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A 2D Game engine written in C++ and OpenGL using SDL. Featuring a Top down Dungeon crawling game as a Tech demo.

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Aerodynamic Investigation of a wing without winglet versus five wings with different winglets. The result shows that a wing with winglets has a better aerodynamic performance than a wing without winglets. Airbus A380plus split winglet showed better performance at 0-degree alpha.

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Avalyse - the smart-device application which has been specified as part of this project - aims to increase levels of objectivity in post-flight debriefing; which currently relies heavily upon subjective feedback, often provided by a QFI. Furthermore, the app's EMS function addresses the absence of emergency-recording capabilities in smaller-scale aircraft.

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A cost-effective flight training device, using a flight simulator this project will monitor and assist the pilot during the flight, score and review the flight to improve future attempts. Training pilots from the safety of the ground and eliminating the need for flight instructors.

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A system to reduce helicopter pilot delay in an emergency situation with an aim to preserve life using additional equipment and software.

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A look at implementing different AI techniques to see if it's possible to allow Equilibrium between several species in a simulated Eco-System.

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This project uses machine learning techniques to classify the musical genre of audio files. Here the subjectivity of human perception being used for this purpose is addresses, with the intent on decreasing this subjectivity through an automated system.

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Looking at redeveloping the way in which a particular commercial airliner is controlled in the vertical axis. Also, this project covers the idea of exploiting the use of SMART materials within the Aviation industry, and the potential that these materials have within an ever-growing industry.

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My project was to investigate the feasibility of constructing a modular hardware and software framework for the control of a hydroponic growing environment allowing for easy integration of new components and functionality per the replacement of failed components

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This project mainly provides a device that switches the street lamps on detecting movement of vehicles or people based on microcontroller and electronic sensors. When the system detects the motion of any objects, the lights can be automatically turned on, otherwise they stay off. year project/smart street light

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A tactical turn based battle-royale board game featuring online matchmaking and live simultaneous turns built using modern web technologies to compete with console games.

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To see how 3D printing can replace parts on an R/C Aircraft to enhance the strength and efficiency the Main focus was to concentrate on the design and structure of a wing - with strength and weight testing. Also lastly to see how components can be inspired by ‘Biomimicry'.

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A project showcasing a prototype software solution using artificial intelligence (AI) to perform sentiment analysis on Twitter data to understand the emotions behind tweets surrounding fire safety and the fire service so that fire prevention work can be more focused and precise.

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The purpose of this project is to use Web Technologies to help with day to day financing, by creating an easy to use application to track monthly outgoings including all subscription services giving a visual representation each month of how much spare cash the user has from their paycheck.

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Framework used vue.js which has been made responsive to different kinds of platforms. The back-end used firebase and some related API which can access the google account. At the same time, it supports PWA but still some functions can not be accessed, such as upload image.

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Do you use wireless mice or keyboards with your computer? If so how safe is all your data? Serious data security risks found when using vulnerable wireless devices, such as keyboards and mice. A hack can be performed from 100 meters away, undetected in milliseconds.

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This project intends to find a simple solution to wireless tracking and enable its use within IoT devices and architecture without the need for specialised hardware, allowing the creation of IOT devices capable of tracking the connected user and reacting to their location in specific ways.

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