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A management game made in Unity in which you build your own hotel, decorate it with a variety of props, deal with maintaining your guests' needs and attempt to scare them for profit by linking up traps and hiring monsters.

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Monochromium is an action top-down shooter for PC made in UE4. In a world turned monochrome, you are the only hope to restore colour. Fight your way through a mysterious desert, facing the ghosts and demons in your way with an arsenal of weapons and upgrades.

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Local multiplayer Platforming/Puzzle game. One player is immersed in a VR world and the other is a traditional first-person character. However, there is a twist; one player is 10 times smaller than the other! Players communicate together while trying to solve basic power & physics puzzles. Can you cooperate and escape?

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A Diablo style game, featuring my unique character and world. Discover what happened to this once peaceful village through the use of Environmental Storytelling, puzzle solving and combat. Only you can uncover the truth behind this horrendous tragedy.

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I wanted to model a MAC 11 from the start but it alone was sort of boring so I wanted to add a folding stock and suppressor when texturing. I then wanted to make it battle worn to make it look more interesting.

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I designed and built a board game themed around 90's hacker movies and TV shows. The focus is on allowing players to feel like 'cheesy' movie hackers while taking down corporate interests.

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Showcasing game design techniques to create rapid prototypes for small mobile games. The three games will be, "Climby Cat", "Pez Tapper" and "Bubble Wrapper Tapper". No coding or blueprints; just documents, animations, spreadsheets, sketches and videos to effectively show off my ideas to other people.

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Irritate your neighbour in VR.

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Homecoming is a Puzzle Platformer around the themes of loss, love, and betrayal.


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This project is a 2D game made in Unity engine. The player must survive endless rounds of zombies whilst using their earned cash to upgrade their abilities and open new areas. How long can you survive?

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A Minion Management game that focuses on decision making in upgrade systems for automated minions and buildings. The player chooses their army and is provided with options for strategy, allowing them to identify their opponent's approach and counter their plan.

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My project aims to design and document the process of designing a tutorial for a game, with a focus on production elements such as user feedback, press development & documentation of design methodologies.

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A modern version of the 1980 arcade centipede game built for the android mobile device. This game was built in a team of six game designers and I acted as the lead technical designer on the project.

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This project is a virtual pet-style game focusing around need-based AI, including other mechanics which I have designed and created, for the mobile platform. I worked on all aspects of the game myself, including programming the game in Unity using C# and creating the art assets for the game.

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I put together my own dream team to enter Ludum Dare 40, then wrote about the whole experience in a E-Book guide for future students. It looks at how adding a producer to teams and using extra production skills can help produce a better results at a Games Jam.

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Highly addictive bullet hell with scaling difficulties and challenges, includes customisation for ships, up-gradable weapons and very difficult bosses. Pixelgedon is your no.1 8 bit modern space shooter.

Contact Jacob

Mind Clash is a strategic deck building card game. The aim is to turn studying for exams into a more enjoyable experience.

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A Personal Objectives Tracking and Guidance system and information database. It gathers information upon the entities the player encounters within the game world so they can use them to create their own objectives. Depending on their knowledge, the system offers additional support to complete their objectives.

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A virtual reality game where you must defend yourself from oncoming enemies all around you. Place towers and traps to help defend, and swing your hands to knock enemies away. Earn experience and purchase upgrades to help progress through harder difficulties.

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A futuristic Sci-fi world build, designed from top down. Included are original places, maps, people and stories. Built for use in video games, film, TV and novels.

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Openlanders is a quick pick up and play RPG that is simple for players to quickly have fun playing with. Fight your way through areas filled with monsters and then take on the boss to save the world from this monster invasion.

Contact Sam

Survive the 'Savagelands' in just your pants. A one-man indie game, attempting to blend influences from old-school game design with modern genre conventions, into a streamlined and strategic action tower-defence/survival hybrid set in an post-apocolyptic world.

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How important is audio for games? Game audio is a powerful way of enhancing a consumer's emotional connection to the game. Expectations for both realism and original sound design within a games virtual environment contribute to the immersive experience.

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I have begun creating a sequel to my original college project; "Star Fighter". I have been focussing on mechanics through the first half and graphics through the second. I am planning to continue my project next year. The game consists of 5V5 Team-based spaceship dogfighting. Different gamemodes will soon be added.

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Building the supporting framework for a fantasy arena combat game, featuring a unique control system with considerations for varying controllers, including mobile. Made entirely with Blender and Unreal Engine 4.

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The Last Safe Zone is a zombie game. The player has a safe zone they can use to buy weapons, ammo and equipment to prepare to fight zombies. From here they can also save the game and enter the games room to play mini-games.

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Tortoise Battle DX is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter where tortoises battle it out in a chaotic 2D world. Blast your friends in both online and local multiplayer featuring a multitude of weapons and maps. Tortoise Battle DX is coming to Steam in 2018.

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I have balanced and produced my own set for the Pokemon trading card game, themed around the Trial Captains from the Sun and Moon games. The set is full of existing new cards and strategies. All the cards have been professionally printed.

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Highly detailed level design based around a castle theme, created using Unreal Engine 4 with assets from the Infinity Blade collection.

Contact Thomas

The image shows my current block-out for my level 'Roads'. I used this level to understand the measurements of the map and asset specifications. I intend for this level to encompass all design and technical aspects that make a great UT map.

Contact Jake

A comparative analysis between first time producers' practices and methods and game industry established processes, culminating in a handbook for first time producers.

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