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This project consists of a music video syncronised to an audio track with the intent to entertain with unique effects. This showcases various items of CG, these include; Motion Graphics, CHOPS, Fluid/RBD/Volume Sims, Lighting, Modelling to name a few. Software Used: Houdini, Maya, MMD, After Effects, Nuke, Ableton Live. Arnold.


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A cinematic still of the classic Back to the Future Delorean about time jump in modern day. Software used was Maya, Substance Painter, After Effects and Photoshop.


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A 3D environment of a forest created by using assets made by the use of photogrammetry. The software that was used to create this scene are Reality Capture, Maya, Houdini, Megascans, SpeedTree, Substance Designer and Nuke.


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This project involved modelling a Kia Piacanto from 2015 utilizing blueprints and pictures as reference material. The car has been modelled fully in Maya.


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This project illustrates how one can use Substance Designer to create photo-realistic procedural textures. These textures were applied and painted (using Substance Painter) on a CG model of a real world object- an old blow torch.


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Motion Graphics piece that depicts the construction of a mechanical forest, through the use of dynamic effects and a strong emphasis on lighting as well as image composition. Created using a combination of Houdini and Maya, with additional compositing/post in Nuke.


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Complete photorealistic visualisation of both interior and exterior of Jaguar Project-7 was achieved by implementing advanced shading/lighting/compositing techniques, generating bespoke procedural systems for texturing and utilising the power of automation with Python. Tools used: Maya, Arnold, Python, Substance Painter & Designer, Nuke, Photoshop, Illustrator.


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This project is a reimagination of the Good life painting by Thomas Kinkade in 3D with my creative changes. This project was created to challenge me in creating a detailed environment with a lot of assets. This environment was created with Maya, substance packages, speed tree, Houdini and photoscan.


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This is an exciting compositing/dynamics project, of a plane being shot down. Using lots of different aspects of Nuke and Houdini to create the final piece. There are many different elements in this sequence to make an interesting final product.


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My dissertation was on the outlines of character design. This is that in practice, along with designing environments to accompany them.


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A collection of illustrations for an online card game taking inspiration from greek mythology and dark fantasy. Each card is centred around a different theme or character.


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My final year project consists of a recreation of a concept piece, I've 3D modelled, textured, lit, assembled, rendered and done the post production for this scene based on my chosen concept. I have used a variety of different software to best show off my skills.


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For my final year project I designed a horror character based on results from a study that I did for my dissertation, I then sculpted, moulded, and cast my design so that the end result was a plastic statue.


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This CGI film is based on Elon Musk’s idea of creating a colony on Mars and shows a time lapse of crafts flying to Mars and a colony being built. It was created for my degree in CGI and Visual Effects to showcase various CGI and VFX skills, including scripting.


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Historic brownstone buildings, Brooklyn, New York. All modelled using Maya and ZBrush. Uses a combination of hard surface and curve modelling to achieve realism and detail within the environment, with additional compositing/post editing.


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Fully 3D modelled, sculpted and textured environment based on a concept piece by artist Titus Lunter. The work conveys hard surface modelling for the architecture, organic sculpting for the main tree and procedural modelling for the other foliage in order to show a varied skill set.


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'Vintage Saloon' is a 3D model of an upper class saloon based in 19th century England. This showcases various skills I have acquired over the last 3 years at University from planning pieces of work and hard surface modelling through to composition. Software used was Maya, Zbrush and Houdini.


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