3D Design: Ceramics, Crafts and Jewellery and Fashion Accessories

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This serveware collection combines traditional methods of making with 3D technology. The different levels and positions of the dishes encourage interaction during dining. Variety of structures allow to rearrange all the vessels, making food sharing even more active. The pieces are produced out of porcelain and aluminium.


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A collection of organic vessels showcasing a variety of glazes and surface qualities inspired by geological surfaces and structures. This project aims to explore and expand upon existing ceramic techniques to create new finishes. Through innovative new glazing techniques and pushing the material to extremes this collection has been created.


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A collection of stackable ceramics that has taken inspiration from the Memphis design group, in particular Ettore Sotsass. The collection allows you to apply new functions and roles to specific objects bringing new narratives into our everyday lives.


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A collection of playful ceramic vessels inspired by visual perception and colour interaction. The focus of this project was to explore how raised pattern can travel across the surface of a form, encouraging interaction and creating pieces that are both visually and intellectually challenging.


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My project represents a collection of five pendant lights made out from African Redwood, decorated with marquetry and aluminium wire inlay. I was inspired by Scandinavian and Eco styles. Laser technology is the key method of making which helped me to jump on higher levels of details and quality.


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Looking at the deterioration and decay of old abandoned buildings, and translating both their stories and characters into intriguing and encapsulating wearable and sculptural forms. Paying particular interest to the intriguing elements that encourage the viewer to want to know more about the pieces.


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