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The project features a fully modelled IOWA class battleship, USS Wisconsin. The objective of this project is to further study and push my limits of hard surface modelling and create a highly detailed 3D modelling based from real-world references.


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A 3D modeling project inspired by 1920's New York as featured in films such as Fantastic Beasts and Great Gatsby. Modeling was completed in Maya and Zbrush, as well as Substance Designer before rendering in Arnold.


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Inspired by The Walking Dead intro scene, this projection mapping project takes photos of an abandoned house and rooms and turns it into a short video. Moving through the house ivy takes over and grows throughout.


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An interior environment of a victorian toy emporium that appears to be deserted with the front doors still left open, all the toys still remain on the shelves and a cigarette still letting off smoke so it is clear someone was around shortly before.


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The project attempts to abstract the principles behind Cyber Warfare and present them in a UI-based, easy to learn game. The aim of the project is to create a simulation that could be used as an education and training tool.


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My project is an archeological treasure trove in an attic of house with references to films and franchises such as Indiana jones and Marvel and has old items from different cultures with a collection of ordinary items which you might find in and around the house.


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I tasked myself with learning Houdini for the first time and broke that down into these FX shots: Fluids, Pyro, Fracture RBDs and Particles/VEX. Mixed with generalist skills and an interest in the advertising industry, I made four, five second professional looking indents based around a product.


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I focused on modelling two assets this semester, an M4 Assault Rifle, and another, which was the Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter movies. These models were heavily based on references as I was trying to replicate them as accurately as possible.


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I have created a fully CG Grand Maester room, inspired by the worlds of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. All assets were modelled, textured, shaded by myself and the final scene lit and rendered using Arnold.


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An environment based on a ‘Penthouse Apartment’ from Grand Theft Auto 5. This is a realistic interior environment, consisting of clean and modern assets and structures e.g. furniture, kitchen appliances, etc. containing natural and artificial sources of lighting.


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Fan Art game ready environment of Riptide Map, Halo 5. Modelling was made in Maya, Texturing was done in Substance Designer. Lighting and renders are in UE4.


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A top down pixel art game in which you keep your monsters fed and happy. Inspired by Slime Rancher, Tamagotchi, and clicker games.


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During this project I have improved both organic and hard surface modelling and sculpting by designing a stylised, animated zoo. I have designed five very different environments and two creatures to go with them; this allowed me to use a variety of software, including Maya, Z-Brush, Substance Painter and Photoshop.


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This project investigates 'Product Visualisation'. To create a set of Photo-realistic 'Stills' for a music sampler. Skills in CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) are cost effective and geographically less time consuming when done well, making it a valuable skill set for the employee and a lucrative alternative for potential Clients.


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I have created 12 different assets demonstrating a variety of skills, mainly focused on improving modelling and texturing. Aiming for a realistic look, I used Substance Painter to texture and Arnold to render.


Contact James

This project was inspired from a film sequence in Dredd (2012). It utilises 3D modelling, fluid simulations, compositing and a green screen recording into a finalised piece.


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3D Environments are my passion. I enjoy building multiple assets and piece by piece to create an entire environment. Within my projects I also study some other film pipeline processes to further my understanding of how my environments will start, progress and end. Mixture of fiction and realism themes.


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In this project I have created two stylised characters using a standard industry pipeline. The first of the characters is a cursed wondering swordsman and the second is a sci-fi variation of the character.


Contact Joshua

A realistic 3D environment, made in the style of uncharted 4. The scene features lots of realistic assets, made using a combination of 3ds Max, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Zbrush and UE4


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This project showcases final renders of a 3D model representation of the new Volkswagen Golf GTI design. The model has been created in Maya and rendered using Arnold.


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