Foundation Degree in Engineering Technology

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A real-world customer inspired automation problem solved using programmable logic controllers and a HDMI interface! A system developed to identify a decorative natural textured brick face against a cast/saw production finish. Enabling prediction of the bricks orientation to allow for aesthetically pleasing palletized stacking patterns further down the production line.

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This project is on the development of aerospace components for the LEAP 1C engine. The parts, which are stiffening bands, have been manufactured from the initial stages through to completion. Various Fixtures and tooling have been produced to aid in the manufacture of the products.

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This 3D print head attaches to any 5-axis machine tool to make it the most sophisticated, largest and most versatile 3D printer available. It is capable of printing on any 3-dimensional surface using ABS or PLA filament and is programed using CAD/CAM software.

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My Project was to upgrade an inspection fixture for checking Avon Nozzles, after repair and overhaul. The Nozzle is the exhaust part of an Avon Combustion liner, there are 8 of these in the Avon Industrial Gas Turbine engines. These are used to pump oil and gas around the world.

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Critical speed is the angular velocity that excites the natural frequency of rotating objects. This test rig provides engineers the opportunity to validate the calculations used to predict critical speed through practical investigation. The rig includes methods of varying operating conditions and telemetry for condition monitoring for complete analysis.

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The gamma detection table - 1 contributes to public safety and stops the threat of radiation dispersal devices (dirty bombs) being detonated. This lightweight, simple and easy-to-use system will detect threats outside busy public areas preventing serious harm to life and contamination of occupied areas.

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Use Six Sigma techniques to reduce the number of defects and improve an existing manufacturing process for an Industrial Gas Turbine Stator Heat Shield and to capture this work to create a standard operating procedure for process improvements within the engineering department.

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This is a hand-crafted amplifier from an online schematic of a 15-25 WATT per Channel high fidelity stereo amplifier. providing true analogue audio replication using high quality valve amplifiers. Ensuring the best possible audio replication without the compromise of digital degradation of the audio signal.

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This Project features the design and development of a Rolls-Royce heatshield component as it is commissioned on a CNC Electrical Discharge Machine. The project includes tooling design, production process development and CNC program design and development. The whole project must comply with company quality and international standards.

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Design and manufacture a tool to make it easier and safer to lift and support a vehicle off the ground whilst working on it. The previous process was to use axle stands, but I felt that this was not the safest or easiet possible method.

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Safety and efficiency are at the root of an effective team. The Voltage Data Logger takes care of that by removing human interaction when measuring voltages, and by recording real-time data into its own dedicated Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Includes multiple channel reading and relay control to adapt to any needs.

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