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This Documentary project started about my granddad’s life, illnesses and farm – it transformed into an insight on who my granddad is. This project shows my granddads life from a young boy to an 81-year-old man, including his childhood memories and his time in the National Service.


Contact Amy

I want to challenge the perception of flowers aging in my work, to show that beauty isn’t reserved for when the flower blooms. Using a colour palette of warm tones to give the feeling of life and deep dramatic lighting to emphasise the details in each petal, stem and leaf.


Contact Laura

My project is a pet photography calendar that will appeal to the future clients I hope to work with when I launch my pet photography business. Influenced by research I've done on anthropomorphism for past essays, the calendar presents a comical take on human concepts with fun, bold colour schemes.


Contact Hayley

A Plastic Paradise is a series of editorial photographs that explore Lush Cosmetic's packaging-free products. It sets out to inform and make my audience aware of the effects plastic waste is having on the environment.


Contact Laura

A Second Chance At Life is a photographic documentary project documenting my mums deterioration whist waiting for a liver transplant. I have documented the everyday struggles mum faces during the wait and how life has changed for me and my dad, as he is her full time carer.


Contact Polly

I have focused on, and developed an interest in, advertising/ product photography, exploring the use of shoes and handbags. The products I have used are Michael Kors handbags and shoes, as they are a product I endear myself, and the use of products from the brand of Vivienne Westwood.

Contact Niamh

Three stories were selected from the famous Aesop's Fables: The Eagle & The Arrow, The Hare & The Tortoise, and The Lion & The Mouse. Each fable has a different folded format, which has been purposely used to help convey the message of the story.


Contact Gerry

Based on a recent trip to Namibia, Africa, I have created a sophisticated wallpaper and fabric collection inspired by native flora and fauna encountered on my travels.


Contact Martha

Animo is a mental health app prototype designed to aid people with mental health issues. It is also an education tool to aid with learning about various conditions, as well as personal stories through a blog. Features an interface that is made for a modern generation.


Contact Josh

An expressive exploration of geometric forms, scale, abstract and textural shapes effusive with the perspicacity I felt whilst on a recent trip in New York City. My wall hanging was created using collage, papercuts, and screen printing techniques.


Contact Amanda Jane

My project explores architecture and understanding the meaning and purpose of a building.


Contact Stacio

This women’s fashion accessories collection combines hand-rendered and digital processes, including digitally printed silk scarves and rug tufted bag samples - a modern take on vintage carpet bags. Exploring magnified elements of butterfly wings, these large scale, abstract designs juxtapose a delicate, fragile subject matter.


Contact Sophie

This project is about photographing the Portuguese islands of the Azores. Represented through my images is the presence of humans and their visual impact on nature, without actually seeing a person in the photographs.


Contact Erika

A calendar dedicated to looking beyond the Movember month 'November' and spreading men's health awareness all year round. The illustrations for each month creatively include a moustache that links to a health date, or the season in a humorous way, to give a light-hearted approach towards such sensitive subject matter.


Contact Courtney

‘Concrete Jungle’ combines the beauty of nature against the structural forms of our man-made world. Beautifully hand painted birds of the tropics and flourishing fauna, delicately infused with a rainbow of technicolour grow and intertwine around bold sculptural patterns, producing a collection of designs suitable for high-end Women’s fashion.


Contact Georgia

A range of floral designs for homeware products inspired by natural forms, focusing on florals and foliage. Using CAD and stitch techniques to create my designs for products such as curtains and cushions. My inspiration for this project came from looking at designers such as Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley.

Contact Rachel

Inspired by personal research into my South Asian heritage, this project is a series of posters for a fictional exhibition of work by diaspora artists in Britain and how the mix of cultures influenced their work.


Contact Neelam

This serveware collection combines traditional methods of making with 3D technology. The different levels and positions of the dishes encourage interaction during dining. Variety of structures allow to rearrange all the vessels, making food sharing even more active. The pieces are produced out of porcelain and aluminium.


Contact Wiktoria

A collection of organic vessels showcasing a variety of glazes and surface qualities inspired by geological surfaces and structures. This project aims to explore and expand upon existing ceramic techniques to create new finishes. Through innovative new glazing techniques and pushing the material to extremes this collection has been created.


