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Lesniak Swann

Improving communication and organisation between schools and parents. The combination of flexible automated processes, quick view dashboards, document sharing, and more within a secure system provides staff and parents a clear overview of everything they need right when they need it.


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Can Web and Smart Home technologies give parents a new way to engage their child in reading? An immersive, interactive reader, taking your child's favourite reads out of the book and into the room.


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My project was to create an application which allows the users to create an account and search a database full of games, then they can then add into their collection to track what game they own.


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Deal Finder is a web service that allows users to find, vote on, add, and get directions to deals currently on in their area. Clean and familiar user interface helps to find desired deals quicker.


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GameSmash is a game rating website, utilising the ELO rating system. Users will be presented with two games from a chosen genre, and will choose one of them. This process will repeat until all games in a genre have been presented. Users can then view a leaderboard to see ratings.

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Personalised recipe website allows users to search and filter through thousands of recipes provided by yummly api. Retrieved recipes can be stored, edited and published on a public page amongst all the other recipes that have been published. It was made using Firebase, JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5.


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An application that uses Augmented Reality to gain information about Cafes, Restaurants and other venues, by simply pointing your phone at them. Get information quickly, read reviews and share with your friends, before making plans to visit. Find places you would otherwise overlook and try something new with Venue AR.


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