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Designed for a small motorcycle/sidecar, hearses hire company. The aim of the MIS is to help the company with the flow of their relevant information. It is made up of several internal systems, these are: booking, quoting, stock, maintenance, reporting and personnel.

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Investigation of computing applications in the gym environment. The artefact resulted in a database system concept that would potentially serve as the back-end of multiple services, to cover the technological gap that relates to the 'Gym' (and by expansion and inclusion of the 'Health' and 'Fitness') environments.

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It can take managers a long time to select students to interview and many don't have time to search. A system to recommend possible matches through a keywords search gives them a broader range of candidates to choose from, allowing for a more thorough search and potentially a better fit.

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This project is a web forum that can be utilised by those who would like to send content over the forum using collaboration. Users can choose a topic from the selection, choose a thread related to the topic and create discussions related to the thread.

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A web-based appointment booking system services which is designed to be adoptable for most businesses. Customers will be able to scan a QR code to query for a listing of open appointment slots and reserve one.

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Have you ever forgotten where you placed something? Want to keep a track of where something has been moved throughout the day? This project looks at using Computer Vision techniques to track Humans and Objects within an environment.

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The project is a mobile game that utilises the Near Field Communication capabilities of modern smartphones. It heavily encourages in real life communication which has proven to be a successful method of increasing the player base of mobile games.

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