Contact Gabrielle

A tactile interior collection bursting with vibrant cut outs and large-scale shapes, inspired by the work of Henri Matisse. Focusing on bringing the living outdoors into interiors with fresh and contemporary prints. The collection includes a hand - tufted rug, digital wallpapers and cushions with elements of hand stitch.


Contact Annelise

Happy Accidents is a collection of hand printed wallpapers and fabrics for the home interior. Inspiration has been taken from wildlife and natural organic surroundings. There are elements of expressionism, and texture with discoveries of everyday life, an overload of lines, patterns, colour and composition formed by the environment

Contact Morgan

This project is all about empowering and uplifting my female models, I wanted to highlight the importance and power of friendship. Being able to capture the closeness and genuine love through the viewfinder was a beautiful experience for me.


Contact Lauren

‘Into the Abyss’ is a combination of luxurious interior wallpapers and delicately screen-printed silk scarves. The array of mysterious life that resides within the deep blue, inspires the collections refined tonal colour palette and fluid sophisticated designs.


Contact Esme

At age 13 I left hospital after being diagnosed with cancer, and found that in general the public seems to have a taboo and twisted sense of what cancer is. My project shows images from two hospitals (Liverpool, Manchester) reflecting a variety of realities of life with and after cancer.


Contact Jacqueline

This is my Granddad, Cliff. He recently got sick and had to move in with me and my family. This documentary project is to show the way he makes our home his own and the adaptions we make for him.


Contact Bronte

Linear City is a bold, hand printed and digital textile collection inspired by shapes found within urban spaces - road markings, grids, the stacking of glass and concrete against skylines. This contemporary collection explores layering up of lines and grids, the way cities are built up layer upon layer.


Contact Victoria

This project explores rave culture, specifically through the element of fashion. Each individual and I within this project represent our own interpretations of rave fashion. As being a part of this subculture I want to show other ravers inspiration for future outfits for their events.


Contact Naomi

A collection of stackable ceramics that has taken inspiration from the Memphis design group, in particular Ettore Sotsass. The collection allows you to apply new functions and roles to specific objects bringing new narratives into our everyday lives.


Contact Nicole

I am a music photographer who documents the energy and the atmosphere at live gigs and creates press photos behind the scenes as well. While photographing bands I aim to get ‘that shot’ to capture the most important moments within the first three songs.


Contact melissa

The life and times of the City of Wolverhampton captured on 35mm film. Although a familiar place to me I wanted to show it in a photographic light and to explore the diversity our city has from wealth variations through to the multi-cultural world we now live in.


Contact Nicholas

Nebulae is a outer-space themed, geometric display typeface. The overall design of the typeface is consistent, featuring both rounded and normal corners. It is of minimalist design, which makes it suitable for posters and/or book covers. Giving these mediums among others a sci-fi vibe.


Contact Michal

“Amble through the subdued streets, underneath a bustling neon metropolis passing dark doors. Stepping in reflections as the glow of the city illuminates navy nights” Translated through hand dyed paper cut collages and CAD, this Neo-noir inspired collection for fashion textiles combines futuristic cities with shady Tokyo streets.


Contact LILY

I worked with Devoch on my movie. The movie is about Charles Darwin going to China to find some dragons.


Contact Ivalou

Periods themselves are a taboo subject. I’ve challenged this idea whilst also drawing attention to the severity of period poverty through the image and text. Young girls are often missing out on education due to the lack of access to appropriate menstrual products, and sometimes resort to using unsuitable alternatives.


Contact Kiran

Persona is a reflection piece on my life. Within this photobook will be nods to what has made me discover and choose to become a photographer, also what creative influences have influenced my story and path.


Contact James

It is a project about Poland which I did to embrace my home country and to understand it more. I’ve tried to show the variety of places you can find as a tourist in the country, from traditional Polish to the stunning landscapes.


Contact Julia

This body of work consists exclusively of commercial still life photography, that has been produced in line with some professional workflows and developed through personal interests. These images were then progressed in response to feedback and advice given by industry professionals over the course of the year.


Contact Harriet

The enchanting floras entwine around geometric shadows, creating a revived feel from what was once, old world ways. This collection delves back in time gathering inspiration from French textile aesthetic and British steelwork. The delicate rich colours contrast against the silhouettes in this eloquent interior furnishing collection.

