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A research project partnered with Stoke Public Health and MIND which aims to look at social media and its impact upon young people's mental well-being. By employing focus groups within a high school setting, the project equipped partnered organisations with knowledge surrounding the topic to better young people’s mental well-being.

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This qualitative research study aims to look at the opinion of professionals working with children and young people within the youth justice system. The research used semi-structured interviews to collect primary data and used government released documents to evaluate policies and procedures.

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This piece of research has looked into the barriers people with substance use issues face when looking for, or in employment. From interviewing practitioners in the local area, recommendations have been collated on how to potentially improve the support people receive in this specific area.

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A study exploring the impacts of New Psychoactive Substance (NPS) use on communities in Stoke-On-Trent.

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In the age of the ‘bloody difficult woman’, it is difficult to envision politics as anything other than a level playing field. Through a series of interviews and questionnaires, this research project aims to highlight the inequalities experienced by women in the political sphere.

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Using an experimental design, four sets of year 9 students were divided into two groups. The intervention group taking part in forum theatre workshop. The controlled group received a drama piece followed by world café discussion. Pre/post questionnaire were used to evaluate what method was effectiveness at educating young people.

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There is much debate to the root causes of sex trafficking. Is it a demand driven enterprise or the lacklustre definitions of domestic policies? and, does sex work violate human rights?


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