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Design and testing of an active front wing for an open wheel race car. The project aims to improve airflow around the front of the car whilst travelling on a straight course, and aid in braking, by creating more drag as the driver approaches a corner.

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Have you ever had to sit though boring training videos and quizzes when starting a new job? What if, with VR and Gamification, we can increase the engagement and enjoyment of workplace training?

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A real-world customer inspired automation problem solved using programmable logic controllers and a HDMI interface! A system developed to identify a decorative natural textured brick face against a cast/saw production finish. Enabling prediction of the bricks orientation to allow for aesthetically pleasing palletized stacking patterns further down the production line.

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This software will allow any technician to modify interface configurations for routers and switches from Cisco, Juniper and Brocade over the network. The software's design will bring a familiar interface for all devices. Uses a central SQL database to store required login information to be used by all users.

Contact Robert

The general-purpose trailer has remained the same for decades and, when not in use, they are left outside to corrode and take up valuable space. The aim of this project is to innovate the design so that it provides the user with a valuable service whilst in storage.

Contact Nathan

Designed for a small motorcycle/sidecar, hearses hire company. The aim of the MIS is to help the company with the flow of their relevant information. It is made up of several internal systems, these are: booking, quoting, stock, maintenance, reporting and personnel.

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What if file storage could be cheaper and more secure? PeerSplit aims to achieve this by using a distributed network of mobile devices to store chunks of data. PeerSplit removes the need for large storage servers whilst reducing the risk of data being breached.

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Improving communication and organisation between schools and parents. The combination of flexible automated processes, quick view dashboards, document sharing, and more within a secure system provides staff and parents a clear overview of everything they need right when they need it.

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An AI that changes and adapts Flora to adjust and changes to environmental parameters such as the sun azimuth, altitude and emitted photon wavelengths, to survive in the given environment. Each plant goes through several generations, trading genetic information between successful parents to result in the most optimal plants.

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A genetic algorithm to design and improve paper aeroplanes

Contact Peter

In 2017, 76% of all goods were transported by HGV's. The aerodynamics will be improved by modelling and testing multiple aerodynamic features, followed by combining the features onto an optimum model. The effectiveness of each feature will be recorded by calculating the reduction in the coefficient of drag.

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Can Web and Smart Home technologies give parents a new way to engage their child in reading? An immersive, interactive reader, taking your child's favourite reads out of the book and into the room.

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What would the world look like if internet enabled devices in a home could be accessible through a website? New Microcontroller technology coupled with sensors are set to make life easier through wireless communication protocols, data logging and SMS alerts.

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Investigation of computing applications in the gym environment. The artefact resulted in a database system concept that would potentially serve as the back-end of multiple services, to cover the technological gap that relates to the 'Gym' (and by expansion and inclusion of the 'Health' and 'Fitness') environments.

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This project is on the development of aerospace components for the LEAP 1C engine. The parts, which are stiffening bands, have been manufactured from the initial stages through to completion. Various Fixtures and tooling have been produced to aid in the manufacture of the products.

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This prototype is a Chrome Add-ons Unique password Generator wallet that generates a password hash using a master key and the URL being visited by the user, this method fights URL spoofing and generates strong and unique passwords for every website, without the worry of a password being stored.

Contact Elliott

My project was to create an application which allows the users to create an account and search a database full of games, then they can then add into their collection to track what game they own.

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A research-based project into the importance of efficient Threat Intelligence within a business, including the importance of automation. This project created generic frameworks for Threat Intelligence and Actionable Responses to Threat, alongside a case study of an Industry Standard Threat Tool and a Proof of Concept Input/Ouptut Tool.

Contact Charlotte

This is an electronic concept of the white cane that uses sensors to aid with automatic object recognition straight ahead, to the left and to the right relative to the position the stick is held in. l used an aluminium tube, a microcontroller, three sensors, and 3d printed mounting plates.

Contact Sean

Mobile phone based VR headsets are a relatively cheap way of experiencing VR. This project uses the mobile phone's camera to track hand movements, so the player can use their hands to interact naturally with the virtual world without needing to buy additional hardware.

Contact Bea

My project is about controlling a robotic vehicle with some method of gesture control with a GUI for the user. The Myo Armband was used as the gesture device. The idea behind this project is that gesture control could be used to manoeuvre bomb disposal robots for the military.

