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Vascular Dementia is caused by lack of blood supply to the brain due to damage to the vascular system. There is evidence that suggests that by making healthier lifestyle choices the risks of Vascular Dementia can be lowered.

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A child's development and disposition can all depend on where they attend school. Inclusion in mainstream schools for all children is desired, however, special schools are unique places and are essential for those with the most complex disabilities whose needs cannot be met within a mainstream provision.

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PTSD consists of many different factors, such as substance misuse, employment and mental health. Comparing this from WW2 it was found that the lack of service for veterans after war in comparsion to modern warfare. Other models was used to help shape individuals behvaiour such as the Medical model.

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Child-to-Parent Violence (CPV) is a rising, contemporary issue in social work practice. My findings concluded that in the UK, there is very little research available on this topic and even less specifically for those who provide care and support for Looked after Children.

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Children experiencing parental domestic abuse may be at risk of emotional harm. To what extent is the impact of emotional harm recognised, and what role does the Safeguarding Social Worker play in identifying and addressing the risk of emotional harm to children and young people experiencing parental domestic abuse?

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My project considered the psychological and sociological effects on spousal carers caring for someone with dementia. What effect did it have on their health and did they feel isolated if so how. How effect were activity groups like singing for the brain and Memory cafes

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There are many different social inequalities that affect us all in different ways. As a developing country, many things have changed and evolved such as the way we use technology. Other aspects have also had an influence not only physically but also emotionally. All these factors shape our lives.

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