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This project is a look into body horror across a theme of anthropomorphic mental interpretations. From thoughts, emotions, beliefs and desires, to functions and connections.

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Arcuiumforged is a character concept and Illustration for a shock trooper of the Imperial Holy Roman army and with the references of 14th century medieval Europe with the punk aspect thrown into the mix which with the new resource has changed the course of warfare in Europe forever.

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Canopy city is an environment concept designed for animation. The scene depicts a city built within and around a lush forest setting inhabited by Lemur folk. The objective was to challenge my ability to create a stylised design for a unique and complex scene.

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My project is a character design (sheet) and final art piece about a fish named Coraline Zena who is a princess amongst the fish-folk race, and escapee of royalty. Longing to explore the land, sea and all her curiosities.


Creature design. Concept art and full illustration of a white, feathered dragon.

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An investigation into designing various types of environments whilst expanding skill sets and learning current industry techniques to set briefs.

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Course: Concept Art for Games and Film I am producing a panoramic painting which will be available to view via a VR headset. The environment will be dramatic and tell a story using light and composition.

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A series of concept art pieces for two original humanoid alien races. Focusing on characters and environments, and demonstrating how the design can be used to show cultural identity.

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