Contact James

The effect of carbon blacking on the fluidity and integrity of A356 Aluminium, within a sand casting foundry. An analysis and investigation of the optimum carbon coating quantity to be used including other alternative refractory coatings.

Contact James

This 3D print head attaches to any 5-axis machine tool to make it the most sophisticated, largest and most versatile 3D printer available. It is capable of printing on any 3-dimensional surface using ABS or PLA filament and is programed using CAD/CAM software.

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Spitfires were made iconic through their pivotal role during world war two. However, did you know some had clipped wings? Using modern techniques, the aerodynamic performance of both the clipped and more iconic elliptical variants of the wing were analysed; determining the design choices made at the time.

Contact John

A content management system to enable the Bright Dairy company to manage the content information, dairy products and user information, which allows publishing of articles, editing and deleting information.

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This project covers a forensic investigation into anti-forensic tools and techniques, showing a variety of techniques used to obscure the forensic procedure and which were successful and which tools created problems. (A few techniques are Encryption, Cryptography, Geo-data manipulation. Forensic programs used are EnCase & Autopsy with X-ways theoretical)

Contact James

A virtual assistant application designed to provide helpful utilities and services to gaming groups and inidividuals, accessible via a popular instant messaging and voice-over-IP platform.

Contact Matthew

It can take managers a long time to select students to interview and many don't have time to search. A system to recommend possible matches through a keywords search gives them a broader range of candidates to choose from, allowing for a more thorough search and potentially a better fit.

Contact Francesca

A prototype rendering system for indirect lighting in dynamic scenes with the aim of increasing realism in games without sacrificing performance. Written in C++ and HLSL using the DirectX 11 API.

Contact Mike

Deal Finder is a web service that allows users to find, vote on, add, and get directions to deals currently on in their area. Clean and familiar user interface helps to find desired deals quicker.

Contact Milosz

The project will consist of the review and analysis of a few free password cracking tools which are available online for download. Taking the results from the analysis to aid in the creation of a simple password cracking prototype fit for live forensic investigations.

Contact Joseph

What does a study into intake design mean? Studying the flows inside the intake, in this case the airbox on a Formula 1 sidecar. The principle is to understand and improve the flow within the intake with the expectation of increasing engine performance.

Contact Jacob

Chinese chipsets in smartphones are becoming increasingly common, but due to their lack of documentation and support, it can be difficult to perform a forensic extraction on them. This program performs a data extraction from a Chinese chipset and a comparison is made to extractions from industry standard tools.

Contact Laura

This project is a web forum that can be utilised by those who would like to send content over the forum using collaboration. Users can choose a topic from the selection, choose a thread related to the topic and create discussions related to the thread.

Contact Arundeep

Studies were based around the aerodynamic design for Staffordshire University's formula student space framed vehicle. Using computer aided design and computational fluid dynamic software, designs have been produced and analysed to generate downforce for the front end, whilst trying to keep drag at a minimal.

Contact Declan

The project is about the aerodynamic performance of a blended wing body. It looks into the lift produced at different angles of attack and the amount of lift produced when the aircraft is at 0 degrees angle of attack but the speed is being changed.

Contact Byron

Model..Simulate...Print...Test...Evaluate?! By examining aerofoil structures and manipulating them for the best flight conditions, this project combines a various amount of engineering skills. Starting off with the basic CAD modelling, this project also incorporates features of three dimensional printing alongside subsonic wind tunnel testing.

Contact Mohammed

The project outlines stability technology, which leads to the creation and testing of one such technology the gyroscope. With a step by step of the design of a gyroscope, followed by the experiments performed. concluding with a brief description of current applications and future applications.

Contact Ravi

As mobile games become bigger, gaming consoles become portable and major games companies announce game projects for portable devices; is portable gaming the way forward? This project will investigate the data packet side of a networked connection to see what makes them possible for portable devices.

Contact Ben

In multiplayer games, there are many issues with running a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. One of the key issues is the volume of data being sent between the clients and server. This project will consider how to use interest management to reduce data volume.


Contact Ryan

This project explores reinforcement learning to teach a machine how to play Blackjack. The overall goal of this is to get the machine to agree with Basic Strategy and hopefully play as well as a human player would given the same scenarios.

Contact Liam

The main interest of this project is to evaluate which monitoring systems will be most effective for monitoring certain networks that will be a combination of, virtual infrastructures, core networking equipment and storage equipment.

