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Have you ever wondered how much impact your daily commute could have on the local environment? Well, a plant-based study in the village of Cheddleton evaluated how much pollution is emitted in just two weeks. Also gathered were noise levels throughout the day, along with residents' views on climate change.

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This project aims to create a model to that can predict what changes will be made to characters in multiplayer online battle arenas. The project will be a case study of the game League of Legends, however the model will be applicable to other MOBAs.

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The thought of a world without wine is a sad one, wouldn’t you agree? Climate change threatens to make this a reality in some parts of the world. This research discovered whether the UK is one of those places.

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The project analysed the main factors driving Russian Policy towards Kazakhstan. The project divided these factors into Economic, Political and Security and Physical factors. The project found that these factors are interlinked in the case of Russian Policy in Kazakhstan and that no one factor solely drives Russian policy.

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Formula 4 is the newest form of professional open-wheel motorsport for junior drivers. There has not been any published academic literature on it. This provided an opportunity to investigate the development of F4 in both Australia and Britain in the context of economic geography.

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‘The ground shakes, fire spews from the ground and ash blocks out the sky’; disaster films have been a cinema staple since the 1950s. They do however portray a variety of ‘disaster’ myths and geographical inaccuracies, which, within previous studies, has been shown to be consistent amongst disaster films.

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The ‘miracle bean’ has been around for centuries and its consumption is increasing globally. This project investigates the positive and negative social and environmental consequences of its production and evaluates some strategies that may help reduce the most serious of these.

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This report aims to identify some of the key characteristic changes in Atlantic hurricanes from 1977 to 2016. Specifically, the changes to the frequency, intensity, and the latitudinal bands in which they form.

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Coastal environments are dynamic. They are also places of frequent human interaction and documentation. Changes to these environments are in need of regular monitoring. Could the application of photographic monitoring provide information on changes in the past and aid change predictions into the future?

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This study has been undertaken due to various methods of learning mathematics, nonetheless only one approach is used throughout schools and universities – a technological teaching approach. A questionnaire will be designed for participants and a Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) Model will be created to conclude various Hypothesis Tests.

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A study into the Disney parks to analyse if they actually are the “happiest place on Earth”. As well as this I also focused on pilgrimage sites and whether or not the Disney parks can be classed as one. I mainly focused on Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort California.

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A project focusing on predicting Formula One qualifying lap times and standings by analysing the various factors that contribute towards these lap times with given conditions using a regression model.

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Have you ever wondered how many earthquakes of at least magnitude seven occur around the world? This paper answers that question. Using USGS and NOAA, data correlations are made between a variety of earthquake and tsunami characteristics.

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Volcanoes can present a hazard to society as well as being scenic places to visit. What forms of volcano tourism are available in the Bay of Naples? Are tourists aware of the risk to themselves when undertaking volcano tourism? This project used secondary information and questionnaires to answer these questions.

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