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A recreation of the 221B Baker Street living room from the BBC modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes.

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An Environment inspired by locations such as Exeter Cathedral and the Red Keep. Previously sacked and now left abandoned, it stands only as a reminder of past wars.

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A complete re-imagining of the BioShock Fort Frolic Atrium Featured in the 7th level of the first BioShock game, using Unreal Engine 4 to showcase the scene.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Game Environment. By Rosharn Howell Modelling : 3DS Max , Zbrush Texturing: Substance Painter & Designer Rendering: UE4 Engine

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A gas station environment inspired by the game Alan Wake. My vision for this piece was to encapsulate the atmosphere and tone that made Alan Wake an environmental storytelling masterpiece. With a large focus on lighting, particle systems and materials I believe I successfully recreated the games atmosphere.

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Prop Pack featuring multiple assets from Fortnite, modelled to match the in-game references. Modelled in 3DS Max and textured in Substance Painter.

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This is my Japanese alleyway environment, it is designed to have cyberpunk hints yet keep a genuine Japanese feel. I have Linked my full portfolio, my project will be available there when it's published.

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This is an environment I did for my environments module in my masters which was inspired by Marvel's Spider-Man New York. The main focus is a small section of buildings and an alleyway featured in the city.

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An extended area of Port Olisar from Star Citizen, utilizing workflows from the game itself, this is a recreation of one of the environments plus my own take on an interstellar botany lab

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A nostalgic 1990's themed teenager's bedroom created within Unreal. It includes assets relevant to the decade such as a retro television and Windows 95 computer.

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A diorama I made in my spare time, based on the concept art by Nic snaggletooth.

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A game ready 3D environment based on the SSR from Agent Carter created with a high poly workflow using 3DS Max, Substance Painter/Designer and Unreal Engine 4.

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A environment featuring a well used, old, cluttered Victorian style study based on the personality and character of an eccentric genius

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This is a 3D modelled environment of a late Edwardian/Victorian era themed study used by an Indiana Jones inspired modern day adventurer. Modelled in 3DS Max, Zbrush and Marvellous Designer; textured in Substance Designer and Painter and created in Unreal Engine 4.

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My final year project, a fantasy environment. Something that I plan to continue to work on and improve.

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An environment created for my Environment art module - I created a 3D environment that was focused primarily on material definition and lighting

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A western store that i created for my final year project.

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I wanted to capture atmosphere of a abandoned campsite in the middle of a British forest, use of Photogrammetry and other industry standard software was my aim towards completing this environment.

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