Contact Adam

This project is an investigation into the forensic integrity of drone gathered data. It will highlight the factors and standards in which the data is assessed against to be considered forensically sound.

Contact Daniel

Aeroponic technology is one method that is being utilized within Urban & High-Tech Agriculture due to its extremely low resource demand, high quality of yield and quicker growth cycles.  Machine Learning coupled with Aeroponic Technology can potentially optimize resource consumption while increasing crop yield and turnover.

Contact Mark

A web-based appointment booking system services which is designed to be adoptable for most businesses. Customers will be able to scan a QR code to query for a listing of open appointment slots and reserve one.

Contact Antony

An automated system which guides vehicles entering a car park to empty slots as well as tracking the location of the vehicle as it moves through the system. The system can be adapted to work in other scenarios for instance aircraft to gate guidance at an airport.

Contact Hasan

With a growing global population, currently 7.6 billion, how we provide food for increasing urban populations is an ever-growing issue. Through the automation of a hydroponics systems, a study into the water and space saving benefits of this agricultural technique is explored, making urban farming more feasible.

Contact Samuel

As the human mind evolves, so do its creations. Artificial intelligence possibilities today have far outreached what any one of us had imagined. In this project AI is applied on a prototype of stair climbing robot to do mapping, navigation and path planning.


My Project was to upgrade an inspection fixture for checking Avon Nozzles, after repair and overhaul. The Nozzle is the exhaust part of an Avon Combustion liner, there are 8 of these in the Avon Industrial Gas Turbine engines. These are used to pump oil and gas around the world.

Contact Mark

This project is a demonstration of AI systems designed for stochastic, perfect information games, implemented into Backgammon.

Contact James

The design, production and test of an aluminium baffled sump for the Formula student single seater race car.

Contact Jack

This project identifies concepts within ballistics physics, identifies which concepts can be applied in a computer game setting and determines the feasibility of their application in a solution developed using DirectX C++ utilising component-based principles.

Contact Ryan

Reinforced cement in the UK, usually uses steel rebar for reinforcement. This project proposes to research and develop a natural composite material using cement reinforced with bamboo to test its viability in comparison to the UK's standardly used materials.

Contact Nauris

An investigation into how effective anti-forensic techniques used to conceal data in a storage device on Windows machines are at hiding data from a forensic investigator using tools and techniques that would allow their findings to be used as evidence in court

Contact Sam

This project is analysing existing aircraft flaps, which are going to be used to improve the efficiency, in-terms of lift and drag, by using a combination of these flaps.

Contact Michael

Critical speed is the angular velocity that excites the natural frequency of rotating objects. This test rig provides engineers the opportunity to validate the calculations used to predict critical speed through practical investigation. The rig includes methods of varying operating conditions and telemetry for condition monitoring for complete analysis.

Contact Ashley

A database query generator enabling users to query a database of their choice. This piece of software allows users to display, insert, edit and delete database data securely, accurately and simply. Data exportation via .csv files and printing functionality is included. Queries are documented appropriately via audit and error logs.

Contact Ben

To design and develop a drivetrain system on a formula student race car based on performance expectations to optimise reliability and performance.

Contact Scott

This project contains an analysis of the Business Requirements for a case study business, Travelodge, and the respective design of an RFID Access Control system for the Hospitality Industry. This artifact combines aspects of both Commercial Application programming and Hardware Interfacing, using the Advanced Card Systems SDK.

Contact Samuel

Designing a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT), which establishes and maintains this point thus extracting the maximum power from the solar source • Analyse Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithms • Investigate most promising MPPT algorithm by simulation • Design and implement a solar MPPT • Evaluate performance of the system by experimentation

Contact Marcin

This project aims to develop a lightweight mobile forensic tool focusing on Android Operating System for the purpose of extracting images and messages from a system.

Contact James

My project is about how to prepare a formula student driver for the 2018 Formula student event at Silverstone. The project explains what prepares a racing driver for an event. A test was carried out with a formula student driver, to prove what a difference preparing a racing driver makes.

Contact Nicola

My project is based on an energy audit of a sixth form college, which is based on analysing the energy consumption and examining areas of improvement which will save energy and money for the college. Also looking at historical energy consumption and proposing a renewable energy alternative.

