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An RPG crafting system with depth and complexity in abundance. Easy to learn, difficult to master. This vertical slice demo challenges you to fulfill a challenge using the limited resources at your disposal. Success or failure rest entirely on your ingenuity.

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Adventurers are tasked with entering the titular bunker to slay multiple enemies with their chosen class and loadout in this Isometric Tactics RPG. Featuring Dungeons and Dragons inspired systems and a fifth generation aesthetic.

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Dungeon Depths is a game about surviving endless waves of enemies in a dungeon, fight through the waves with your trusty blade and try to survive for as long as possible, use the shield and spells in combat to aid in your survival.

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Electric Zoo is an online third person shooter made in Unreal Engine 4. The aim of the project was to allow players to host a lobby which other players could join, start their own game, and show of their custom made characters.

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A fantasy themed user interface within Unreal Engine 4. Created through a user feedback based design and developed over the course of a year. The interface includes means of changing specific visual/audio and or keybindings as well as a working equipment menu and drop-able item system.

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This project is a top down shooter with survival and tower defense elements built in Unreal Engine. I have created a wave based system within the day night cycle of the game. I have also incorporated procedural generation for the creation of each level for a unique playthrough each time.

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Levolution: Empire is a 2D sidescroller with a heavy emphasis on resource management. Build your community and fortify your defenses, the undead is coming.

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3D farm/life sim game made in Unity. You play as the new villager in town. The games features update over different days and seasons!

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An RPG style game made in Unity with C#. The player adventures through the levels to try to kill the final boss. All while building their characters abilities by levelling up and finding loot and items throughout the game, as well as fighting a range of enemies.

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Norsity is a VR Game with a low-poly Nordic aesthetic, created in Unreal Engine 4. The player presides as a 'God' over their worshippers, aiding the civilisation in their development by assigning jobs, collecting resources and building structures. Watch the population grow and thrive through the immersive lens of VR.

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This project is about the creation of procedural content tools using Houdini for games that speed up workflows, procedurally generate areas of gameplay and allow quick procedural iterations on the design of the world.

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Created in Unreal Engine 4, Project - Europa is a 3D exploration game where you explore an alien ocean. Be the first to discover new life hidden throughout the depths of Europa.

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Using Unity, I created a randomly generated city, with traffic AI which abides by the rules of the roads and a rigged car which you can drive around the city. This was originally going to be a track racing game but has expanded from there into a random city.

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A prototype first-person shooter made using Unreal Engine 4. Featuring fluid and dynamic parkour movement blended with classic arcade-style gun-play.

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Stellar is an arcade space combat system,with procedural sector generation, full ship customisation, a contract system and an animated menu system.

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A 2D platformer made in Unity. Leap from wall to wall, switching between alternate worlds to open new paths through the level. Gather the shards of light and dark hidden throughout.

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This is a stickman party game made in Unity based around melee combat, wild physical interactions and the ability to behead someone with such force that their head flies off and kills someone else.

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This is a single player virtual reality game where you must navigate through the level whilst avoiding the floor! Made for HTC Vive/SteamVR Platforms.

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Made in Unity (2D game) A game wherein the player has free reign around a map with units to attack and towns to trade between them.

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