Foundation Degree in Engineering Technology

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My Project is a Robotic Arm. The Arm has been 3D Printed at home on my own printer. The 9 g servo motors inside the Arm are controlled by an Arduino Uno. The Arm will demonstrate lifting a cube from one position to another inside its field of movement.

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An automated device aimed at aiding in the growing of vegetables from seeds to shoots with minimal human input, utilising a microprocessor based systems with analogue and digital inputs and outputs running from a mains input supply.

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The aim is to design a diamond formed grinding wheel to machine a feature in an industrial gas turbine blade, this will be a bespoke design as it is a unique feature to machine. Back ground/research into wheels will be carried out.

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Caterpillar Shrewsbury require a new power take off (PTO) gearbox design to drive a hydraulic pump from an existing transmission. This project will explore the key design phases necessary in the creation of a power take off gearbox.

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Implementing manufacturing philosophies and techniques into the sunroof cell at Makefast, the improvements will reduce non value added and achieve a one piece flow in selected assemblies. The project aims to achieve Kaizen across the cell and strive for continuous improvement.

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This purpose of this project is to repair and update a PETRA PC10 unit belonging to Shrewsbury Collage. A modern Siemens S7 1200 PLC has been added along with a HMI, once again allowing this unit to be used as an educational tool.

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PETRA PC 10 educational parts sorter by LJ create. Fully refurbished and upgraded to Siemens S7 with interactive HMI. Using Siemens TIA portal software. All work undertaken to mimic an industrial situation. Keeping future students in mind as end users.

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The capability of Doncasters quality system is not adequate for Rolls Royce’s demands as a customer. An overview will be researched and justification proposed of implementation for a new system that meets customer requirements.

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My project is to reduce machine downtime whilst performing tooling changeovers from 3+ hours to <30 minutes.

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The project has been designed to prevent the user putting petrol in a diesel car, a mistake which costs the nation (£) millions on a yearly basis.

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