Music and Sound

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A video game playable without sight, utilising advanced audio spatialisation techniques such as binaural audio, HRTFs, and head-tracking.

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Conceptualisation of AMACAH. A music business model for offering services such as music of Africa lectures, cultural exchange workshops, and corporate events entertainment. In addition, I experimented with quality composition and music production of a song and music video that fused traditional African sounds and western popular music flavours.

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The focus of this project is largely concerned with music created for the purpose of sync licensing; or pieces specifically composed for certain media projects and media types. The motivation behind it is the spectacular effect that the marriage between music and visuals can produce.

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A sound design project focusing on the development of source sounds and music, followed by their implementation into a developing game via the Unreal Engine. The aim was to create a soundscape that was informative, aesthetically relevant, and maintained appropriate propriety within the video game mechanics.

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