Contact Osama

Are you an adventurous person who likes risk sports? This can help you to make your life more comfortable. This mechanism enables you to load all your equipment on the roof of your vehicle. Functionality and aesthetics will be the main objectives while loading objects onto vehicle's roof more efficiently.

Contact Jesús

This project is to help explain the differences between the Formula 1 seasons of 2016 and 2017. There were big rules changes between the two seasons which lead to much faster lap times. The different areas of the two seasons cars are looked at to see the differences.

Contact Oliver

The Flight Mechanical Suit (FMS) is a lower limbed powered exoskeleton with a wing back assembly. The Exoskeleton acts as a fuselage with the wing allowing for horizontal flight. The FMS achieves flight with 6 micro turbine engines producing enough thrust for a vertical take-off, hovering and landing.

Contact Iain

GameSmash is a game rating website, utilising the ELO rating system. Users will be presented with two games from a chosen genre, and will choose one of them. This process will repeat until all games in a genre have been presented. Users can then view a leaderboard to see ratings.

Contact Benjamin

The gamma detection table - 1 contributes to public safety and stops the threat of radiation dispersal devices (dirty bombs) being detonated. This lightweight, simple and easy-to-use system will detect threats outside busy public areas preventing serious harm to life and contamination of occupied areas.

Contact Gemma

How wind turbines generate electricity? This project evaluates wind turbines with considering the optimum number of blades, their aerodynamic aspects and the factors that could improve their efficiency. It details the stages of using Qblade software to design a horizontal axis wind turbine with three blades.

Contact Abdul Aziz

Real-time embedded server that continuously manages hardware such as lighting, temperature and security. PC client that can connect to the server to remotely manage HomeOS features.

Contact Ryan

Have you ever forgotten where you placed something? Want to keep a track of where something has been moved throughout the day? This project looks at using Computer Vision techniques to track Humans and Objects within an environment.

Contact Sam

A concept of a self-sustaining (stand-alone) lighting system that takes advantage of the sun's light, to light a insufficient lit room during the day by collecting and directing the light through fibre cables, and energy, stored for the night to power LED lights and other components.

Contact William

Solar energy could prove to be a solution to an ever growing energy concern. This project looks at the Organic Solar Cells (OSC) and low band gap polymers that are used in OSCs, specifically the donor:acceptor polymer, PBDTTT-EFT:PC71BM and how thermally annealing it affects its efficiency and conductive properties.

Contact Alan

Computer networks are ever growing on an exponential scale, now more than ever engineer headcount needs to be detached from device count. This project has researched and implemented network automation to speed up the tasks network engineers undertake, reduce network downtime and improve the reliability and performance of networks.

Contact Jonathan

An automation framework for the development of software defined tasks aimed towards the management and monitoring of network devices and servers.

Contact Matthew

To test the effects of aerodynamic modification, attempt to improve downforce and reduce drag, and determine what these results mean in a real-world application.

Contact Karl

The purpose of this project is to effectively improve the communication within businesses and teams. The reason behind the research and the solution is due to personal experience while working in the industry. This came about when there were multiple problems involving communication issues between departments.

Contact Harry

Investigate and implement the speed regulation of an alternating current motor (AC) and direct current motor. A practical test will be carried out to prove the theory and to test motor performance.  PLECS software will be used to optimize the control speed of both AC and DC Motors.

Contact Kwasi

Due to evolving stringent emission restrictions being applied to the current automotive industry, technologies that could help improve energy efficiency or reduce emissions are being investigated and developed. The investigation comprises identifying and comparing the key differences against conventional SI and CI engines.

Contact Jonathan

This is a project investigating the possibility of power banks or portable chargers powered by a super-capacitor to utilise the fast charging characteristics of a super-capacitor to charge small devices like mobile phones from the power-bank circuit that will be made as apart of the project

Contact Tijoy

An investigation into the turbulent flow coming off the joining region of an aileron where it meets the main wing of the aircraft to analyse the amounts of induced drag created at different degrees of deflection.

Contact James

Use Six Sigma techniques to reduce the number of defects and improve an existing manufacturing process for an Industrial Gas Turbine Stator Heat Shield and to capture this work to create a standard operating procedure for process improvements within the engineering department.

Contact Sam

An application which attempts to simulate the behaviour of a microcontroller unit, and allow development and testing of programs targeted for embedded systems without requiring the hardware to be available, in order to decrease time to market for developing new embedded computing products.

