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Using Unreal Engine 4 to design and implement systems for a trading card game. The project is a verticle slice of what can be done by only using the visual scripting language Uscript / blueprint. The playable demo allows you to fight 1 enemy AI using a pre-made card deck.

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A detailed game treatment showing the research, improvement and marketing plan of a generic space shooter game turned into a fresh and exciting sci-fi adventure.

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Next RTS is a project looking to recreate the Command & Conquer: Generals gameplay style in a modern engine. Battle Generals is a Real Time Strategy putting the player in the control of massive armies and giving the ability to build a military base any way they want.

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A short demo level for a third-person shooter game made in UE4.

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A CSGO Wingman map set in a British village that focuses on verticality and flanking routes. Completed in my first semester in time to be submitted into a global competition where it was judged by professional level designers and placed 10th out of 47th.

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A racing game with changeable meshes and materials in a downtown setting. The gameplay is a somewhat kart racer - realistic hybrid. The game supports up to 4-players.

Contact Alexander

Play a brand-new variation of mini-golf in space. Now you can compete against the futures golf playing AI. Play through gravity-defying levels to be the top mini-golf player in space, even create your own levels to compete in!

Contact Matthew

In my study I set out with 3 main objectives: 1. Providing a clear definition between translation and localisation 2. Giving an overview on how a very culturally different series changed its localisation methods over its history 3. Giving reasons and explanations to why these decisions were made

Contact Cameron

A stealth game where the player is encouraged to evade all hostiles, stay hidden, and refrain from combat as they progress through the level.

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A material-modular architectural visualisation of a modern apartment. Complete with a living area and kitchen, explore the monochromatic floor space, and when you’re done with that, why not change it up to the Aqua Apartment? Or, go for the Moody look if you’re feeling more mysterious.

Contact Josh

Moth's Dawn is a visual novel project that was intended to look like cartoons that I grew up with. It's paying homage to those stories that took my child self away from the real world and into these beautiful, life-filled fantasies.

Contact Natalia

A complete games design document showcasing a fresh new narrative with some game play idea and elements.

Contact ADAM

No Way Out is a sci-fi dungeon crawler board game where you play as investigators trapped within a mysterious and deadly cube. You must work together alongside your fellow players to escape it, however not all of you will make it out alive!

Contact Oliver

A turn based zombie 'survival' game. Focusing more on the story of a group of friends trying to survive than on killing large amounts of zombies. Taking inspiration from Overland and Dead Static Drive and Faster than Light rather than Left 4 Dead and Project Zomboid and Project Killing Floor.

Contact Olly

Perses is a stealth action game where player agency is key. The player must fight their way through a facility captured by flounder terrorists, using the environment to create new paths and out smart their foes

Contact Zachary

A Pokemon cinematic scene that has been hand animated. I wanted to see if i could mimic the tv show but with 3d animation, so I found 4 models and I rigged, skinned, and animated them for this project.

Contact Chidi

A challenging side-scrolling turn-based rogue-like game located in a sci-fi cityscape, where the player controls a small squad of soldiers which must fight through several rooms, in the hopes of completing their mission.

Contact Michael

An ambient, island based, resource gathering game. Collect resources to build up your dream settlement on this atmospheric island. Each time still gaining resources idly from the previous islands allowing for bigger and more ambitious builds later on! Created in Unreal Engine 4.

Contact Ryan

A simple dungeon crawler targeted towards the mobile platform. With a simple focus on how fear would effect the player's character.

Contact Jordan

A Stealth game demonstration and accompanying design document developed out of an interest to learn more about the design behind stealth games. From the core loop of stealth; to guard AI design; light and sound detection, character movement and beyond.

Contact Daniel

V16 is a racing game where you rush at high speed towards the finish line while dodging traps, jumping over death traps and smashing billboards all while time runs out.

Contact Scott

Loki has stolen a magical stone which is draining the life of the Yggdrasil, Raid the enemy settlement and get the stone back to its rightful place to restore its power.

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