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The general-purpose trailer has remained the same for decades and, when not in use, they are left outside to corrode and take up valuable space. The aim of this project is to innovate the design so that it provides the user with a valuable service whilst in storage.

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What would the world look like if internet enabled devices in a home could be accessible through a website? New Microcontroller technology coupled with sensors are set to make life easier through wireless communication protocols, data logging and SMS alerts.

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This is an electronic concept of the white cane that uses sensors to aid with automatic object recognition straight ahead, to the left and to the right relative to the position the stick is held in. l used an aluminium tube, a microcontroller, three sensors, and 3d printed mounting plates.

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The project outlines stability technology, which leads to the creation and testing of one such technology the gyroscope. With a step by step of the design of a gyroscope, followed by the experiments performed. concluding with a brief description of current applications and future applications.

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An automated system which guides vehicles entering a car park to empty slots as well as tracking the location of the vehicle as it moves through the system. The system can be adapted to work in other scenarios for instance aircraft to gate guidance at an airport.

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With a growing global population, currently 7.6 billion, how we provide food for increasing urban populations is an ever-growing issue. Through the automation of a hydroponics systems, a study into the water and space saving benefits of this agricultural technique is explored, making urban farming more feasible.

Contact Samuel

As the human mind evolves, so do its creations. Artificial intelligence possibilities today have far outreached what any one of us had imagined. In this project AI is applied on a prototype of stair climbing robot to do mapping, navigation and path planning.


Reinforced cement in the UK, usually uses steel rebar for reinforcement. This project proposes to research and develop a natural composite material using cement reinforced with bamboo to test its viability in comparison to the UK's standardly used materials.

Contact Nauris

Designing a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT), which establishes and maintains this point thus extracting the maximum power from the solar source • Analyse Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithms • Investigate most promising MPPT algorithm by simulation • Design and implement a solar MPPT • Evaluate performance of the system by experimentation

Contact Marcin

My project is based on an energy audit of a sixth form college, which is based on analysing the energy consumption and examining areas of improvement which will save energy and money for the college. Also looking at historical energy consumption and proposing a renewable energy alternative.

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Are you an adventurous person who likes risk sports? This can help you to make your life more comfortable. This mechanism enables you to load all your equipment on the roof of your vehicle. Functionality and aesthetics will be the main objectives while loading objects onto vehicle's roof more efficiently.

Contact Jesús

How wind turbines generate electricity? This project evaluates wind turbines with considering the optimum number of blades, their aerodynamic aspects and the factors that could improve their efficiency. It details the stages of using Qblade software to design a horizontal axis wind turbine with three blades.

Contact Abdul Aziz

A concept of a self-sustaining (stand-alone) lighting system that takes advantage of the sun's light, to light a insufficient lit room during the day by collecting and directing the light through fibre cables, and energy, stored for the night to power LED lights and other components.

Contact William

Solar energy could prove to be a solution to an ever growing energy concern. This project looks at the Organic Solar Cells (OSC) and low band gap polymers that are used in OSCs, specifically the donor:acceptor polymer, PBDTTT-EFT:PC71BM and how thermally annealing it affects its efficiency and conductive properties.

Contact Alan

Investigate and implement the speed regulation of an alternating current motor (AC) and direct current motor. A practical test will be carried out to prove the theory and to test motor performance.  PLECS software will be used to optimize the control speed of both AC and DC Motors.

Contact Kwasi

This is a project investigating the possibility of power banks or portable chargers powered by a super-capacitor to utilise the fast charging characteristics of a super-capacitor to charge small devices like mobile phones from the power-bank circuit that will be made as apart of the project

Contact Tijoy

Performance of engineering components relies on a combination of material characteristics, geometry and manufacturing processes. The last four decades have seen an increase in advanced composite materials with multi-disciplinary applications. This project investigates the performance of a CFR-PEEK Biomedical Implant by means of mechanical testing complemented by computerised FEA.

Contact Steven

For the past few decades, there have been significant efforts to accomplish hands- free control of technologies. This project attempts to use voice command as the primary source of communication to control and manoeuvres a robot using Arduino microcontroller.

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The aim of this project is to design and implement a control system for smart building. This system controls the heating and lights automatically reducing energy wastage, saving the environment and cutting down the utility bills. Auto-Away feature can use sensors to turn home appliances off when nobody is home.

Contact Seifeldin

Current IC engines used in vehicles transportation are old-fashioned. Microturbines combine recent and simple design which allows them to be more powerful and reliable as well as using almost any kind of fuel (liquid & gas state fuels) such as natural gas, being capable of using Hydrogen in further developments

Contact Alvaro

The project being presented is a simulation of a robot that aims at finding its target object in a warehouse environment and move towards it.

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