Contact Leanne

The Dangerous Dogs Act takes the lives of thousands of innocent dogs every year, purely based on their appearance. I've shown the scale of these deaths with large format images, whilst capturing the playful nature of our beloved pets in intimate illustrations and stop motion animations.


Contact Laura

RoBit is a wooden Art Toy styled to look like myself, he also comes apart so you can see what makes him (me!) tick. RoBit was created to send to prospective employers to break the ice. Each toy is cut out on the laser cutter and then assembled by hand.


Contact Robert

A collection of playful ceramic vessels inspired by visual perception and colour interaction. The focus of this project was to explore how raised pattern can travel across the surface of a form, encouraging interaction and creating pieces that are both visually and intellectually challenging.


Contact Jessie-May

My project represents a collection of five pendant lights made out from African Redwood, decorated with marquetry and aluminium wire inlay. I was inspired by Scandinavian and Eco styles. Laser technology is the key method of making which helped me to jump on higher levels of details and quality.


Contact Erika

This project is a way for me to highlight my retouching skills and how I enhance the model's beauty and clothing in post-production.


Contact Robyn

A playful narrative inspired by Alice in Wonderland themes of mischievous kittens hosting an extravagant tea and cake soiree! Soft pastel tones of the spring season mixed with illustrative qualities, textural mark making and sprinkles of gold metallic. Create a sense of kitschy chic with a pinch whimsy.


Contact Eva

Space Race is a unique, screen-printed children’s interior collection. Prints are applied to duvets, curtains, and accessories, to create the perfect playground for budding space adventurers. Harriet has explored the 1960’s and 1970’s fascination with space travel, incorporating ray guns and vintage tin toys, alongside pinball machines and space comics.


Contact Harriet

My project is about exploring the family portrait. Focusing on studio and location work as the studio portrait is what everyone wants in their home but the landscape shows a more spontaneous approach. I am showing the family in a way that could go on a wall at home.


Contact Samantha

The Anatomical Female is an illustrated medical journal, exploring the female anatomy in all its glory. Due to medical illustration throughout history predominately focusing on the male anatomy, The Anatomical Female points out why this has hindered medical science for females, even in modern day society.


Contact Evie

My project is a physically constructed still life of actual photographs and other objects that are not digitally manipulated. It is photographed as a strange forest to create illusion and intrigue and to prompt the viewer into questioning further into what they are actually looking at.


Contact Joanne

A photo documentary about Morecambe. A once popular seaside resort town, it has suffered from under investment over resent years. The work reflects on Morecambe’s current situation and ends with a view of the natural beauty that Morecambe looks out on, which still draws in many visitors.


Contact Caitlin

My true photographic love is that of the natural world. It has qualities that human beings cannot even begin to create. This project has pushed my artistic abilities to their maximum in my goal to capture the beauty of these tiny insects.


Contact Helen

The Student Travel Guide showcases 10 reasons why students should visit either Amsterdam, New York or Barcelona even whilst being restricted to a budget.


Contact Sarah

This luxurious interior furnishing collection is inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement and artists such as William Morris and John Ruskin. The wild British florals are painted using gouache, entwined with hand-drawn decorative architectural features using a romantic colour palette, further developed into repeat and placement prints.


Contact Jillian

A collection of zines based on style tribes, expressed through; type, paper stock, image and layout. Each zine having the same title but the type being treated in relation to the fashion tribe.


Contact Chauncey

Looking at the deterioration and decay of old abandoned buildings, and translating both their stories and characters into intriguing and encapsulating wearable and sculptural forms. Paying particular interest to the intriguing elements that encourage the viewer to want to know more about the pieces.


Contact alexandra

A series of fashion portraits which explores the relevance of the suit in modern society and how it has transformed from purely masculine attire to a symbol of power and confidence. The project aims to empower women in all industries and remind them of the importance of their voices.


Contact Lucy

Wonders of Nature is an interior led collection inspired by the picturesque countryside of Cannock Chase. Explore the tantalising enriched realism of British mother nature in all her wonders. Let it draw you in deep within the blossoming forest floor of springs delight.


Contact Leah

The purpose of Yo Go Girl is to encourage young women to benefit from the physical and mental aspects of yoga, wherever and whenever they want. The pose chart allows them to take control of their routine, while the animations act as a support and guide.


Contact Chloe

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