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A relaxing 2D farming multiplayer game that’s set in a randomised pixel art world. With just your hands and a few seeds, can you and your friends start from nothing and create your own flourishing farm? Uses p2p networking, a drag and drop inventory and an endless procedurally-generated world.

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Evo-Verve is the planet customisation and evolution idle clicker game for mobile, made from scratch using the Unity 3D engine and Google Play services.

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Third-person melee hack and slash game where you play as a knight, smashing through enemies as you gain unlocks to survive tougher opponents while choosing the right upgrades to determine survival. Set at night, the fires around the environment will be the only thing lighting the way.

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A game that focuses on exploring and combat, as well as collecting the enemy cards. Try to collect them all!

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An animation-based combat system that utilises areas of the battlefield to enhance combat prowess. This will be demonstrated in a player vs enemy context.

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The grenade is based off The Elysium movie, and I recreated it in 3D space.

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A puzzle-platformer based around a custom level editor for Android, built in Unity with the C# programming language. Almost all art, animation, sound and design were custom made for the project.

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You've seen Minecraft, you've seen modded Minecraft; here is my spin on it built from the ground up.

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Vehicle and Weapons Test. I made a twin-stick shooter game, using a tutorial level that shows how to use the Multi-lock missile system that I have created to kill multiple targets, using both a 3rd person perspective for controlling the Soldier and Top Down perspective to fly the helicopter.

Contact Masood

Shockwave is a fast paced, first person arena shooter in which players battle out against each other to gain points for their team. Players will use various guns and skill jumps around the map, fighting it out in the 1v1 arena. The first player to 10 points will be victorious.

Contact Daniel

A research and development project investigating technical solutions in AI for tactical movement algorithms that can be adapted and used in various 2D & 3D games.

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The Burglar is a stealth-based game made in Unity in which the player sneaks around a 3D environment and attempts to steal as many items as they can before they are caught or time runs out.

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This project is an Unreal Engine 4 top down isometric dungeon crawler. The dungeons will be randomly spawned with AI enemies and pickups created using UE4 blueprints.

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