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This project explores a focus on the potential of higher, external beings existing within a digital domain; designed by natural and synthetic elements. The construction of this project uses juxtaposition, sculpture, drawing, print and video; combined, these methods outline visual encounters with particular entities.

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The relationship between human and technology are explored through an engagement with software and physical material process. The voice-over video documents the use of complex computer software that reverses the anthropomorphism of technological devices. The voice-over was recorded word by word, in a process similar to Siri.

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Examining the effect of social media and communicating online, on people's ability to read others facial expressions when meeting on a one to one basis.

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This installation explores the process of transformation, the potential for change and how we can reflect positively on our own personal identities. Insideout Heroes was initiated through a community workshop, where small character sculptures were produced and subsequently transformed as a celebration of this potential for change.

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What is your inner animal? This project consists of film, photography and installation to explore identity through a personal journey. It invites audiences to consider what it means to be yourself in a society obsessed with identity suppression. Be the lion, not the sheep.

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An exploration of the nature of memory, nostalgia, and sentimentality, this project creates a juxtaposition between the media we consider meaningful and shaping to our personalities, and the images we use to bond through the Internet. Memories are rendered intangible through sketch as they are surrounded by the ephemeral.

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My Final year project is an extension of the previous years work, it revolves around the representation of a fabricated character – the Victorian explorer who is used as a way to view the world; using grand language within texts and artworks.

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This artwork explores loss of memory through the action words: fragmentation and fade. A photograph from my personal past travels was picked out and painted on small separate MDF panels along with a tonal version on a large MDF panel, representing a 'ghost' of the memory. The formation represents pixelization.

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The immediacy and usefulness of connectivity is becoming essential to how we interact with each other and the world around us. By Using ‘Xbox Kinect’ Sensors to digitally represent physical space in pixels, this installation echoes the future of connectivity through digital mediums and physical, bodily relationships to such technology.

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