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Have you ever had to sit though boring training videos and quizzes when starting a new job? What if, with VR and Gamification, we can increase the engagement and enjoyment of workplace training?

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An AI that changes and adapts Flora to adjust and changes to environmental parameters such as the sun azimuth, altitude and emitted photon wavelengths, to survive in the given environment. Each plant goes through several generations, trading genetic information between successful parents to result in the most optimal plants.

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Mobile phone based VR headsets are a relatively cheap way of experiencing VR. This project uses the mobile phone's camera to track hand movements, so the player can use their hands to interact naturally with the virtual world without needing to buy additional hardware.

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A prototype rendering system for indirect lighting in dynamic scenes with the aim of increasing realism in games without sacrificing performance. Written in C++ and HLSL using the DirectX 11 API.

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As mobile games become bigger, gaming consoles become portable and major games companies announce game projects for portable devices; is portable gaming the way forward? This project will investigate the data packet side of a networked connection to see what makes them possible for portable devices.

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In multiplayer games, there are many issues with running a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. One of the key issues is the volume of data being sent between the clients and server. This project will consider how to use interest management to reduce data volume.


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This project explores reinforcement learning to teach a machine how to play Blackjack. The overall goal of this is to get the machine to agree with Basic Strategy and hopefully play as well as a human player would given the same scenarios.

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This project is a demonstration of AI systems designed for stochastic, perfect information games, implemented into Backgammon.

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This project identifies concepts within ballistics physics, identifies which concepts can be applied in a computer game setting and determines the feasibility of their application in a solution developed using DirectX C++ utilising component-based principles.

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As the use of procedural content generation becomes more popular in the games industry, I explore some of the techniques used to generate dungeon structures in video games.

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This project explores the idea of an adaptive enemy A.I. that uses player modelling to identify the player's patterns and uses that information to swap to an appropriate enemy A.I. profile in response.

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Most destructible objects in video games are pre-fragmented which result in almost no variation in the fragmented object. This project is an attempt at producing a dynamic, real-time solution for fragmenting objects and explores the issues surrounding this area.

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This project recognises emotions from facial expressions using Microsoft's Kinect and Artificial Neural Networks. These emotions are applied in a video game created in Unity, in order to make it more immersive.

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VR is becoming increasingly popular but there are problems. I explored the solutions to try to combat one of those problems; namely motion sickness.

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A prototype shader that can give any object fur by utilising a geometry shader to generate additional geometry.

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Expanding the generic static day/night cycle used within video games to feature the seasonal changes experienced at different times of the year, using advanced graphical techniques using HLSL shaders on the graphics card.

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Generating a terrain using satellite data gathered from missions such as SRTM and ASTER, while using techniques like Tessellation and Frustrum Culling to keep high frame rate.

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