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The citizens of Wonderland reach a breaking point with their miserable existence which leads to them placing their hopes for a better future on young Alice. The Realm Master would notice his subject’s disloyalty as they attempt to remedy his/her rule over Wonderland making this new-found entertainment into a game.

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An exhibition piece which displays my comic - Cliche! It is about a trio of friends who accidentally release creatures based on Cliches and their Archetypes. Now they have to fight them to save their town! The exhibition has printed pages, business cards and copies of the comic to read.

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'Dearg Due' is an old Irish folktale, said to be one of the first tales of the creature we know of as the 'vampire'. This project aims to retell the tale through the medium of stained glass windows and stained glass illustrations.

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ENCORE is a thrilling character based circus adventure comic. Our main character awakens amongst circus folk with no memories and must learn to live with their twisted secrets. 48 comic pages, contained in a perfect bound, A5 sized black and white book with special colour pages.

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'A Grim Guest Comes To Stay' is a ten-page Black and White comic focusing on the Reaper's stay at an eighties New York Hotel. It's up to Bellhop Andy Cuthbert to provide a five-star experience. As the manager says, 'No jokes, keep your distance, bow if you have to.'

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'Into the Blue' is a comic featuring four friends- Ari, Dezzie, Eli, and Gave- who explore a strange landscape and get to know each other better. Each character represents four tarot cards- The Hermit, Temperence, The Chariot, and Strength.

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A manga themed around the Edo Japan, Silla Kingdom and imperial China, combined into one culture. The story follows Shin and Satomi as the venture into the past of the Stone warrior curse, and the man made mutated creature that almost destroyed the world.

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I am designing my own console game called Lone Wolf about a Lycan called Alpha who goes off alone to find the person who has killed his mate and two pups. It's an adventure game for players to explore the area and to do missions to move forward.

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[art and story by Danielle Gayle / Daniee] Pandora's Box is a retelling of the famous myth which explores the events that lead to the opening of the cursed box...

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Courtney has superpowers that he can only use when he’s crying. He thought he’d defeated all the monsters but another one arrives, however, after years of therapy he’s finally happy. It’s up to his friends to do anything they can to make him cry, for the sake of their city!

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"Helping young people make the most of social media, whilst staying safe in the digital world!" A series of educational packages teaching children and students all about social media. Each package centres on an age-appropriate topic, presented in a fun and innovative way.

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The Beast of Gévaudan is a comic based on real historical events in France around 1764 where a huge, man-eating wolf terrorised the community. The artwork is a mixture of post-processed 3D models and drawings resembling the style of early animation.

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My project is a 23 Page fantasy comic titled Zeal. It tells the story of a young shaman apprentice who has been given the task of delivering a sword to a far away village. Along the way she must travel through strange lands and learn lessons in many different forms.

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