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The analysis focuses on and evaluates target future markets for BMW autonomous cars in Germany and the UK, analyzing micro-environmental factors (customers, marketing trends, suppliers), competitors, macro-environment (PESTLE), and conducting BMW SWOT/TOWS analysis with conclusion that autonomous driving belongs to the most important drifts in the automotive industry these days.

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Consider the driving future. How will it be? When will it be? Are automotive companies ready? IT companies are also prepared to win the ''race'' of the future car. However, what do customers think about autonomous vehicles? The importance of scanning the digital environment will provide all the significant insights.

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This project analyses macro-environmental factors to identify key change-drivers for Siemens; a German conglomerate in Automation and Electrification. This analysis leads to identify further trends to be aware of, to attain industry competitive strategic position. A 5-year scenario analysis is then presented to provide direction to sustain competitive advantage.

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This research poster uses megatrends already identified by Siemens and highlights which of these trends may be key drivers for change in Siemens strategy. Further research has highlighted additional megatrends. From this trend analysis 5-10 year scenarios were formed, based on the effect of slow or rapid digitalisation.

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