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Social Media is becoming a common platform for brands to communicate with their consumers more efficiently. This project looks into the impact of promotional online video as a way to build engagement and establish brand identity.

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An animated short film lifted from the pages of a graphic novel, and brought to life through the use of Animation Techniques, Art, Cinematography, and Sound Design.

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Examining the relationship between youth footballers and high level academies, the flaws in the system and what should done to help those who don't make the grade. I acted as Writer and Editor.

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Examining the relationship between youth footballers and high-level academies and what should be done for the players that don't make the grade. I directed and produced the documentary.

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Imagery is powerful. Imagery can evoke feelings and thoughts in us. Imagery can bring back good memories, help you forget bad memories. Imagery IS powerful. This showreel is a collection of imagery I have developed at Staffordshire University. I hope you enjoy it.

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For my project I am creating a show reel of a series of projects that I have and will be colour grading. My aim is to show how the use of colour grading can drastically change the look and feel of a film.


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What's scary? Being Followed? Silence? Or just the fear of the unknown? These natural fears keep us all on edge, yet, they're addictive and entertaining. In this project, different techniques were used to help create the best cinema experience you can have, in a short amount of time. Enjoy.

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This project is my FYP film, The End. The End is a post apocalyptic film that follows the stories of Alex and Joanna, survivors of a breakout resulting in most of the world being wiped out.

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A showreel showcasing my camera operating skills and work over the year. I have shot documentaries across Europe, music videos, drama and sports events which are in this showreel. The range of cameras used follows my dissertation; investigating Camera technology in Factual Production, and determining how to measure “camera quality”.

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A noir parody sketch based on a detective as he is shown around a crime scene by a first responder.

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A portfolio of work showcasing cinematography, VFX and editing techniques, taken from music videos and short films created during the final year.

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A study into the relationship between a range of camera movements and the emotional response of the viewer. These techniques are then employed within a headphone commercial designed to generate the desired emotional response.

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How many music videos do we watch in one day? Music videos are unique, they show us emotion through the visual. The imagery is more important than what the music video is trying to say through lyrics in a short period of time.

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Have you ever wanted to take direction of a film? The future is here with interactive film giving you the chance to take control of what happens in the film.

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A showcase of my best work between the years of 2016 and 2018. It contains various films with different genres and styles.

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Documentary talking about the Black Country and the history within it. How the Black Country is the real heart of the Industrial Revolution.

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You cannot go a day without seeing motion graphics. This is a portfolio of sleek geometric 2D animation, created in Adobe After Effects.

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My show reel is a representation of my work as an undergraduate over the last three years. This show reel demonstrates my skills as a cinematographer including lighting, camera movements and director of photography.

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A short observational documentary about an unconventional Black Rights Activist group. They are called GANG (Guiding A New Generation) and they are on a mission to improve the "Black Experience". Following the overwhelming increase of murders in London, GANG attempts to encourage young black gang members to stop fighting.

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This project combines the techniques used within silent film and music video to develop a visual story of a caring clown's antics and the contrast of joy and melancholy in the modern world. Inspired by the works of The 1975, Charlie Chaplin, and 1920s film.

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The project is a twenty minute film. The end is upon the world as a deadly flu variant ravishes humanity, with only a handful of survivors how do they live in their new harsh unforgiving reality. Alex, Joanna and Miles learn the true horror of their new world.

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Four middle-class women are suddenly thrown into an apocalyptic world. Their only chance of survival? To fight. And dance.

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When The Bombs Came Down is a short, post-apocalyptic, comedy musical, set in the fictitious town of Hadley. Four brash and empowering northern women must fight for survival in a performance-based dystopia, that separates them from their friends, family, and the lives they lead before.

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This project seeks to understand the various elements of social networks and the impact of visual content on social media performance. The findings of this project are then applied to the social media campaign of the Women in Sport and Exercise Conference, which takes place at Staffordshire University in June.

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An exploration into multi screen video installations using a re-edit of the famous Taxi Driver scene for a 2 screen format.

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