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A log cabin owned by a Nora hunter. The majority of the environment is hand sculped wood, with various small assets such as baskets, pots and animal pelts. There are also 3 main focal points, which are weapons, armour pieces, and a robotic animal head mounted on the fireplace.

Contact Michael

I have always enjoyed environments which tell a story in both video games, movies, and other mediums of entertainment. When watching Stranger Things I could not help but notice how the Byers residence told the story of Joyce's character - I want to recreate this in Unreal Engine 4.

Contact Adam

The Marketplace depicts a Late Roman period street in a realistic, yet atmospheric style. This piece is intended to display a high level of asset creation from large landscapes and structures, down to small elements altogether to form a well rounded and memorable environment.

Contact John

I blended a combination of 3D sculpting and 2D painting techniques to create an awesome stylised approach to tileable texturing.

Contact Connor

I have created a bank environment for my FYP. The environment is inspired by the first bank in “Payday: The Heist”. The bank is set post-heist meaning there are elements of destruction to the scene. The environment's layout is made up of the main lobby and underground vault.

Contact Thomas

Influenced by Silent Hill and Blairwitch Project, Brightwater Bay puts you in an ethereal and seemingly abandoned British coastal town. The project consists of supporting 2D artwork as well as the explorable environment.

Contact Nicholas

For this project I decided to create a WW1 trench scene. My aim was to create a realistic representation of a trench. I have also taken the opportunity to utilise software that I had not used a lot before such as substance designer and Zbrush.

Contact Jonathan

A collection of science fiction props and some realistic assets mostly based on a spaceship setting, all done in high quality with baked normals. Topology takes into account animation in places where needed, such as the weapons. All assets are textured in full PBR workflow through substance painter.

Contact Jake

Creating an environment in Unreal Engine 4 based on a piece of concept art from The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, using PBR techniques and next-gen workflows.

Contact Chris

An environment inspired by the throne room from Dishonored 2 - with my own unique takes on certain assets, as well as my own overall styling and texture style.

Contact Louis

A 3D environment based on the 2016 game DOOM. It was made with the intent of acting as downloadable content for the game and therefore staying true to the art style, themes and feel of the main game.

Contact Jacob

A realistic dwarven-themed throne room presented in Unreal Engine. I was inspired to create this environment from playing Skyrim and watching the Lord Of The Rings films. Think massive pillars and really high ceilings!

Contact Ellis

A collection of work created over the past year. The main focus for this was a Japanese garden/shrine.

Contact Jade-Estelle Ivy

Inspired by the video game Sleeping Dogs, this apartment belongs to a member of the Chinese Mafia and is used more as a safe house for the Triad associate who has too much business to take care of instead of maintaining his 'home'.

Contact Aristeidis

An environment built to scale using concept art from the game Hawken. I used many new techniques and methods in this piece.

Contact Liam

An environment presented in Unreal Engine 4, showing both the exterior and interior of a struggling medieval blacksmith.

Contact David

A 3D museum game environment with textures and tri count to game spec. Lighting in the scene is made to look nice using dynamic lights.

Contact Karl

A set piece inspired by the game Overwatch and Japanese culture. Using emulated Blizzard like modelling techniques and hand painted textures.

Contact Jones

3D Environment DLC based in the PREY universe. This is a small bedroom environment that would take place before the typhoon outbreak.

Contact Charlie

The Retro Petrol Station scene looks to capture the feel of an ongoing restoration project set in the Grand Theft Auto universe. Every attempt has been made to include colour schemes and brand logos from the series.

Contact William

This project is a re-imagining of the area named Lumbridge from the popular MMORPG Runescape. I have adapted the village to a more realistic/moody feel rather than Runescape's very stylised and bright art style.

Contact Ryan

My project is a 3D environment art project within Unreal Engine 4 consisting of a recreation of the ‘Sleeping Giant Inn’ tavern from Skyrim. The finished environment was designed to look authentic to the tavern as seen in the game and contains all the necessary props and assets.

Contact Ryan

I am creating a 3D environment of The Stadio San Paolo presented using Unreal Engine 4.

Contact Luke

"By the way, did I mention... it also travels in time?" A 3D recreation of the TARDIS Interior from series 9 & 10 of the BBC television series Doctor Who. I will be utilising modern industry standard texturing techniques to create a game ready scene in Unreal Engine 4.

Contact Lewis

Taking inspiration from the TV show ‘Chuck’ using the undergrand base, Call of Duty zombies start room (Kino Der Toten) and The Town Hall (Base of Operations) from Tom Clancy’s The Division. Making it a temporary hideout for a CIA team. 5 weapons included within the scene.

Contact Elliott

This is the project inspired from the game title called "Division". The scene is based before the event of chaos that happens in the division game located in an underground subway.

Contact Singha

The iconic scene from Runescape, Lumbridge Castle, has been attacked and infiltrated. Ballistas and Trebuchets surround the castle while it's being held at siege.

Contact Namir

Rendered in Unreal Engine 4 and inspired by the Dresden Files; a calming, Versailles-styled underground chamber which is host to lush greenery and gentle birdsong.

Contact Daniel

A game ready 3D environment depicting an underpass scene, made from a 2D concept by Sylvain Sarrailh. Using a mix of new and old techniques, including vertex painting, unique and tiling UVs, decals and Substance designer procedural textures. A medium poly modelling workflow was used, finally rendered in Unreal Engine.

Contact Richard James

A German camp during WW2 after having captured a convoy of SVT-40s.

Contact Angelo

An early morning scene located in a village marketplace. Designed to capture numerous types of architecture to seamlessly fit within the game, but standing out enough to feel fresh and not just a carbon copy. Based on the recent Nintendo Switch game; "Xenoblade Chronicles 2".

Contact George

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