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This 3-in-1 crib allows parents to feel secure knowing that their child is sleeping soundly next to them whilst encouraging safe sleeping behaviour. The crib provides a sleeping area for a newborn as well as functioning as a changing table when it’s in the lowered position.

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A customisable wrist watch with options for the user to personalise at home by changing the straps and bezels so that they have the option to change the look whenever they want .Through a subscription service it will be more easy to customise watch at home.

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A modular camera for the connected age. With add-ons to suit any purpose from Vlogging to drone photography and a redesigned connected UI that allows cloud backups, on device editing and sharing. With a redesigned charging system and lens mount it’s the perfect next step for a smartphone photographer.

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Hexball is a brand new, fast paced, exciting sport. Using the latest in modern technology as the key to allow fluid play, improved scoring and decision making. This new style of play makes for a fairer sport that is more engaging and enjoyable for all.

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Kruo is the only product with built- in cooling system that eliminates odors and limits the use of plastic bags. Powder coated, stainless steel and fingerprint-proof body is stylish and durable. Liner retaining design prevents messy bag overhang.

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A compression leg brace with ultrasound units and modular batteries. The brace functions to reduce the time taken rehabilitating ligament injuries by increasing blood flow and white blood cell count. Stylishly built for form and function.

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