Contact Jordan

Light aircraft, such as the Cessna 172, aren’t equipped with a flight data recorder as it is too costly and heavy for the aircraft. Therefore, by using the technical features of their smartphone, pilots would be allowed to place their devices within the cockpit, to record flight data through an app.

Contact Meran

A multi-client media display system built on the Java Enterprise platform. Intended for use at public events, it is capable of displaying images, slideshows and video media. This project makes use of video streaming technologies to deliver bandwidth efficient media content.

Contact Daniel

In investigation into networking solutions for the Sega Mega Drive. This project looks into the feasibility of creating a networking standard and hardware solutions for a an aging but much loved games console from the golden era of video games.

Contact Christopher

A performance advantage within a motorsport environment can be the difference between winning and losing. Maximising the performance of the engine is fundamental for any race car’s success. Optimisation of the Formula Staffs engine within a virtual domain has reduced development time and costs, whilst meeting strict competition regulations.

Contact Christian

Performance of engineering components relies on a combination of material characteristics, geometry and manufacturing processes. The last four decades have seen an increase in advanced composite materials with multi-disciplinary applications. This project investigates the performance of a CFR-PEEK Biomedical Implant by means of mechanical testing complemented by computerised FEA.

Contact Steven

Drones are used by many people to record and snap photographs using their aerial advantage, however human error causes unstable and imperfect recordings. This project involves using Bluetooth tracking to enable the drone to autonomously follow and record without the fault of human control; creating crisp, clean footage.

Contact Christopher

Personalised recipe website allows users to search and filter through thousands of recipes provided by yummly api. Retrieved recipes can be stored, edited and published on a public page amongst all the other recipes that have been published. It was made using Firebase, JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5.

Contact Ignas

Using Machine learning Markov Chain Text Generation method to automate text generation for phishing testing purposes and to test its efficiency

Contact Sachin

A portable digital evidence extractor created from a Raspberry Pi. Intended for searching removable storage devices (such as USBs) for specific files and copying any found files onto another storage device for further investigation.

Contact Jake

As the use of procedural content generation becomes more popular in the games industry, I explore some of the techniques used to generate dungeon structures in video games.

Contact Ashley

This is a hand-crafted amplifier from an online schematic of a 15-25 WATT per Channel high fidelity stereo amplifier. providing true analogue audio replication using high quality valve amplifiers. Ensuring the best possible audio replication without the compromise of digital degradation of the audio signal.

Contact Matthew

This project explores the idea of an adaptive enemy A.I. that uses player modelling to identify the player's patterns and uses that information to swap to an appropriate enemy A.I. profile in response.

Contact Matthew Luke

Most destructible objects in video games are pre-fragmented which result in almost no variation in the fragmented object. This project is an attempt at producing a dynamic, real-time solution for fragmenting objects and explores the issues surrounding this area.

Contact Kieran

Within today’s society, people visit restaurants on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. As technology becomes more advanced, the restaurant industry looks to take advantage. This project is a real-time restaurant application with automated stock management. The project was developed using the industry’s leading technologies: Android studio, Node.js, MongoDB.

Contact Dana

For the past few decades, there have been significant efforts to accomplish hands- free control of technologies. This project attempts to use voice command as the primary source of communication to control and manoeuvres a robot using Arduino microcontroller.

Contact Sujeethan

This project recognises emotions from facial expressions using Microsoft's Kinect and Artificial Neural Networks. These emotions are applied in a video game created in Unity, in order to make it more immersive.

Contact Zakaria

VR is becoming increasingly popular but there are problems. I explored the solutions to try to combat one of those problems; namely motion sickness.

Contact Callum

A prototype shader that can give any object fur by utilising a geometry shader to generate additional geometry.

Contact Sam W

Older vehicles are generally getting scrapped for more modern vehicles with more performance. The project was aimed at improving older vehicles' performance by retrofitting forced induction, showing the processes involved and the final outcome, discussing if this was successful or not.

Contact Daniel

To create an application that can read RFID tags and mimic them using a phones in-built NFC.

Contact Jason

This Project features the design and development of a Rolls-Royce heatshield component as it is commissioned on a CNC Electrical Discharge Machine. The project includes tooling design, production process development and CNC program design and development. The whole project must comply with company quality and international standards.

