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What if file storage could be cheaper and more secure? PeerSplit aims to achieve this by using a distributed network of mobile devices to store chunks of data. PeerSplit removes the need for large storage servers whilst reducing the risk of data being breached.

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A genetic algorithm to design and improve paper aeroplanes

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My project is about controlling a robotic vehicle with some method of gesture control with a GUI for the user. The Myo Armband was used as the gesture device. The idea behind this project is that gesture control could be used to manoeuvre bomb disposal robots for the military.

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A content management system to enable the Bright Dairy company to manage the content information, dairy products and user information, which allows publishing of articles, editing and deleting information.

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A virtual assistant application designed to provide helpful utilities and services to gaming groups and inidividuals, accessible via a popular instant messaging and voice-over-IP platform.

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Aeroponic technology is one method that is being utilized within Urban & High-Tech Agriculture due to its extremely low resource demand, high quality of yield and quicker growth cycles.  Machine Learning coupled with Aeroponic Technology can potentially optimize resource consumption while increasing crop yield and turnover.

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A database query generator enabling users to query a database of their choice. This piece of software allows users to display, insert, edit and delete database data securely, accurately and simply. Data exportation via .csv files and printing functionality is included. Queries are documented appropriately via audit and error logs.

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This project contains an analysis of the Business Requirements for a case study business, Travelodge, and the respective design of an RFID Access Control system for the Hospitality Industry. This artifact combines aspects of both Commercial Application programming and Hardware Interfacing, using the Advanced Card Systems SDK.

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Real-time embedded server that continuously manages hardware such as lighting, temperature and security. PC client that can connect to the server to remotely manage HomeOS features.

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The purpose of this project is to effectively improve the communication within businesses and teams. The reason behind the research and the solution is due to personal experience while working in the industry. This came about when there were multiple problems involving communication issues between departments.

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An application which attempts to simulate the behaviour of a microcontroller unit, and allow development and testing of programs targeted for embedded systems without requiring the hardware to be available, in order to decrease time to market for developing new embedded computing products.

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A multi-client media display system built on the Java Enterprise platform. Intended for use at public events, it is capable of displaying images, slideshows and video media. This project makes use of video streaming technologies to deliver bandwidth efficient media content.

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In investigation into networking solutions for the Sega Mega Drive. This project looks into the feasibility of creating a networking standard and hardware solutions for a an aging but much loved games console from the golden era of video games.

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Within today’s society, people visit restaurants on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. As technology becomes more advanced, the restaurant industry looks to take advantage. This project is a real-time restaurant application with automated stock management. The project was developed using the industry’s leading technologies: Android studio, Node.js, MongoDB.

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This is an Android application that measures your basketball statistics while you play a game, it records statistics such as your heart rate, speed, number of sprints, BMI and distance travelled. These statistics are then displayed back to you so you can record your progress.

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Inspection Systems specialise in glass inspection and machine vision. Their Thickness Gauge system measures the thickness of float glass with an optical sensor which is calibrated manually. This project is a comprehensive tool to calibrate the sensor with useful features, reducing time required to calibrate and produce more accurate results.

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The TrainTracker is Android Application that allow users to be alerted at a distance before arriving at their chosen railway station. This application will effectively alert passengers with a series of notifications based on their smartphone location which is useful for passengers who tend miss their destinations on railways.

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A university car parking mobile application which shows individual parking spaces in real-time. The parking spaces are highlighted green if available or red if taken. The user can select different car parks using the campus maps and also navigate to the chosen car park.

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Visual Character Identification is based on LabVIEW. The program scans texts from an image outputting as a voice message.  Visual Character Identification is a project based on helping people with visual problems or disability which will help them to interact with any written based information as a fully visual person.

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