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As concerns for the environment are increasing, Motorsport competitions are facing huge pressure to evolve and reduce their effect on the environment. This project shows alternative propulsion systems that the Formula Ford competition cars can adopt. These systems can reduce emissions whilst maintaining vehicle performance.

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Aerodynamic Investigation of a wing without winglet versus five wings with different winglets. The result shows that a wing with winglets has a better aerodynamic performance than a wing without winglets. Airbus A380plus split winglet showed better performance at 0-degree alpha.

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Avalyse - the smart-device application which has been specified as part of this project - aims to increase levels of objectivity in post-flight debriefing; which currently relies heavily upon subjective feedback, often provided by a QFI. Furthermore, the app's EMS function addresses the absence of emergency-recording capabilities in smaller-scale aircraft.

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The aim of this project is to investigate the performance of a Boeing 737 fitted with a delta wing planform instead of the conventional swept back planform and to explore its potential in the industry.

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Designing the intake system for a formula student vehicle using CAD, CFD, FEA and mathematical theories such as cylinder wave charging methods to optimise the intake. The design must be in compliance with competition rules influencing the design and be manufactured using a given budget.

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The project studied in this FYP is based on the development of an Aerodynamic System of a rear spoiler that allows two split surfaces moving independently. Also, the test's aim is to verify the Feasibility of Active features on budget cars e.g Fiat 124, Mazda MX-5.

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A system to reduce helicopter pilot delay in an emergency situation with an aim to preserve life using additional equipment and software.

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Looking at redeveloping the way in which a particular commercial airliner is controlled in the vertical axis. Also, this project covers the idea of exploiting the use of SMART materials within the Aviation industry, and the potential that these materials have within an ever-growing industry.

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The causes and effects of pilot error as well as looking into notable plane crashes that were caused by pilot error. Sleeping disorders that a pilot would suffer that could increase a risk of him/her making a mistake. What ways that airline operators can detect and monitor fatigue.

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This project is a feasibility study into the effects of turbocharging an 800cc motorcycle engine and it will involve research into forced induction systems. An 800cc motorcycle engine will be modelled using Ricardo WAVE (CFD Software) with an objective of improving the performance of the engine by turbocharging.

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The project is based on the design of a new Active Aerodynamic systems. This system is applicable to all cars. The aim of the paper is to find a economical and efficient Rear Spoiler. Balancing also, materials and efficiency.

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To see how 3D printing can replace parts on an R/C Aircraft to enhance the strength and efficiency the Main focus was to concentrate on the design and structure of a wing - with strength and weight testing. Also lastly to see how components can be inspired by ‘Biomimicry'.

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