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A collection of the best 3D Animation work I've created over the academic year.

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A Show reel of various character animation that I have created over my time at Staffordshire University.

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A display of different kind of animations such as Motion capture, Key-frames or a combination of the two.

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A range of animations covering different sections of game animations including: vehicle (hand animation and engine set up), quadruped and biped cycles, keyframed and motion capture face animation and engine blueprinting for animation in Unreal Engine 4. All work is keyframed except the motion capture face animations for comparison.

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Using the power of Unreal Engine 4, I crafted a short cinematic utilising facial rigging techniques, a mixture of motion capture and hand keyed animation.

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My project is all about creating easily recognisable character types through hand crafted cinematic animations.

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A collection of concept art, both academic and personal, intended for games and film projects.

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Creating a highlight intro, game animation, inspired by the Blizzard title 'Overwatch'. Composed using motion capture data mixed with hand animation and rendered in Unreal Engine 4, making use of cameras and fluid motion to simulate Blizzards style of animation.

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My project has taken a classic Aston Martin DBS, as featured in the James Bond film On Her Majesties Secret Service and applied appropriate gadgets, all the while styling the vehicle for the Post-Apocalyptic Mad Max theatrical universe.

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In this project, I have attempted to recreate the mechanics and animations of Genji from Overwatch.

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A small Unreal Engine 4 project showcasing Samuel in a training field. See what he is capable of doing and hopefully gain an understanding of the kind of game I would like to make, as well as what I can do in terms of Animation and Tech.

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A short video showcasing various projects I have worked on during the academic year. It contains examples of both key-frame and motion capture

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Four Cinematic Animation shorts, following two DC characters and two Marvel characters that end up going head to head in a fight.

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