability scores.

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Colourism contributes to the hierarchical system of privilege and disadvantage in which various social outcomes such as employment and mental health are dependent on the hue of one’s skin. The study explores the understandings and experiences of colourism in relation to childhood, relationships and media qualitatively among eight black women.

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Previous research has examined how season-of-birth and biological sex impact those in compulsory education, finding that summer-born students and females have lower academic confidence and self-esteem. Since less research has explored these factors in undergraduate students, the present study may identify those most at-risk and disadvantaged at university.

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The current project investigated perceived stress levels in university students in relation to their personality traits (using the Big Five and the Dark Triad).

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Would you falsely confess to something you did not do? My project assessed whether gender and the presence of false evidence, affected confession rates.

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Not guilty by reason of beauty? This project aimed to explore the impacts of defendant attractiveness and crime severity on perceptions of guilt and confidence in verdict choices.

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If a perpetrator is wearing clothes that are perceived as being stereotypical of a criminal, will the weapon focus effect be reduced? This project investigated whether perpetrator clothing can influence the strength of the weapon focus effect.

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In a world where technology is rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly a part of everyday life, it is important to inform parents/caregivers and other health professionals on the effects of screen-time good and bad. This study provides the co-constructed views of parent's and their children on the influences of screen-time.

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