Biomedical Sciences

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There is an increasing demand for products such as toothpastes to contain natural ingredients. In some toothpastes, conventional synthetic antimicrobial agents like triclosan have been replaced by epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a green tea extract. This research addresses how effective EGCG is compared to triclosan on microorganisms associated with oral disease.

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Essential oils have long been known for their beneficial antioxidant properties, often utilised in aromatherapy. This study aims to determine the effect of lavender and sage essential oils on ciliated cells and, whether they have a protective role against hydrogen peroxide induced oxidative stress.

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Public Health England and the NHS are working towards minimising Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI), costing around £1 billion a year with having detrimental effects on patients’ lives. The premise for the research project is to investigate the contamination of prescription glasses and consider their role in the distribution of HAIs

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This investigation is looking at the ability of exosomes being used for targeted drug delivery; reducing cytotoxicity and improving specificity of killing cancer. Exosomes isolated from cells treated with doxorubicin and reintroduced to new cells, an MTT assay performed to assess viability after 24, 48 & 72 hours

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Chemotherapy resistance is a global concern with an estimation of up to 80% of cancer patients developing chemoresistance. This research aims to discover if the resistance mechanism of detoxification is present within human lung cancer cells that are resistant to a commonly used and commonly problematic chemotherapy drug cisplatin.

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Caffeine is commonly consumed in a wide variety of beverages and other forms that can disrupt your natural blood glucose balance. Studies have shown that the consumption of caffeine may have acute effects on glucose metabolism. This research was to investigate the effects of caffeine on glucose metabolism.

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Studies have illustrated the implications and changes imposed in the immune system and elevated IgA levels due to stress, in consideration of the biochemical and physiological aspects of stress response. This research is to investigate the effect of stress on IgA levels.

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