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A 2D Game engine written in C++ and OpenGL using SDL. Featuring a Top down Dungeon crawling game as a Tech demo.

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My Project is a Robotic Arm. The Arm has been 3D Printed at home on my own printer. The 9 g servo motors inside the Arm are controlled by an Arduino Uno. The Arm will demonstrate lifting a cube from one position to another inside its field of movement.

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The Driver Assistance System Prototype is a road safety-enhancing solution with an intuitive interface that keeps drivers alerted to constantly-changing road variables under a wide array of conditions to make their journey as safe as possible. The main functionalities include Collision Detection, License Plate Recognition, Driver Monitoring, and Vehicle Tracking.

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An Android mobile device messaging and data transfer application for WIFI Direct enabled devices, aimed at remote workers where the conventional mobile network is nonexistent. Included is a remote server for continued use of the application where clients are not within WIFI Direct range, enabling continued collaboration on projects.

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A Progressive Web Application for helping prospective dog owners choose the right breed to suit their lives and find local re-homing shelters with dogs. The application also provides current dog owners with relevant information to help support and guide them through the dogs life.

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As concerns for the environment are increasing, Motorsport competitions are facing huge pressure to evolve and reduce their effect on the environment. This project shows alternative propulsion systems that the Formula Ford competition cars can adopt. These systems can reduce emissions whilst maintaining vehicle performance.

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Aerodynamic Investigation of a wing without winglet versus five wings with different winglets. The result shows that a wing with winglets has a better aerodynamic performance than a wing without winglets. Airbus A380plus split winglet showed better performance at 0-degree alpha.

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The increment of using fossil fuels for generating energy is continuous. However, petroleum companies want to fulfil this demand by enhancing oil and gas from reservoirs more efficiently, economically and environmentally friendly. With consideration of storing CO2 to achieve at least the 2DS scenario of Paris agreement by 2050.

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An automated device aimed at aiding in the growing of vegetables from seeds to shoots with minimal human input, utilising a microprocessor based systems with analogue and digital inputs and outputs running from a mains input supply.

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Bytronic Industrial Control Trainer is a miniature production line which is designed to sort the components, assemble them, inspect the components and reject the incomplete set. The objective of the project is to develop an effective, robust control system using LabVIEW to meet the system requirements.

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Avalyse - the smart-device application which has been specified as part of this project - aims to increase levels of objectivity in post-flight debriefing; which currently relies heavily upon subjective feedback, often provided by a QFI. Furthermore, the app's EMS function addresses the absence of emergency-recording capabilities in smaller-scale aircraft.

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Burst TV is an new live streaming platform. Unlike other platforms out currently, it offers stream overlay/notification on top of the platform to stream to. The stream notifications are fully customisable by the user allowing for custom messages, colours , font styles and images.

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The aim of this project is to investigate the performance of a Boeing 737 fitted with a delta wing planform instead of the conventional swept back planform and to explore its potential in the industry.

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Designing the intake system for a formula student vehicle using CAD, CFD, FEA and mathematical theories such as cylinder wave charging methods to optimise the intake. The design must be in compliance with competition rules influencing the design and be manufactured using a given budget.

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The aim is to design a diamond formed grinding wheel to machine a feature in an industrial gas turbine blade, this will be a bespoke design as it is a unique feature to machine. Back ground/research into wheels will be carried out.

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Caterpillar Shrewsbury require a new power take off (PTO) gearbox design to drive a hydraulic pump from an existing transmission. This project will explore the key design phases necessary in the creation of a power take off gearbox.

Contact Oliver

This project is an exploration of ECS in Unity Evolving from the work done in my FYP, taking a different direction and fleshing the game out.

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The project studied in this FYP is based on the development of an Aerodynamic System of a rear spoiler that allows two split surfaces moving independently. Also, the test's aim is to verify the Feasibility of Active features on budget cars e.g Fiat 124, Mazda MX-5.

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A cost-effective flight training device, using a flight simulator this project will monitor and assist the pilot during the flight, score and review the flight to improve future attempts. Training pilots from the safety of the ground and eliminating the need for flight instructors.

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A web application that allows footballers to put themselves on the market and allows scouts to discover and create match reports on players that would typically go unnoticed.