Contact Mark

Expanding the generic static day/night cycle used within video games to feature the seasonal changes experienced at different times of the year, using advanced graphical techniques using HLSL shaders on the graphics card.

Contact Joshua

This project investigates the process of machine learning and if it can be effective at detecting intrusions such as DDoS. The dataset 'KDD' is used as a data example which is trained and tested using machine learning tools such as RapidMiner, Python and visualised using Tensorflow.

Contact Joshua

Research into current rules and regulations on pilot fatigue levels. Testing the effects of fatigue on pilots using a flight simulator and comparing results against non-fatigued pilots. Designing a new fatigue detection system to warn pilots.

Contact Gareth

This project creates a common internal combustion engine in Ricardo WAVE and runs it on a fuel that consists of a blend of hydrogen and petrol to compare the results to a generic petrol engine and other alternative fuel types.

Contact Angus

The aim of this project is to design and implement a control system for smart building. This system controls the heating and lights automatically reducing energy wastage, saving the environment and cutting down the utility bills. Auto-Away feature can use sensors to turn home appliances off when nobody is home.

Contact Seifeldin

Design and manufacture a tool to make it easier and safer to lift and support a vehicle off the ground whilst working on it. The previous process was to use axle stands, but I felt that this was not the safest or easiet possible method.

Contact Ed

This is an Android application that measures your basketball statistics while you play a game, it records statistics such as your heart rate, speed, number of sprints, BMI and distance travelled. These statistics are then displayed back to you so you can record your progress.

Contact Arjun

Generating a terrain using satellite data gathered from missions such as SRTM and ASTER, while using techniques like Tessellation and Frustrum Culling to keep high frame rate.

Contact Liam

The conceptual design of a supersonic, long-range business jet describes conditions and phenomena occurring above Mach 1.0., but also the difference between subsonic regime and aircraft conceptual design made in PTC Creo. Indeed, technological progress since the era of Concorde allows us to think about re-designing a new supersonic passenger aircraft.

Contact Lukasz

My project is based on the effects that aerodynamics has to a standard road car. A model of a road car was tested within a wind tunnel software then additional aerodynamic body work was applied to see what happened to the coefficient of drag.

Contact Jordan

Heavy duty diesel engines are used all over the world, in construction and mining. This project uses CFD to create a performance envelope for extremes of ambient conditions.

Contact Daniel

Inspection Systems specialise in glass inspection and machine vision. Their Thickness Gauge system measures the thickness of float glass with an optical sensor which is calibrated manually. This project is a comprehensive tool to calibrate the sensor with useful features, reducing time required to calibrate and produce more accurate results.

Contact Dominic

The TrainTracker is Android Application that allow users to be alerted at a distance before arriving at their chosen railway station. This application will effectively alert passengers with a series of notifications based on their smartphone location which is useful for passengers who tend miss their destinations on railways.

Contact Kohgulan

A university car parking mobile application which shows individual parking spaces in real-time. The parking spaces are highlighted green if available or red if taken. The user can select different car parks using the campus maps and also navigate to the chosen car park.

Contact Ravinder

Current IC engines used in vehicles transportation are old-fashioned. Microturbines combine recent and simple design which allows them to be more powerful and reliable as well as using almost any kind of fuel (liquid & gas state fuels) such as natural gas, being capable of using Hydrogen in further developments

Contact Alvaro

The project is a mobile game that utilises the Near Field Communication capabilities of modern smartphones. It heavily encourages in real life communication which has proven to be a successful method of increasing the player base of mobile games.

Contact Joshua

An application that uses Augmented Reality to gain information about Cafes, Restaurants and other venues, by simply pointing your phone at them. Get information quickly, read reviews and share with your friends, before making plans to visit. Find places you would otherwise overlook and try something new with Venue AR.

Contact Oliver

Visual Character Identification is based on LabVIEW. The program scans texts from an image outputting as a voice message.  Visual Character Identification is a project based on helping people with visual problems or disability which will help them to interact with any written based information as a fully visual person.

Contact Rupen Sampang

Safety and efficiency are at the root of an effective team. The Voltage Data Logger takes care of that by removing human interaction when measuring voltages, and by recording real-time data into its own dedicated Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Includes multiple channel reading and relay control to adapt to any needs.

Contact Ciprian

The project being presented is a simulation of a robot that aims at finding its target object in a warehouse environment and move towards it.

Contact Moren

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