Biological Sciences

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The 'golden era' of antibiotics is now only a memory, and the pandemic of antibiotic resistance is upon us. This study investigates the difference in the number and diversity of antibiotic resistant bacteria in different soils - can the environmental resistome contribute to clinical occurrences of antibiotic resistance?

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As people continue to feed the birds at local lakes and parks population abundance increases, causing pressure on the environment and aggression between waterfowl species exacerbates. By establishing food preferences, it may be possible for anthropogenic supplementation to exist without inducing a pseudo-arms race.

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With urbanization comes increased light pollution and the erosion of natural darkness. By studying microscopic organisms found in soil, can we provide an insight into the effects that artificial night lighting may be having - both on biodiversity and the composition of the soil-invertebrate community?

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Pseudoscience has proliferated social media regarding CBD’s ability to cure cancer, leading to an increase in people self-medicating with CBD oil alongside the use of prescribed chemotherapy drugs. How does commercially available cannabis (CBD) oil compare to chemotherapy drugs and does it kill cancer cells?

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Herbal remedies possess medicinal qualities, including alleviation of pain from inflammation. Chamomile tea is a popular herbal remedy containing flavonoids, compounds that are known to have antioxidant affects. The aim of this study is to determine if the flavonoid, apigenin, found within chamomile tea, inhibits the inflammatory enzyme, cyclooxygenase.

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Transmission lines, magnetism and sheep. Do overhead power lines affect grazing sheep? Can sheep read magnetic field lines; how they might do this; and why sheep might need to.

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There is currently a lack of understanding as to the impacts of human disturbance upon captive Humboldt penguins. This study aims to investigate any detrimental impacts caused by zoo visitors, including attention seeking behaviours. This could improve our understanding of human disturbance and work towards altering conservation strategies if required.

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With urbanization on the rise, it is more important than ever to create urban green spaces to cater to the needs of wildlife. Are our native songbirds thriving within the urban environment? A comparison of songbird abundance and diversity between two urban green spaces in Stoke-on-Trent.

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Plants have adapted their own defences against pests, such as releasing volatile organic compounds (chemical signals) that prime other parts of the plant when they are being eaten to reduce damage. My research determines whether these signals are communicated from damaged to undamaged pea plants following simulated herbivory.

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Bacteria partake a crucial role in the process of decomposition. This research seeks to investigate the prospect of a link, between the progression of liver and heart decomposition and subsequent bacterial succession within soil of naturally varying pH values.

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Aedes aegypti will inevitably inhabit the outermost regions of the EU. Source reduction, bed nets and insecticide are unable to control this vector of arboviruses. To enhance current techniques and gain as much knowledge about larvae development and reproductive success this study looks at how nutrition affects these variables.

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