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A portable application for freelancers to manage all aspects of their career. From finance management, to stock and client organisation, Freelancer's Friend brings your business together. Built in Java, the Android application connects to a database via Web Services allowing multiple devices to connect anywhere a freelancer works.

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A system to reduce helicopter pilot delay in an emergency situation with an aim to preserve life using additional equipment and software.

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A High Level Data Driven System using LondonMet, Staffordshire and Chicago crime data. The system will be maintained in SQL Server Management Studio and developed in Microsoft Power BI in the form of dashboards.

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A look at implementing different AI techniques to see if it's possible to allow Equilibrium between several species in a simulated Eco-System.

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This project has looked into the implementation of a Software-Defined WAN, identifying which vendor would be the best to use, what services each vendor offers, and how easy it is to implement.

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Implementing manufacturing philosophies and techniques into the sunroof cell at Makefast, the improvements will reduce non value added and achieve a one piece flow in selected assemblies. The project aims to achieve Kaizen across the cell and strive for continuous improvement.

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Undertaken with Airbus helicopters this project looks at how virtualisation could be used to provide an environment capable of testing and running an Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) system on a generic windows computer.

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"An Investigation into the Digital Evidence Available from Amazon’s Digital Assistant." This project explores what information can be recovered from 'Amazon Echo' devices and how it can recovered in a forensically sound manner suitable for use as evidence in court.

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An investigation into the potential use of vortex generators in the mass production market of the automotive industry. Using CAD (CATIA V5) and CFD (PHOENICS) software to showcase the effects of different designs as well as suitability when applied to "low velocity" aerodynamics.

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An investigation to see if the WaitList.dat file located within the Windows Operating System holds any data which could be used during a digital investigation.

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An innovative menu ordering system which: collates stock management data, allows users to manage menu items, gives patients opportunity to independently order and explore menu items from a given list (which shows nutritional information and ingredients) whilst also being user-centered and tailored towards their dietary requirements.

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This purpose of this project is to repair and update a PETRA PC10 unit belonging to Shrewsbury Collage. A modern Siemens S7 1200 PLC has been added along with a HMI, once again allowing this unit to be used as an educational tool.

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This project uses machine learning techniques to classify the musical genre of audio files. Here the subjectivity of human perception being used for this purpose is addresses, with the intent on decreasing this subjectivity through an automated system.

Contact Adam

A NES emulator from scratch in C++

Contact Michael

PETRA PC 10 educational parts sorter by LJ create. Fully refurbished and upgraded to Siemens S7 with interactive HMI. Using Siemens TIA portal software. All work undertaken to mimic an industrial situation. Keeping future students in mind as end users.

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This project analyses the current consumer goods market with a view of improving the design and production environments of individual products contained within it. The project explores the rising popularity of Industry 4.0 within the industry and finds that many of its aspects could be implemented into a product's design.

Contact Joel

A project which generates tile maps for games from user supplied settings. Inspiration for this project came from the game Age of Empires 2.

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A serial only terminal emulator designed for use with the Motorola M68HC11 dev-boards. Providing an standard ASCII terminal view as well as an interactive hexadecimal view of terminal I/O. Using Qt Quick to provide a QML UI and a C++ backend.

Contact Louis

My project is an investigation into how to program a dynamic path finding algorithm on a large environment using a combination of vector flow fields and potential fields, including techniques to optimise the algorithms to minimise computation time.

Contact Max

Looking at redeveloping the way in which a particular commercial airliner is controlled in the vertical axis. Also, this project covers the idea of exploiting the use of SMART materials within the Aviation industry, and the potential that these materials have within an ever-growing industry.

Contact Callum

RetroHz: Monowave is a browser-based monophonic synthesizer, influenced by the Moog and Korg M-20, with support for external USB MIDI controllers keyboards. The application is written using the WebAudio and WebMIDI API's and is intended to be a freely accessible, oscillator driven synthesizer directly from the browser.

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The capability of Doncasters quality system is not adequate for Rolls Royce’s demands as a customer. An overview will be researched and justification proposed of implementation for a new system that meets customer requirements.

