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A Character Concept design project with the theme: Ancient Tech. In this fantasy world an advanced ancient civilisation's remains have been discovered by several bounty hunters, in a rush for power these teams fight to claim this. Designs creating visually stimulating characters that are appealing alone and as a team.

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'Entropy' is a narrative-driven, science fiction concept design project, based on the short story "The Last Question" by Isaac Asimov. It explores the far distant future of human civilization through concept art. The project includes work each illustrating the visual aesthetics of the universe.

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Creating environmental concept art as well as exploring colour keys and narrative key art by visualising certain elements of the T.S. Eliot play, Murder in the Cathedral as if it were being adapted for film or television.

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900 AD is a concept art project set in an alternate version of viking Sweden, in which a rift has opened up spreading chaos and letting monsters into our world. My project depicts four of these monsters and an environment depicting the rift.

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The aim of my project was to enhance my ability to create a high quality illustration, using the witch Baba Yaga as my muse. Throughout the process I have created a strong workflow and have applied industry standard techniques in order to further my abilities and improve my art.

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A Character Design and Concept Art Project that revolves around a Mad Doctor's sick experiments to create bionically weaponised humans. Mercenary slaves are trained for military application and tested in specialised Colosseum combat, which also serves as a form of entertainment reserved for anonymous Elites.

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Concept 3 characters with the theme of Dungeon and Dragons, exploring ideas, clothes and weapons.

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For this project I decided to put my sculpting/concept skills to the test and create a monstrous sculpt of a bird headed creature!

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Observed colours carry emotion with them, this project explores the effects of colours (and lack thereof) on the interpretation of multiple pieces of concept art.

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It's a Mast - seeks to explore the contemporary telecommunication structures as symbols for the super-connected modern society through various high contrast adjusted photographs and drawings.

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The Year 2200, Most of the world has been engulfed by deserts. The Human race has migrated underground for sanctuary. The Underground City of Rasarox found in California, is where a young woman named 'Maev' lives. A mechanic/ Pilot who aims to win the 'Hover Racer' contest.

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After being stripped of the land's abundance by the Great Earth Spirit for exploiting it, the ancestors of a nomadic tribe travel xeric shrublands in the hopes of regaining their worth through their actions and once again being blessed by the Earth Spirit. Character, creature and prop concept art.

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Using 3D as a medium, I intend to explore two very different approaches to character design. Developing a singular character using both realistic and stylised pipelines, resulting in two finished 3D character models each with their own unique appeal.

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