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While working as a freelance DOP, Editor and VFX Artist I self-funded my first feature film 'Hope's Game' and set-up my own production company 'Dark Matter Cinema'. Showreel of all my current work as well as the trailer for my first feature film will be available.

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A short narrative drama, following the tale of two friends who fall apart over one night in 1995. The film speaks about the importance of friendships and how quickly they can deteriorate, and how we should make every second count...

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Africa Untold is a documentary aimed to address the negative way Africa is perceived in western countries like the United States and the UK, mostly due to western media's influence. The documentary aims to seek controversial evidence to the mainstream negative image of the continent.


Interactive film has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years and this investigation looked at the definition of interactive film, the importance of the narrative in interactive film and how an interactive film script can be formatted.

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Iconic editing theories by Lev Kuleshov, Alfred Hitchcock and Walter Murch were applied to a re-shoot of a scene from 'Luther' the BBC drama. An edit was produced for each theory, and shown to audiences to gather feedback on the relevancy and acceptability of different theories.

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An advertisement, film, magazine and social media posts which educate and empower the world through the eyes of those who stand out. Looking at the various negatives that a birthmark can bring to a person however, sharing the positives in an uplifting feel good film.

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We are you. We're the United Nations of Moving Things. Caffeine&Machine is for people to interact and inspire each other, like we did when ‘social media’ was an actual invitation to a party. You’re not a customer, you’re part-of-the story, and we’re a member’s club where everyone is already member.

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My project showcases behind the scene of combined pieces, Why Don't We stopmotion dance choreography and Once Upon A Time 2D animation. It takes days and night of painstaking dedication. Taking images frame by frame made an inanimate puppet come to life, illustrating different object and transform them to scene.

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An exploration into the concept of eco friendly filmmaking, looking at the economical and ecological impacts the industry contributes towards and how filmmakers can make changes better for the environment.

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My project looks at ancient Egyptian mythology and aims to create a title sequence from that influence.

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Project looked into techniques used in order to create a fashion adverts. A sunglasses and clothing adverts were created and formatted for different social media sites.


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Holly must learn how to deal with the stages of grief after the recent loss of her mother. Feel combines metaphorical storytelling with a narrative based style.

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An editorial showreel that emphasizes how edits can shape genre.

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I have created a short interactive film, which is hosted on an HTML-based website. The genre of the movie is crime drama and it let's you pick people you wish to investigate.

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Mickey and Joe are struggling lads stuck in the 90s with no future plans. The hopeless romantic Mickey tries to impress college student Samantha by going to an illegal rave. But the night of the rave things don't go to plan, will Mickey and Joe make it to the rave?

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Documentary on Nantwich and Border Counties Sailing Club and the community.

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A short film exploring sleeping disorders: The terror of false awakenings and sleep paralysis become a recurring nightmare for Mia, as she can't seem to wake up from her nightmare.

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PORNO is an absurdist comedic look into how we both view and consume porn in a modern world. A story that follows two down and out friends as they wait for a lady to arrive in order to film a threesome and sell it on. But will she arrive?

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Slaughter Weight is a conceptual short film exploring the problems with the meat industry. This is done through shocking visuals and extreme sound design.

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Three short adverts for the award winning app 'Sleepiest'. Sleepiest is a ASMR app that helps users get a better night sleep. From my research many people watch adverts with no sound online. The goal was to be able to show sound, the feeling and the experience visually.

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Julie is preparing food for the annual in-laws dinner party when her husbands mistress turns up unnannounced pleading for their divorce. Julie's pre-nup agreement is near over and she isn't about to give in that easily. A tragic comedy for all involved, filmed as a Wes Anderson style short. 

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The film is a one sided conversation with an artificial intelligence that challenges our collective digital behaviour and attitudes as a species.

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The McCartneying is a short comedy drama about Pete (Rory Gauld), after he finds out his girlfriend Lisa once dated Sir Paul McCartney. Overwhelmed by jealousy and concerned by Lisa's slimy friend, Pete discovers a strange secret behind his partner's relationship history.

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The show is about a boy named Tyler who gets transported in to a game designed by his father and goes on a quest to find his long lost brother who disappeared into the game 7 years ago.

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Set in Southern Spain, this international documentary is about an animal charity set up by a retired British couple, called 'Asociacion De Animales De Berja'. The documentary follows their everyday work, displaying the challenges that go into rescuing animals and the stories that they have had along the way.

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Two music videos were created to discover what audiences want from a music video today; one is a narrative piece and the other a performance. The band is called The Revenants and this is their energetic, inventive, and hard-hitting visual experience for their flagship song Turn Your Back.

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