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Using samples and instruments connected to Ableton Live 9 to change and augment a Virtual Reality environment made in Unity 2017.3; creating a live visualization of the music. Experienced through an Oculus Rift CV1 headset.

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From the mundane to the macabre; everyday found sounds offer a multitude of textures and timbres that the sound designer can manipulate and recontextualise in the telling of a story, through the machinations of its soundtrack. You are invited to watch (and listen) to a short film. Beware!

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My project focuses on analysing the composition, techniques and sound design of Electroacoustic Music and 80's Styled EDM. The composition serves as a position to which Electroacoustic Music can be more easily introduced to people.

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A compilation promotional EP, with 4 tracks mixed and Mastered to a professional standard, ready for commercial release, publication, and performance. The EP will be a professionally produced recording, from the conception of ideas, going on to commercial release, marketing and Promotions. A taste of a future compilation styled with multiple genres.

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This project is the design of a theoretical live music venue that was forced to close down due to noise complaints and has plans to reopen. This project contains the design of the PA system, acoustic treatment and noise isolation treatment.

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A demonstration of the relationship between fixed, recorded music and interactive, live performances. This is done by contrasting a five minute recorded EDM composition with a remixed version for an audio visual performance using electronic hardware.

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The project is about acoustically designing a home studio work environment, comparing a high and low budget plan with reference to a pre-existing and pre-treated studio. Two acoustic panel absorbers and a bass trap have been constructed to show treatment method possibilities at a low budget.

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The project intends to replicate and investigate the recording techniques of rock music from the 1970's, using a combination of old and new equipment to do this as accurately as possible.

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This project aims to answer how Artificial Intelligence can be used as a tool in musical composition and performance. By setting up a multimedia installation that uses Neural networks to generate audio this project aims to explore the sonic realms of computer-generated music and audio synthesis.

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The aim of this project was to build and test the acoustics of a modular/portable studio that can be assembled in a room, moved around to suit specific acoustical requirements of the chosen room and then disassembled to use in another location for a new client.

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Cities & Sound is a sound installation based on Italo Calvino's book Invisible Cities. Fifty soundscapes were created, representing fifty cities described in the book. Each soundscape is composed by editing sound from the audiobook version of the Invisible Cities.

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An in-depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of different mixing strategies that were a mainstay in the past, are used commonly in the present and those that will be used more in the future. This was achieved by creating & processing an original piece of music, in three different ways.

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Does sound impart its own narrative to a piece of film? This project takes two ambiguous pieces of film footage and replaces the sounds and music to tell a different story. A short survey and a heart rate monitor aim to analyse the effect this has on participants.

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Starting with nothing but a group of musicians, this project is the product of a full academic year of writing, recording, mixing and mastering a 4 track EP and releasing it for public consumption to test how easy it is to do so in the age of modern music.

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Off Your Box Records formed in Stoke-on-Trent in 2016. Now you can find out how WE did it and even learn how YOU could do it – How to Work Off Your Box – because you’re worth it.

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A demonstration of the different techniques used to implement audio into a video game using the unreal engine.

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Audio for game cinematics are becoming more and more advanced, the project is aimed to show off industry techniques and how they are implemented into a cinematic trailer (Blizzard's Overwatch) which is of the Sci-Fi genre, this is chosen to show off as many cool sound effects as possible.

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The music featured in a video game is paramount to a game's success, especially with games in the Role-Playing genre. This project shows my own interpretation of music that is played during a generic boss battle in a style that is suited for a video game within the Role-Playing genre.

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This project aims to produce a portfolio of tracks, each of a different genre, and incorporate generative process into them. It aims to evaluate the suitability of generative and algorithmic technique in contemporary genres, as well as being a showcase of my personal skills as a producer.

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