Surface Pattern and Textile Design

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Based on a recent trip to Namibia, Africa, I have created a sophisticated wallpaper and fabric collection inspired by native flora and fauna encountered on my travels.

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An expressive exploration of geometric forms, scale, abstract and textural shapes effusive with the perspicacity I felt whilst on a recent trip in New York City. My wall hanging was created using collage, papercuts, and screen printing techniques.

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This women’s fashion accessories collection combines hand-rendered and digital processes, including digitally printed silk scarves and rug tufted bag samples - a modern take on vintage carpet bags. Exploring magnified elements of butterfly wings, these large scale, abstract designs juxtapose a delicate, fragile subject matter.

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‘Concrete Jungle’ combines the beauty of nature against the structural forms of our man-made world. Beautifully hand painted birds of the tropics and flourishing fauna, delicately infused with a rainbow of technicolour grow and intertwine around bold sculptural patterns, producing a collection of designs suitable for high-end Women’s fashion.

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A range of floral designs for homeware products inspired by natural forms, focusing on florals and foliage. Using CAD and stitch techniques to create my designs for products such as curtains and cushions. My inspiration for this project came from looking at designers such as Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley.

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A tactile interior collection bursting with vibrant cut outs and large-scale shapes, inspired by the work of Henri Matisse. Focusing on bringing the living outdoors into interiors with fresh and contemporary prints. The collection includes a hand - tufted rug, digital wallpapers and cushions with elements of hand stitch.

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Happy Accidents is a collection of hand printed wallpapers and fabrics for the home interior. Inspiration has been taken from wildlife and natural organic surroundings. There are elements of expressionism, and texture with discoveries of everyday life, an overload of lines, patterns, colour and composition formed by the environment

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‘Into the Abyss’ is a combination of luxurious interior wallpapers and delicately screen-printed silk scarves. The array of mysterious life that resides within the deep blue, inspires the collections refined tonal colour palette and fluid sophisticated designs.

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Linear City is a bold, hand printed and digital textile collection inspired by shapes found within urban spaces - road markings, grids, the stacking of glass and concrete against skylines. This contemporary collection explores layering up of lines and grids, the way cities are built up layer upon layer.

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“Amble through the subdued streets, underneath a bustling neon metropolis passing dark doors. Stepping in reflections as the glow of the city illuminates navy nights” Translated through hand dyed paper cut collages and CAD, this Neo-noir inspired collection for fashion textiles combines futuristic cities with shady Tokyo streets.

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The enchanting floras entwine around geometric shadows, creating a revived feel from what was once, old world ways. This collection delves back in time gathering inspiration from French textile aesthetic and British steelwork. The delicate rich colours contrast against the silhouettes in this eloquent interior furnishing collection.

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A playful narrative inspired by Alice in Wonderland themes of mischievous kittens hosting an extravagant tea and cake soiree! Soft pastel tones of the spring season mixed with illustrative qualities, textural mark making and sprinkles of gold metallic. Create a sense of kitschy chic with a pinch whimsy.

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Space Race is a unique, screen-printed children’s interior collection. Prints are applied to duvets, curtains, and accessories, to create the perfect playground for budding space adventurers. Harriet has explored the 1960’s and 1970’s fascination with space travel, incorporating ray guns and vintage tin toys, alongside pinball machines and space comics.

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This luxurious interior furnishing collection is inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement and artists such as William Morris and John Ruskin. The wild British florals are painted using gouache, entwined with hand-drawn decorative architectural features using a romantic colour palette, further developed into repeat and placement prints.

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Wonders of Nature is an interior led collection inspired by the picturesque countryside of Cannock Chase. Explore the tantalising enriched realism of British mother nature in all her wonders. Let it draw you in deep within the blossoming forest floor of springs delight.

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