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My project was to investigate the feasibility of constructing a modular hardware and software framework for the control of a hydroponic growing environment allowing for easy integration of new components and functionality per the replacement of failed components

Contact Benjamin

My project is to reduce machine downtime whilst performing tooling changeovers from 3+ hours to <30 minutes.

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A data tracking application for cyclists, developed in Xamarin (C#). This data extraction involves a separate web services server (Java), that regulates user data from the Strava API. Data visualisations analytics (Descriptive and Prescriptive) are included, to enable the user to optimise training patterns and to avoid fatigue.

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Smart Farming System will facilitate agriculture innovation by considering environmental impact as well as enhancing the cost-effectiveness. The knowledge of the future weather conditions is utilised in combination with the field conditions to make intelligent and timely decisions. The system will improve the quality and the management of the plantations.

Contact Alexandros

Smart sleep management system, based on Arduino development board. Through RGB led light, max 30102 chip for, smart sleep aid, smart sleep monitoring and smart wake-up function. Users can also adjust system time and set up alarm time.

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This project mainly provides a device that switches the street lamps on detecting movement of vehicles or people based on microcontroller and electronic sensors. When the system detects the motion of any objects, the lights can be automatically turned on, otherwise they stay off. year project/smart street light

Contact Zhenxuan

A smart home-security system that uses a system of sensors and actuators to keep a home secure. The devices are controlled via a website. In addition to controlling to devices directly, the devices can be grouped and linked together. Timing events can also be used, making for a powerful system.

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A tactical turn based battle-royale board game featuring online matchmaking and live simultaneous turns built using modern web technologies to compete with console games.

Contact Aaron

The causes and effects of pilot error as well as looking into notable plane crashes that were caused by pilot error. Sleeping disorders that a pilot would suffer that could increase a risk of him/her making a mistake. What ways that airline operators can detect and monitor fatigue.

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This project is a feasibility study into the effects of turbocharging an 800cc motorcycle engine and it will involve research into forced induction systems. An 800cc motorcycle engine will be modelled using Ricardo WAVE (CFD Software) with an objective of improving the performance of the engine by turbocharging.

Contact Anantha Padmanabhan

The project is based on the design of a new Active Aerodynamic systems. This system is applicable to all cars. The aim of the paper is to find a economical and efficient Rear Spoiler. Balancing also, materials and efficiency.

Contact Gaetano

Most of the solvents used to deserve polymer are dangerous for health (Carcinogenic). So, it is required for the solvent used to be harmless to the human body. The purpose of this project is to identify green solvents that producing highly efficient solar cells.

Contact SALEH

The project has been designed to prevent the user putting petrol in a diesel car, a mistake which costs the nation (£) millions on a yearly basis.

Contact Reuben

To see how 3D printing can replace parts on an R/C Aircraft to enhance the strength and efficiency the Main focus was to concentrate on the design and structure of a wing - with strength and weight testing. Also lastly to see how components can be inspired by ‘Biomimicry'.

Contact Suraj

This project is an MVC web dashboard completed using C# and ASP.Net. The idea behind it was to create a tool for companies that charge on a per page basis so that they can easily see and visualise Toner Coverage and hence charge accordingly.

Contact Charles

A project showcasing a prototype software solution using artificial intelligence (AI) to perform sentiment analysis on Twitter data to understand the emotions behind tweets surrounding fire safety and the fire service so that fire prevention work can be more focused and precise.

Contact Nathan

The purpose of this project is to use Web Technologies to help with day to day financing, by creating an easy to use application to track monthly outgoings including all subscription services giving a visual representation each month of how much spare cash the user has from their paycheck.

Contact Alex

Framework used vue.js which has been made responsive to different kinds of platforms. The back-end used firebase and some related API which can access the google account. At the same time, it supports PWA but still some functions can not be accessed, such as upload image.

Contact bo

Do you use wireless mice or keyboards with your computer? If so how safe is all your data? Serious data security risks found when using vulnerable wireless devices, such as keyboards and mice. A hack can be performed from 100 meters away, undetected in milliseconds.

Contact Jacqueline

This project intends to find a simple solution to wireless tracking and enable its use within IoT devices and architecture without the need for specialised hardware, allowing the creation of IOT devices capable of tracking the connected user and reacting to their location in specific ways.

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