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Three stories were selected from the famous Aesop's Fables: The Eagle & The Arrow, The Hare & The Tortoise, and The Lion & The Mouse. Each fable has a different folded format, which has been purposely used to help convey the message of the story.

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A calendar dedicated to looking beyond the Movember month 'November' and spreading men's health awareness all year round. The illustrations for each month creatively include a moustache that links to a health date, or the season in a humorous way, to give a light-hearted approach towards such sensitive subject matter.

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Periods themselves are a taboo subject. I’ve challenged this idea whilst also drawing attention to the severity of period poverty through the image and text. Young girls are often missing out on education due to the lack of access to appropriate menstrual products, and sometimes resort to using unsuitable alternatives.

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The Dangerous Dogs Act takes the lives of thousands of innocent dogs every year, purely based on their appearance. I've shown the scale of these deaths with large format images, whilst capturing the playful nature of our beloved pets in intimate illustrations and stop motion animations.

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RoBit is a wooden Art Toy styled to look like myself, he also comes apart so you can see what makes him (me!) tick. RoBit was created to send to prospective employers to break the ice. Each toy is cut out on the laser cutter and then assembled by hand.

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The Anatomical Female is an illustrated medical journal, exploring the female anatomy in all its glory. Due to medical illustration throughout history predominately focusing on the male anatomy, The Anatomical Female points out why this has hindered medical science for females, even in modern day society.

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The purpose of Yo Go Girl is to encourage young women to benefit from the physical and mental aspects of yoga, wherever and whenever they want. The pose chart allows them to take control of their routine, while the animations act as a support and guide.

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