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The increment of using fossil fuels for generating energy is continuous. However, petroleum companies want to fulfil this demand by enhancing oil and gas from reservoirs more efficiently, economically and environmentally friendly. With consideration of storing CO2 to achieve at least the 2DS scenario of Paris agreement by 2050.

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An investigation into the potential use of vortex generators in the mass production market of the automotive industry. Using CAD (CATIA V5) and CFD (PHOENICS) software to showcase the effects of different designs as well as suitability when applied to "low velocity" aerodynamics.

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This project analyses the current consumer goods market with a view of improving the design and production environments of individual products contained within it. The project explores the rising popularity of Industry 4.0 within the industry and finds that many of its aspects could be implemented into a product's design.

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Smart Farming System will facilitate agriculture innovation by considering environmental impact as well as enhancing the cost-effectiveness. The knowledge of the future weather conditions is utilised in combination with the field conditions to make intelligent and timely decisions. The system will improve the quality and the management of the plantations.

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Smart sleep management system, based on Arduino development board. Through RGB led light, max 30102 chip for, smart sleep aid, smart sleep monitoring and smart wake-up function. Users can also adjust system time and set up alarm time.

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This project mainly provides a device that switches the street lamps on detecting movement of vehicles or people based on microcontroller and electronic sensors. When the system detects the motion of any objects, the lights can be automatically turned on, otherwise they stay off. year project/smart street light

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Most of the solvents used to deserve polymer are dangerous for health (Carcinogenic). So, it is required for the solvent used to be harmless to the human body. The purpose of this project is to identify green solvents that producing highly efficient solar cells.

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