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Analysis of potential correlations between several factors and Public Space Violence across seven Police services in an attempt to unveil National trends.

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The research project is to find the causes of knife crime in West Yorkshire and their policing response. Literature on knife crime was researched and 4 experts in the policing field were interviewed. Key themes were devised from the interviews and then compared with the literature.

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Stalking figures in the UK since April 2005 did show a consistent decline starting around 2011, however, it was reported in March 2018 that the figures had started to increase. This qualitative project explored Police Officers' views on the effectiveness of the DIAL assessment for victims in stalking cases.


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This Project is in conjunction with Staffordshire Police focusing on what factors or circumstances influence a victim of assault not to proceed with their case within Staffordshire and if Victim Personal Statements have influenced their decision.


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Look up to the sky today and see an oasis of calm, this is not what the future will hold. Skies will become congested with Delivery Drones and Personal Aerial Vehicles and with them threats from above. Forget the 'War on Drugs' could this be the 'War on Technology' ?


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The purpose of this research was to help identify gaps in the knowledge of Modern Slavery at hand car washes. The study particularly focuses on the effectiveness of four key themes; awareness, regulation and licensing, the National Referral Mechanism, and understanding victimology.


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This study reviewed the psychological impact that the role of a police officer can have on those undertaking the role and covered the support systems that are available to them, reviewing their effectiveness and making recommendations for improvements. The data was gathered by interviewing current and retired police officers.


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The purpose of this research project was to determine how the use of stop and search powers within Staffordshire have influenced the levels of knife crime, using sanitised data provided by Staffordshire Police.

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This project for Staffordshire Police shows analysis into the current perceptions held surrounding police use of force during stop and searches, with recommendations into what can be done to maintain or improve these opinions.


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A PCSOs role differs from a police officer’s role. They hold different legal powers which are formatted to aid their jobs. The research was conducted to make the public aware of the role of a PCSO and to also gain an understanding of what perceptions the public already had.

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Knife crime is a nationally growing concern, of which there are many stereotypes - such as gender and race. The aim of this project was to explore the influence the media has on the public’s opinions, by exploring the accuracy of their reporting, which has been criticised in the past.

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Since Coercive Control became a criminal offence in 2015 very little research has been conducted surrounding the public's understanding of the offence. The research also examines the public's perception of the role of law enforcement and how this complex offence could impact the successful prosecution of offenders.


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This project uses the top 6 and the bottom 6 sexual assault policies, 6 from UK universities and 6 from US universities, in order to find out what information is included in each one. It also uses research from The Hunting Ground documentary and newspaper articles to back up claims.

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Victim Satisfaction Surveys are given to victims to gather feedback on their experiences. Content analysis was conducted on Police Forces websites to obtain details about the surveys. Recommendations have been given to Staffordshire Police on ways they can improve their survey to influence a change on the force.


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The purpose of this research was to investigate how online grooming is taught in secondary schools, to gain an insight into parent’s views on the education process. The research used interviews with staff members in schools. The research also used questionnaires, completed by parents whose children are in secondary school.


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