James Bell - Final Year Game Design and Level Design Projects


I am a games designer and level designer, skilled in Unreal Engine 4, who has worked on a variety of projects, individually and as a team, spanning across various game genres. I am skilled in designing, building and meshing levels, as well as creating detailed design documentation.

Solo projects I have worked on in my final year:

  • FPS MOBA Demo Project – Creating a playable demo that merges both genres
  • CS:GO Map – Designing and building a map for CS:GO set in a town’s backstreets
  • Souls-like Project – Creating the level and mechanics for a Soulslike tutorial

Download my project document


Type of employment sought
I am seeking a role in a graduate position as a Level Designer or Games Designer. I am skilled in level design, gameplay design / scripting, prototyping and documentation, as well as having software skills in Unreal Engine 4, Hammer Editor, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and Microsoft Office.

Areas available to work
I am looking at jobs within the UK, hopefully within the North of England or in the Midlands. I am mainly looking for a role within the Games industry, but also be interested in working in Film / TV.

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