Sport and Exercise

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A qualitative gender comparison study that explores the pressure experiences of six student athletes, across a variety of sports, and the effective coping mechanisms consequently used within these situations. Within the study, one-to-one interviews were thematically analysed to generate themes of common stressors and coping mechanisms within sports performance.

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The project involved interviewing eight high school physical education teachers to determine the common challenges they face with inclusion in PE and the techniques they use to overcome the existing challenges to ensure physical education is as inclusive as possible.

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Standard cranks of 175mm are put on most bikes regardless of bike size. This study aimed to see if crank length affects cycling performance testing various physiological factors. Results showed no significant difference, however reduced hip angles allow flatter positions on the bike. This can help with cycling performance.

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This study aimed to establish the effect of Kinesio tape applied to the dominant quadricep on isokinetic knee extension, flexibility and a single-leg jump. The presence of placebo effect was monitored to separate the significant physical and placebo effects of Kinesio tape.

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