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A short cinematic fight scene between The Flash and Reverse Flash which demonstrates the entire pipeline from filming motion capture, to rigging and skinning to engine implementation.

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This project is a cinematic fight sequence in a forest between a hunter and a large beast. It was created by combining both hand animation and motion capture in an attempt to create an engaging fight sequence without straying too far from realism. Created using both Autodesk Maya and MotionBuilder.

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A safe haven for a diving enthusiast to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and work on his equipment and plan his next trip.

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A short cinematic fight scene using a mix of motion capture and hand animation. Two characters fight over an object using a variety of moves such as punches, kicks and throws in an effort to defeat their opponent and walk away victorious.

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Fighting game prototype using custom modelled rigged and animated models presented in UE4, built using C++ and blueprints. Featuring Akuma from Street Fighter V and Supergirl from Injustice 2, both characters have their own move-sets and can fight each other on a re-imagined Street fighter Alpha 2 stage.

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This showreel demonstrates my Jak 2 Character Rig that can be used for keyframed and motion capture animation. This rig has been set up using Maya's rigging tools and uses controllers to create a simplified workflow for animators.

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Soldier character movement made with Motion Capture data.

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Showreel displaying animation for both games and cinematics. It involves walk cycles, run cycles, attacks and cinematic scenes. Most were created in my spare time for my portfolio module.

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Recreation of the final moments, of possibly the most famous boxing fight in history. It was attempted by pure hand animation, just to see if it was possible, and played next to the original footage to compare the likeness.

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The first boss of Shovel Knight adapted into a 90 second, 3D animated fight scene, timed to music from the game, fully rendered and sequenced in Unreal Engine 4.

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A demonstration of my understanding of the animation pipeline. I found a character model and took it through the pipeline from start to finish. rigging, skinning animating and implementing it into UE4, while also attempting to emulate the look of Nier: Automata's animations.

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