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Cybercrime is a global issue which affects governments, businesses, and individuals daily. It is proving to be a challenge for law enforcement to police but could an increased awareness and education solve the problem?


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Recent research has suggested that noise pollution is contributing to ill health, even death in areas badly affected by noise pollution. Therefore, has the time come for the European Convention on Human Rights to protect not only a Citizen's right to privacy and family life, but to life itself?


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This project has analysed the implemented strategies by the Metropolitan Police and partner agencies, into the exploitation of females in youth gangs in London, and compared against other published literature and data.


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Homicide is the most heinous of crimes and the investigative process is expected to be meticulous. Examining developments in policing practice, policy, legislation and technology; is the Murder Investigation Manual still fit for purpose 12 years after its publication?


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Traditionally, Child Sexual Exploitation has been described as a localised issue, however due to the developing digital world children have access to technology that allows them to be in contact with individuals previously unknown to them. Have Police investigations and protocols developed to accommodate this change?

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Non-crime related incidents accounts for 83% of police time. Police are currently taking on the responsibilities of most agencies, with agencies not working together to tackle problems. Safeguarding vulnerable people therefore requires partnership working to effectively allocate the best resources to safeguard that vulnerable person’s individual needs.


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An analysis of the threat and an examination into the effectiveness of the response to modern slavery in the United Kingdom.

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An exploration of historic and contemporary public disorder, this paper aims to analyse if ‘Policing by Consent’ is an effective model in modern-day policing. The need to maintain public confidence against the backdrop of austerity, fake news & social media; is a need for a positive public image hindering effectiveness?

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This project analyses the ways in which terrorists utilise social media to promote extremism and assesses the effectiveness of UK counter-terrorism legislation, policy and practice. Recommendations that arose during the project include such things as: increased training; production of legislation surrounding social media companies responsibilities and research into cyberspace security.

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Defamation focuses on whether an individual's reputation has been tarnished due to a statement which has been published. A critical analysis on whether the Defamation Act 2013 protects the individual and group rights in relation to freedom of speech and privacy.

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